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2019/03/21 01:31
[Drop the Mic] Man I've ripped all the pages shit I'm outta paper can't concentrate don't know what to do with this headache it's rasin' my anger all the mistakes that I'm makin' so god please give me the break I've been waitin' for I'm beggin' you please don't ignore me can't keep doin' this shit while I'm lonely these tears ain't phoney appreciation and thanks goes to all of you, the super tiny group of my fans but I might not even have a chance cuz ain't nobody be givin' a fuck about me and the point I'm at I'm feelin' sad as long as you got paper in your pocket you'll be respected but when you don't you're nothing to the vultures, shit is logical cuz all these motherfuckin' whores are carin' about is their own profit Motherfucker it's Iran no matter you're weak or strong you gotta be rich or you're done finished You get choked by the limits Poor little gas, keep askin' for arc Man if you only knew half of the shit I'm goin through, chance that I've never had to prove my skills and expertise to you I spend alot of time on rhymes to not to write the kind of line that's meaningless and weak, so if Sinister's a prick what are you expectin' me to be? It's easy for me to release a couple of singles every week with simple lyrics on the beat but I just can't fill it with some shit I want it to be lit cuz I believe that's what ya need and deserve Goddamn I speak to be heard so I spit all these verses Can't sleep cuz I'm nervous Guess it's me versus the whole curses in the world ya Yeah you made your point crystal clear I'mma drop this mic and disappear Just because the emptyness of my pocket Then my shit's too nonsense to hear Yeah I'm the bunk, a piece of junk that you take out of your pocket and fuckin' drop it in dustbin and wait for the garbage truck to come and dump me in dumpster You're right I'm not even fustain Look at this emptyness of me I'm disgustin' cuz you hear the sound of my fuckin' stomach rumblin' The world you're livin in is too crowded, I'm sorry for bein' a part of it (ya) Hate me and discriminate me (ya) Cuz my both pockets are empty (ya) I don't even deserve to breathe in the same world you live so blame me And this is for all of them administers that I've sent messegas to and converted with them and asked them if they would support Sinister, put my track in your channel you won't be regret but some didn't respond some disrespected all the bank account numbers and government names If that is how it works I don't need this shit Fuck your whole channel and all of its members you bitch Keep worshipin' it Ain't you realizin' you're destroyin' a thing? Yeah keep shittin' in the whole business Let these pussy motherfuckers grow up and urinate in our oxygen Hip hop is gettin' far from its origin and whose fault is it? People like you have done this shit You're responsible for all of it And I'm not tryin' to tell you I'm the king, I'm a beginner who just figuired out he's different with other kids in the streets and maybe this difference ain't a weakness, might be the ticket he needs but how silly I've been now that I'm thinkin' One last thing to be told is I can't express how important your support is Thank you for bein' on the corner of this poor kid Yeah you made your point crystal clear
2018/02/09 20:54
"Drop the Mic" 1 minute #demo @sinister_channel
2018/02/09 20:30
Drop the Mic (prod. DANIHIT)
2018/02/09 20:30
New track released! Title: Drop the Mic Artist: Sinister Prod: DANIHIT Cover: H2 Artworks #farna_music @sinister_channel
2018/02/09 20:30
I need your support❤️
2017/12/17 23:29
[Intro] Seventeen bloody symbols of pain I can't breathe, someone please stop this train I don't need no power, no revenge On enemies, I just need to be dead [Verse 1] Man I'm tryna close the story book that I've never wanted it opened While the story gets more bitter page after page, wonder if there's any good ending this book is holdin' But if there isn't no one can change what's written, by the writer, so I don't get What the use of prayin' for change is, if you can't read it untill the end just close it Chapter sixteen got finished Much bleaker than what I thought it would be, this misery is infinite You think you're out but you're still in it Don't wanna be negative but seventeen's worse, I'm feelin' it So why aren't you happy? You're supposed to be clapin' Why aren't we celebratin'? where the hell's my birthday cake I wanna shout out all the day and pull up my middle finger  while I'm pullin' the trigger on my own head, god please just finish it quicker [Chorus] Come sing the birthday song for who you hate December, cuz this year I'll be gone, blade is my mate [Verse 2] I'm keepin' my eyes closed, pretendin' that I'm sleepin' While I'm screamin' like a psycho, is there anyone hearin'? Blood is spillin' from my nose, I am my own enemy Cuz life wasn't what I chose, I never wanted to be the Crisis, waitin' for the remedy The minus, taintin' all these positives But yet I'm frightened, cuz I might get hurt more than I am by these curses that are followin' me I know how you feelin' about me, I know that you hate to see my face I know what you say to the god when you pray, I annoy your moments with every breath I take But bitch I swear, you don't see my pain, don't wish my death, I'm wishin' it myself You don't know about the violence in me and my silence, there is a cursed asylum in my head And what hurts me the most is that we cherish the curse We commemorate and celebrate instead of remorse, it's gross Why do the people think that they're supposed to pretend that that they're livin' in a world full of hope, you know When your biggest tragity's got gravity on you then You gotta be so numb that you don't feel the agony, these bruises are representin' how I'm feelin' about it Motherfuck the december 2000, come see me while I'm drownin' [Chorus] Come sing the birthday song for who you hate December, cuz this year I'll be gone, blade is my mate [Verse 3] Wake up early in the morning Daddy's talkin on the phone and Raisin' his voice too loud He's fightin' with another guy To fill the stomach of his wife To fill the stomach of his children Shit, he's livin' a life that is too far from what he was dreamin' Gave me a ripped bill Told me this is all we got don't let it go even if you get killed and a loaf of bread was all I could get I was in my way to save them from death Bill in my palm while my fist was balled Thinkin' of all the sophistic thaughts On the mind of a child who was raised in slum Yo my peoblem is nonsence but  makes me harmed Brain and soul in pain while corporality's in streets Barely could've felt a thing ever since I could feel But I suddenly felt something was rubbin' itself to my feet I looked down and saw a kitten with nothing to eat And I was like Hey kitty, you look so pretty Where your mommy's at? Don't tell me you're alone in this city Don't you got no one lookin' after you, raisin' you up? Don't you get petted by someone showin' you love? I would bring you home with me if I could Feed you and keep you safe from the wolves But I can't cuz I'm so indegent, worse than you Dejected, hungry, my whole life is blue (I'm highly bruised, advisin' you to...) Come sing the birthday song for who you hate (strike these fools, just fight these wolves) December, cuz this year I'll be gone, blade is my mate  (strike these fools, just fight these wolves)
2017/12/17 18:36
2017/12/17 18:30
Birthday song
Birthday song Sinister
2017/12/17 18:06
🔺Artist : Sinister 🔺 Title : Birthday song 🔺Genre : Hip hop 🔺 Lyrics : Sinister 🔺Mix master:Farhad Amel #FarnaMusic ▪️Join the #Sination @sinister_channel
2017/12/17 18:05
Next week... #FarnaMusic
2017/12/10 19:27
Verse 3 Yeah this shit is true, I'm the prey But at least I'm brave Brave enough to say what I wanna say to your face, you really think I'm afraid? I've got over with my role in the book of jungle I know what my destiny is so I don't struggle ain't strugglin' for myself's sake motherfucker I just wanna prevent from hunter gettin' the target Just wanna fail you in huntin' the target that you want to I'm only one guy, but I'm enough to put you and your system in a big trouble I'm willin' to be the victim who's puttin' your system in the risk of losin' existance this is what you get when you fuck with sinister cuz it ain't the first time that I'm crossing streactures while these bitches are whisperin' I'mma be the virus that you can't survive it I come in alone and I infect all of your files Bitch I'm the decease, just wanna see you expire alone in the dark so quiet in the silence This is all I wanna do, it's my desire Burnin' so deep in me like a fire I'm locked in your barn full of straw but I got a lighter I put your place on the fire, don't care if I die in it I'm tired of talkin' and doin' nothing I'm startin' it and you can watch me Takin' everything you got, the money that's makin' you proud and strong, all by myself, the greatness you've been achievin' in years and all the victims that you killed and all the spirits that you siezed I'm controversial, whatever you're plannin' might go vice versa, just to tell ya, my mind ain't the same with my behavior I'm not like any of the other preys that you faced I'm comin' to get ya, I'm the one who changed the food chain
2017/11/17 18:49
Verse 1 This next song is dedicated for all the people who are confused and have no idea why the fuck they've been created they don't know what they're doin' in a world so dangerous as we're seein' right now, locked behind the chains in the cages being treated like a bunch of slaves by the slayors we're all like strangers to the world outta the cells while the confusion gets even more when your kids be aging you're just lookin at them as a bunch of babies But I swear to god they ain't kids, they know many things that you can't even imagine what you're thinkin' ain't real cuz this world ain't been built so you can use it as a tool, it's bullshit cuz the truth is we produce the stupidness so they can use it to their advantage I guess things are too goddamn savage You're a man now, you got a family to manage Your kids got dreams but you ignore Cuz you don't got the money to afford and they get used to it, they know what they'll be told Hey look, Danny' got a PS4 let's ask daddy to buy one but I already know That no matter what I want, he's always sayin' no But I'm a kid I know nothin about the money Daddy don't give me what I want that's because he don't love me That's how a family starts to break apart and the and the kid starts to hate his own father That's how the relationships get cold And your kids would rather be alone Shit gets even more when they're grown ain't no respect being shown Cuz we're the preys Hook Who's in the shadows? Who's ready to play? Are we the hunters? Or are we the prey? (×2) Verse 2 Yeah This shit is common that they say if there's anything that you want it so bad you can get it by tryin' so hard and believin' in yourself, well guess what, I'm tryin' But I don't see what I want coming I'm still sleeping hungry, I'm still deamin' of havin' a bed to sleep on while I'm sleepin' on the floor but I ignore cuz I've been told that this shitty days will be over That's what my parents say, the think there will be a day that we ain't broke no more and we can have whatever we want at that moment There ain't gonna be a day like this dad You know nothin 'bout the thoughts that your kids have You don't know how it feels like to have your eyes on what others got all the time, that shit's what we stand  We're not the ones who decide How we wanna build up our life We're like a bunch of puppets Being controlled by the power It's the power that appoints who'll be stronger who's gonna be the king and who's sinkin' in shit It's always been this and it will always be, call it destiny, but we were born to be slaves of these goddamn rich kids Suck a dick bitch, don't know if you ever noticed but I ain't takin' orders, fuck you and the gun you're holdin' I ain't scared of your gun cuz yours ain't even loaded I'm done listenin' to your crap, shut up and show me Show me how you wanna keep me down Yo I've been given a mouth and I can shout any time Damn right bitch, you've been given the pistol and cash But I swear to god I'll be the slave that you don't wanna have Hook
2017/11/17 18:35
2017/11/17 18:19
Prey Sinister
2017/11/17 18:16
🔺Artist : Sinister 🔺 Title : Prey 🔺Genre : Hip hop 🔺 Lyrics : Sinister 🔺Mix master:Farhad Amel #FarnaMusic ▪️Join the #Sination @sinister_channel
2017/11/17 18:15
I need your support guys Share it with anyone you can🙏🙏
2017/10/20 11:49
if it's the wrong way I'm goin' I'm the one who's gotta pay and I'm so sick and tired of people remindin' me Shit that I got on my way, what the fuck I gotta face you know why? cuz they ain't gon' advise for my sake they're all lyin' they're all fake they just wanna drag me out the motherfuckin' race But I ain't rappin' for their praise they can suck my dick when I'm takin' over this place it would be a total waste even if I spit on their faces Sinister's takin' over shifty there's about to be a mayhem so call the police quickly you just stop fuckin' with me and go away, leave me you better don't waken this monster who's livin' in me My dream is why I'm still talkin' and this heart is still pumpin' except for it I got nothin' to lose so I never let you take this dream from me cheap headphones on, I keep writin' these songs till the day that I'm gone, this rap shit's what's keepin' me calm then these motherfuckers think I'm rappin just to get a bunch of girls, what the fuck is wrong with you? I just wanna be a part of the game, I'm provin I've got something that makes me different with all these lames not to mention when I'm starvin' with only a piece of bread to eat and anger flows in me this rap shit kills the pain What you rich bitches know about the pain? Just say whatever you want Your daddy will give you the thing You wear the number 1 cloth You eat the number 1 food You drive the best fuckin' cars What else do you wanna do? it's always been like this people like us were born to be slaves of you fuckin' rich white kids but it ain't gonna happen to sinister the rapper cuz I'd rather eat the trash and live in trash can with my dreams it ain't a dream, it's a need and I kill to achieve there's a see between us but I'll still be the winner cuz I don't need a ship till the moment I can swim I keep goin' through the ocean till I die, till I sink and if I would ever wanna give up in the middle of the way I just imagine the face of the haters when they see me fail so I get strong again and keep goin' through the ocean till I win
2017/10/19 22:43
[My dream] I'm sick and tired of the people sayin' they ain't believe in me If I wanted you to believe I wouldn't have an enemy I know myself and my powers, I know where I belong And you keep talkin shit, but I'mma prove you you're wrong Still kickin it better than half of them in the USA if I had the shit to pay to the motherfuckin media and they would play what I got to say in these tracks I could save the rap from a bunch of fags spendin their daddy's cash, shittin' in what rap represents, if you got a friend you can win That's how it works in Iran, that's how it's always been The one with the talent and ability's always the loser You can be the winner if you're the one money chooses Shit is ruthless, it ain't ever been in balance ain't no appriciation, they be killin' all the talents I wish I had the chance to be heard  by the one who cares about what would occur if these motherfuckers come on the top, there ain't gonna be a game left, we all gotta say goodbye to it What can I do man? How can I be heard? How can I be treated in the way I deserve? Sinister, it ain't gonna work You ain't gonna get what you want at a stroke damn right I got no money to pay and I think about my motherfucking limits everyday But if I take it in the negative way there ain't gonna be no reason for me to stay I'm rappin' american and shit ain't so relevant to the country I'm livin' in and the people I'm dealin' with so if they just keep blamin' me and I ain't got what it takes to be known by the people I don't know a fuckin' single thing about their culture I've never been between them I've never been a part of and I've never seen them ain't so unreasonable, my chance is almost zero Can it be possible? Is it gonna be a bingo? I only see the foreigners on TV How can I beat an opponent this big? Do I gotta quit? Man I wanna quit cuz I think what I've chosen is not easy got an army against me that I gotta handle it already got alot of people who think that I'm stupid Damn right I'm so stupid cuz I think I can do it can beat the whole army with one bullet The bullet that my mom gave me, I've been thinkin' lately What would I do if she didn't take me to the classes by force I would be full of remorse for bein' a fool, I could never speak english and I can never repay for what she's done for me, for signin' me in that institute What the fuck would I wanna do without my murder weapon, my soul and my living tool One bullet ain't givin me a great chance But at least it works bdtter than my bared hands What I'm sayin' is one bullet ain't much but it can be enough if my listener understands All I want is only one person who can relate to what I'm sayin' and how I'm feelin' So I can take a deep breath and relax, cuz I know I ain't wastin' this life that I'm livin' Oops shit, here we go again, I'm gettin' psycho, wanna blow up this building Cuz I ain't satisfied with what I wrote, couldn't put my exact thoughts in my lyrics Shit's always been a dream for me everynight I sleep this vision is all I see I see myself infront of the crowd performin' you mockin' me cuz I'm sayin' one day I'll be What no one could've ever imagined cuz they don't believe and they don't wanna see the magic they know nothin' about me, I got nothin' to lose and I already got used to the tragic stuff I don't give a fuck if I got no one on my side matter of fact it's the fuckin loneliness givin' me the pride to go behind the mic and strike and be the one no one is like cuz definition of my life is turning dark into the bright I ain't a kid no more man I'm grown and I was tought to always be the motherfuckin' lantern of my own even if it means breakin' all my goddamn bones in a world that there ain't no mercy being shown cuz All my life I've been livin' in a cage with the hope that one day everything is gonna change it ain't gonna be the same if I keep fillin' this page if I keep doin' my shit Cuz I belong to the stage Cuz I belong to the stage Yo I belong to the stage I keep tellin it to myself I'm the one who motivates I am the one who supports I'm showin' myself the way
2017/10/19 22:43
2017/10/19 21:02
My dream
My dream Sinister
2017/10/19 21:02
🔺Artist : Sinister 🔺 Title : My dream 🔺Genre : Hip hop 🔺 Lyrics : Sinister 🔺Mix master:Farhad Amel #FarnaMusic ▪️Join the #Sination @sinister_channel
2017/10/19 21:01
This one's for you man🖤
2017/09/17 19:13
Addiction Sinister
2017/09/17 19:13
🔺Artist : Sinister 🔺 Title : Addiction 🔺Genre : Hip hop 🔺 Lyrics : Sinister 🔺Arrangement:Farhad Amel ▪️Join the #Sination @sinister_channel
2017/09/17 19:12
Rhymester Sinister
2017/08/26 20:42
🔺Artist : Sinister 🔺 Title : Rhymester 🔺Genre : Hip hop 🔺 Lyrics : Sinister 🔺Arrangement:Farhad Amel ▪️Join the #Sination @sinister_channel
2017/08/26 20:42
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