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🔰Ethical password hacking and protecting [100% off COUPON] | VPPHacker🔰 ✴️Free for limited time #HAcking 🌀ENROLL THIS COURSE :- https://bit.ly/33SdcgD This Video tutorial helps you to learn different password hacks and protecting methods. This Course Includes 📺5 hours on-demand video 💓Full lifetime access 📱Access on mobile and TV 📋Certificate Of Completion What you’ll learn 👉To know 5 different password hacking methods and it’s counter measures 👉Create awareness on data stealing and hacking in IT firms 👉Protect your online password protected accounts
2019/08/23 14:07
🔰How to find website Admin Panel🔰 https://youtu.be/G29eL2ta8Iw ➖▪️Black Hat Hackers▪️➖
2019/08/23 13:20
🔰Ethical Hacking & IT Security - All Malcolm Shore Courses by vpphacker 🔰 ✳️Size :- 4.84GB ✴️Including :- ▫️Cybersecurity for IT Professionals ▫️Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing ▫️Cybersecurity Foundations ▫️Ethical Hacking Denial of Service ▫️Ethical Hacking Enumeration ▫️Ethical Hacking Session Hijacking ▫️Ethical Hacking Wireless Networks ▫️Ethical Hacking Mobile Devices and Platforms ▫️Ethical Hacking Website and Web Application Testing ▫️Ethical Hacking Exploits ▫️Ethical Hacking Perimeter Defenses ▫️Learning Kali Linux ▫️Securing the IoT Designing and Testing ▫️Securing Android Apps ▫️Securing the IoT Secure Architectures ▫️Penetration Testing Essential Training ▫️Ransomware Practical Reverse Engineering 🔹Copy with credits🔹 🌀Download Link :- https://bit.ly/2Pbm8u7 ➖▪️Black Hat Hackers▪️➖
2019/08/23 12:51
🔰Ethical Hacking – Capture the Flag Walkthroughs – v2 [100% off COUPON] | VPPHacker🔰 ✴️free for limited time #HAcking 🌀ENROLL THIS COURSE :- https://bit.ly/31TPsXq Video and lab Walkthroughs for capture the Flag exercises that with strengthen your ethical hacking skills This Course Includes 📺2 hours on-demand video 💓Full lifetime access 📱Access on mobile and TV 📋Certificate Of Completion What you’ll learn 👉A much higher skill level as a pentester or a hacker. 👉Be able to pentest any network. 👉Help in preparation for the OSCP exam. 👉Using manual hacks as opposed to automated tools.
2019/08/23 12:25
🔰[FREE] Email Scraper{ Use VPN to open}[Cracked]🔰 Ⓜ️Another basic application. This one can scrape a URL for any email addresses. It will store said email addresses in a table. You can export the email addresses to any of the following formats: ▫️Text ▫️Csv ▫️Csv (Excel compatible) 🔻Download :-https://bit.ly/33THlfy Note :- Must use VPN ➖▪️Black Hat Hacker▪️➖
2019/08/22 20:35
▪️ Technical Sagar Deleated Hacking Practicals Size:- 1.1GB 🌀Download link :- https://bit.ly/2KN87Pa ➖▪️Black Hat Hackers▪️➖
2019/08/22 20:17
🔰BlackSpigot Database🔰 ♻️Size: 8.20GB 🔆Download Link 🔗 :- https://bit.ly/2ZjpfnO Share And Support Us❗️ ➖▪️Black Hat Hacker▪️➖
2019/08/22 13:14
🔰Hacker High School E-Book by VPPHacker🔰 Hacker high school pdf 01 Being a Hacker 02 Windows and Linux 03 Ports and Protocols 04 Services and Connections 05 System Identification 06 Malware 07 Attack Analysis 08 Forensics 09 Email Security 10 Web Security and Privacy 11 Passwords 12 Legalities and Ethics 13 TOC Glossary 🌀Download Link 🔗 :- https://bit.ly/2No2p87 ➖▪️Black Hat Hacker▪️➖
2019/08/22 12:47
🔰Ethical Hacking Masterclass by VPPHacker🔰 ✳️Size :- 1.43 GB 💠Including :- ▫️Ethical Hacking Course Introduction ▫️Network Pentesting Lab Setup and Overview ▫️Network Scanning Techniques ▫️Network Host Exploitation with the AV Bypass Mechanism ▫️Network IoT Devices Exploitation ▫️Other Major Network Attacks ▫️Website Pentesting Lab Setup and Overview ▫️Scanning Websites ▫️SQL Injection Attack ▫️XSS and CSRF Attacks ▫️Other Major Web Attacks ▫️Android Pentesting Lab Setup and Overview ▫️Analyze Log Files and Find Secret Information ▫️Reverse Engineering Process ▫️Break Encryption in Android ▫️SQL Injection Attack on Android ▫️Ethical Hacking Exam Preparation ☣Copy with credits☣ 🌀Download Link 🔗 :-https://bit.ly/2LdEg1t ✴️Guys want more tutorials and Hackpacks and accounts Then Dm me or make me admin in your channel @spyder_001 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ➖▪️Black Hat Hacker▪️➖
2019/08/22 00:19
🔰Website Hacking Course 2018 By Bug Bounty and Earn Money🔰 ✳️Size :- 770.26 MB ▫️Introduction to website hacking ▫️Lab Setup for doing the website hacking ▫️Low Level Security Vulnerabilities ▫️Medium Level Security Bugs ▫️Vulnerabilities that can deface the Websites ▫️Bonus Content of Website Hacking and Bug bounty platforms 🌀Best Course for website hacking Ⓜ️Download Link 🔗 :-https://bit.ly/2HkxxBt ➖▪️Black Hat Hacker▪️➖
2019/08/21 23:24
SONYLIVE IDS ================ Seema6664@gmail.com:harshit123 Plan: Premium 6 Months Renewal: TRUE Expiry Date: January 10, 2020 162 Days Remaining Config By MrKapadiya ================ acanthus15@gmail.com:abhay123 Plan: Premium 12 Months Renewal: TRUE Expiry Date: May 31, 2020 304 Days Remaining Config By MrKapadiya ================ mohitkapoor2569@gmail.com:mohit198 Plan: Premium 6 Months Renewal: TRUE Expiry Date: November 20, 2019 111 Days Remaining Config By MrKapadiya ================ s.shayan.hussain@gmail.com:pissword Plan: Premium 12 Months Renewal: TRUE Expiry Date: March 10, 2020 222 Days Remaining Config By MrKapadiya ================ bh.devilal@gmail.com:yamini123 Plan: Premium 12 Months Renewal: TRUE Expiry Date: May 25, 2020 298 Days Remaining Config By MrKapadiya ================ bvk_raghavan@hotmail.com:bvk6509130 Plan: Premium 12 Months Renewal: TRUE Expiry Date: March 15, 2020 227 Days Remaining Config By MrKapadiya ================ sumit.agarwal0610@gmail.com:qwerty123 Plan: Premium 12 Months Renewal: TRUE Expiry Date: November 21, 2019 112 Days Remaining Config By MrKapadiya ================ Sameer_sundar@yahoo.com:Orange@123 Plan: Premium 6 Months Renewal: TRUE Expiry Date: October 07, 2019 66 Days Remaining Config By MrKapadiya ================ vatsalarya@gmail.com:hindustan Plan: Premium 12 Months Renewal: TRUE Expiry Date: April 05, 2020 248 Days Remaining Config By MrKapadiya 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 BY @PRUTHVIMAFIA 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
2019/08/21 23:20
▪️ Spotify Cracker By m1st ▫️ Fast and proxyless, Capture ❗️ Features: Multi-Threaded Capture: Subscription, Recurring date, Status. Auto Save Hits with Captures Free, Paused, Premium, Family, Family part, Student, Bad in different txt documents. Proxyless. (Bots default: 5, max 200 if it starts ban you for proxy) 🌀Download link 🔗 :- https://bit.ly/33RfY5x Ⴝʜᴀʀᴇ Δɴᴅ Ⴝᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ ⵡꜱ ➖▪️Black Hat Hacker▪️➖
2019/08/21 22:54
🔰What Is Sniffing🔰 " Sniffing Is A Process Of Monitoring & Capturing All Data Packets Passing Through Given Network. Sniffers Are Used By Network/System Administrator To Monitor And Troubleshoot Network Traffic. Attackers Use Sniffers To Capture Data Packets Sensitive " 🌀 Here Is Two Of Sniffing 👉 Active Sniffing 👉 Passive Sniffing ♐️ Best Tools For Sniffing > > NetworkMiner > WireShark ⚠️ Stay Tuned For This Amazing Knowledge or Make me admin in your channel for more stuff for free Dm @spyder_001 ➖▪️Black Hat Hacker▪️➖
2019/08/21 22:42
🔰 x656 | NordVpn | Premium | Expiration | 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022 | 🔰 🌀Link :- https://bit.ly/2ZjovuJ Enjoy ❤️ ➖▪️Black Hat Hackers▪️➖
2019/08/21 22:37
2019/08/21 22:12
🔰BECOME THE WORLD'S NO.1 HACKER AND OTHER RARE BOOKS🔰 🃏This guide teaches the basics and advanced techniques of : ♣ METASPLOIT TO REMOTELY HACK ANYONE'S COMPUTER  ♣ USING PROGRAMS TO SEE PEOPLE'S TXT MESSAGES  ♣ DDOSING SITES TO TAKE THEM DOWN IN MINUTES! ♣ CREATING AND USING SPYWARE TO MAKE KEYLOGGERS ♣ MAKING MONEY AS A HACKER (IT WORKS!) ♣ PORT SCANNING TO FIND ANY VENERABILITY TO HACK Ⓜ️Why to download it :- This is different than all other hacking books. The difference? It is real hacking! Not just changing things in gmail, firefox, etc. 🌀Download Link 🔗 :-https://bit.ly/2L2Hzs7 ➖▪️Black Hat Hacker▪️➖
2019/08/21 15:04
🔰Premium Apps and System Apps by VPPHacker🔰 ☢Total Size :- 66.33 MB ☣Including Apps :- ▫️Adblock Plus.apk 🔅3.22 MB ▫️Adguard Premium.apk 🔅5.33 MB ▫️Andro PHP.apk 🔅13.93 MB ▫️Android Toolbox.apk 🔅746.93 KB ▫️APK Editor Pro.apk 🔅3.74 MB ▫️Autorun Manager.apk 🔅1.39 MB ▫️BusyBox.apk 🔅3.51 MB ▫️Cheat Engine.apk 🔅1.51 MB ▫️CheatDroid Pro.apk 🔅2.04 MB ▫️CPU Tool.apk 🔅514.40 KB ▫️CPU-Z.apk 🔅2.36 MB ▫️Device Control.apk 🔅3.61 MB ▫️Framaroot.apk 🔅1.25 MB ▫️GameGuardian.apk 🔅150.71 KB ▫️GameKiller.apk 🔅267.62 KB ▫️Ghost Commander Samba.apk 🔅213.16 KB ▫️Init.d Toggler.apk 🔅199.15 KB ▫️LiveBoot.apk 🔅144.28 KB ▫️Lucky Patcher.apk 🔅6.77 MB ▫️Mobileuncle Tools.apk 🔅1.28 MB ▫️Root Booster Premium.apk 🔅1.63 MB ▫️Root Browser.apk 🔅2.42 MB ▫️System App Remover Pro.apk 🔅815.10 KB ▫️USB Keyboard.apk 🔅6.70 MB ▫️ZArchiver.apk 🔅2.66 MB ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 💢Copy with Credits 💢 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ☣Use it at Your own Risks Ⓜ️Download Link 🔗 :-https://bit.ly/2Ng1Kpc ➖▪️Black Hat Hacker▪️➖
2019/08/21 07:08
🔰Crackers Hack Pack🔰 ✳️Size :- 228 MB Ⓜ️Including :- ▫️ALL IN ONE CHECKER(ACHR3F) ▫️Amazon Checker ▫️Apple Cracker ▫️Bitcoinpenguin ▫️Bongacams ▫️Btcclick ▫️Captcha24.com ▫️Coinbase ▫️LoL Checker ▫️Maker & Checker Carte di credito ▫️MCskill ▫️Minecraft Checker ▫️MultiForce ▫️Netflix Checker ▫️Origin Checker ▫️PayPal Cracker ▫️Pornhub Cracker ▫️PSN Checker ▫️Sentry MBA ▫️Spotify Checker ▫️steam checker ▫️Uplay Checker ⚜And More Stuff 🔹copy with credits🔹 🌀Download Link 🔗 :-https://bit.ly/2z9Rqa7 ➖▪️Black Hat Hacker▪️➖
2019/08/20 23:15
🔰KingPhisher Tool🔰 Ⓜ️King Phisher is a tool for testing and promoting user awareness by simulating real world phishing attacks.
2019/08/20 21:48
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2019/08/20 20:50
🔰Udemy Learn Kali Linux & Hack Android Mobile Devices🔰 ✳️Size :- 1000 MB 🔸Penetration Testing 🔸Setup Your Lab 🔸Finding Your Way Around Kali 🔸Important Tools 🔸Exploitation 🔸Hacking Android devices 🔸Social Engineering 🔸Hacking using Android devices 🔸Remote attacks On Android Ⓜ️ Download Link 🔗 :- https://bit.ly/2KHVgOe ➖▪️Black Hat Hackers▪️➖
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🔰 The Hacker's Toolbox - /Books / Programs / Scripts / [1000+ DOWNLOADS]{Cracked}🔰 ✳️Size :- 107 MB Ⓜ️What this pack includes. ▫️More than 20 Hacking E-Books ▫️Hacking Exploits ▫️Hacking tools like Cain & Abel and much more! ▫️Hacking tutorials ▫️And a random photo that I have no idea what it is. 🌀Download Link 🔗 :-https://bit.ly/2Nkb2Ak ➖▪️Black Hat Hackers▪️➖
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🔰How to get 36TB+ of free cloud storage!🔰 ✖️➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖✖️ ♨️Make Unlimited Account and Get Unlimited Cloud Storage And Enjoy 🔗 Link 🔗 👉https://bit.ly/2ZfqrUQ👈 ✖️➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖✖️ SHARE AND SUPPORT US ❗️ ➖▪️Black Hat Hacker▪️➖
2019/08/20 10:28
🔰People & File Search by VPPHacker🔰 Ⓜ️You are finding a person but not have perfect apps to find then this apps will help you ✳️ Size :- 11.22 MB ☣Including Apps :- ▫️123People.apk ▫️Buskador De Personas Gratis.apk ▫️FileChef.apk ▫️G-MoN.apk ▫️KGB People.apk ▫️Monster Spider.apk ▫️Onion Search Engine.apk ▫️People Search.apk ▫️Tin Eye - Photo Search.apk ▫️WiGLE WiFi Wardriving.apk 🔹Copy with credits🔹 🌀Download Link 🔗 :- https://bit.ly/30s9QPr ➖▪️Black Hat Hackers▪️➖
2019/08/20 02:43
✨HackerTarget ToolKit v2.0 - Tools And Network Intelligence To Help Organizations With Attack Surface Discovery ✨ Ⓜ️ open source tools and network intelligence to help organizations with attack surface discovery and identification of security vulnerabilities. Identification of an organizations vulnerabilities is an impossible task without tactical intelligence on the network footprint. By combining open source intelligence with the worlds best open source security scanning tools, 🔻LINK : https://bit.ly/2P3FxNL ➖▪️Black Hat Hackers▪️➖
2019/08/20 00:44
🔰HTML & CSS: Build a Dashboard [100% off COUPON] | VPPHacker🔰 #CSS #HTML 🌀ENROLL THIS COURSE 🔗 :- https://bit.ly/2TJH75Q Great course to practice your html and css This Course Includes 📺3 hours on-demand video 💓Full lifetime access 📱Access on mobile and TV 📋Certificate Of Completion What you’ll learn 👉HTML 👉CSS ➖▪️Black Hat Hacker▪️➖
2019/08/20 00:01
🔰||HACKING TOOLS|| [40GB] VPPHacker🔰 ❗Just Import This In Your Mega Account So That It Will NoT Occupy Your Phone's space and will save your data too❗ ☣Premium Stuff🤑 ⚠️Must Have Stuff⚠️ 😂Price - 300$ 💢Our Price - Free ✳️Includes :- Armitage Metasploit Fuzzbunch Dandensprits Ip hiders Wifi hacking Crackers Cypters and Binders Dork Scanners Dos+DDoser++Flooders Forensic Tools over 100 new KeyLoggers updated Misc. Web Tools over 50 new SQL Injection tools updated over 50 new Network Tools updated over 100 RAT’ s updated SMS & Email Bombers VPNs & Security Admin Page-Login Page Scanners Proxy Grabbers Resolvers Scripts & Source Codes Shells Vulnerable Scanners Worms, Malware, & Virus Makers Entire Elcomsoft Stack Overflows Shellcode Debugging Windows,Windows Overflows Writing Windows Shellcode,Windows Decoder and Decoding Solaris Exploitation, Advanced Solaris. The Vulnerable Program, OS X Shellcode OS X Cross-Platform Shellcode ☢Password Cracking ▫️Cisco IOS Exploitation ▫️Reverse Engineering IOS ▫️Vulnerabilities in Cisco IOS ▫️Protection Mechanisms ▫️Fault Injection ▫️Tracing for Vulnerabilities ▫️Binary Auditing: ▫️Hacking Closed Source Software ▫️Alternative Payload Strategies ▫️Modifying the Program ▫️Writing Exploits,Preparation,Brute Forcing ▫️Local Exploits ▫️OS/Application Fingerprint Information Leaks ▫️Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM ▫️Unix Kernel Overflows 🔹copy with credits🔹 🌀Download Link 🔗 :- https://bit.ly/2MoZSe9 ➖▪️Black Hat Hacker▪️➖
2019/08/19 22:44
🔰Complete Ethical Hacking Certification Course: Zero to Hero [100% off COUPON] | VPPHacker🔰 #HAcking 🌀ENROLL THIS COURSE :- https://bit.ly/30rEM1S Start as a beginner and go all the way to launching hacking attacks. Get your Ethical Hacking certificate. This Course Includes 📺4 hours on-demand video 💓Full lifetime access 📱Access on mobile and TV 📋Certificate Of Completion What you’ll learn 👉Basics Of Ethical Hacking Certification 👉Scanning, Sniffing and Session Hijacking 👉Kali Linux Hacking 👉DOS and DDOS Attacking 👉Buffer Overflow 👉Cryptography 👉Password Hacking 👉Hacking Using Metasploit 👉Website Hacking
2019/08/19 10:29
🔰HTML and CSS for Absolute Beginners [100% off COUPON] | VPPHacker🔰 #CSS #HTML 🌀ENROLL THIS COURSE :- https://bit.ly/2Z7Qopy Learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS from scratch and start your web designer career! This Course Includes 📺2.5 hours on-demand video 💓Full lifetime access 📱Access on mobile and TV 📋Certificate Of Completion What you’ll learn 👉Create modern websites using HTML and CSS 👉Add styling to any website using CSS 👉Understand all the major areas of HTML and CSS
2019/08/19 10:04
VIU 3 MONTHS CODE VIU-QKWN-NH85 (Use it in your own account) GIVEAWAY BY- @incognitoV2_1 COPY WITH CREDITS
2019/08/18 19:57
🔰 Full Ethical Hacking And Penetration Testing courses by VPPHacker🔰 ✳️Size :- 57.23 GB ✅Including 🙈:- ▫️Pluralsight ▫️Pluralsight - Network Monitoring And Analysis ▫️Risk Management ▫️Risk Management and Incident Response for CASP (CAS-002) ▫️Risk Management and Information Systems Control - Introduction to Risk ▫️Risk Management and Information Systems Control - IT Risk Assessment ▫️Risk Management and Information Systems Control - Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting ▫️Risk Management and Information Systems Control - Risk Identification ▫️Risk Management and Information Systems Control - Risk Response and Mitigation ▫️Risks, Vulnerabilities, and Threats ▫️Secure Account Management Fundamentals ▫️Securing Your Node.js Web App ▫️Security for Hackers and Developers - Code Auditing ▫️Security for Hackers and Developers - Fuzzing ▫️Security for Hackers and Developers - Overview ▫️Security for Hackers and Developers - Reverse Engineering ▫️Security Management - The Big Picture ▫️SSCP® - Access Controls ▫️SSCP® - Cryptography ▫️SSCP® - Incident Response and Recovery ▫️SSCP® - Introduction and the Exam Requirements ▫️SSCP® - Network and Communications Security ▫️SSCP® - Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis ▫️SSCP® - Security Operations and Administration ▫️SSCP® - Systems and Application Security ▫️Technical Integration of Enterprise Components for CASP (CAS-002) ▫️The Information Security Big Picture ▫️The Issues of Identity and Access Management (IAM) ▫️Threat Intelligence - The Big Picture ▫️Threat Modeling - The Big Picture ▫️Threat Modeling Fundamentals ▫️Understanding the Java Virtual Machine - Security ▫️Understanding the Shellshock Bash Bug ▫️USB Forensics - Duplication ▫️USB Forensics - Fundamentals ▫️USB Forensics - Writeblocking and Impersonation ▫️Web App Hacking - Caching Problems ▫️Web App Hacking - Cookie Attacks ▫️Web App Hacking - Hacking Authentication ▫️Web App Hacking - Hacking Password Reset Functionality ▫️Web App Hacking - Sensitive Data Exposure ▫️Web Application Penetration Testing Fundamentals ▫️Web Application Penetration Testing with Burp Suite ▫️Web Security and the OWASP Top 10 - The Big Picture ▫️What's New in the OWASP Top 10 for 2013 ▫️Windows - How It's Hacked, How to Protect It ▫️Wireless Network Penetration Testing ▫️Wireless Network Penetration Testing Advanced Techniques ▫️Wireshark 2.2.4.rar 💢Size :- 1.24 GB 🔹Copy with credits🔹 😅I spend my lot of time to collect this 🌀Download Link 🔗 :- https://bit.ly/2NdEKqP ➖▪️Black Hat Hacker▪️➖
2019/08/18 13:18