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phhhttttt... Pretty sure your hunch is correct here lol
2019/11/21 01:30
@fieldcommand can be trusted to post there. He's no spammer no scammer. 👍
2019/11/21 01:29
Has anyone else had a dm from @adelaidasinvicki in this channel? It’s the only channel I have in common seems dodgy. Hello friend...usual scammy opening line.
2019/11/21 01:12
I was banned form @eosproject. I don't think there was any good reason for it. Can I be unbanned?
2019/11/20 20:11
And /warn them for begging
2019/11/20 18:09
Can it ban people posting BTC addresses and begging like @Americanoman is doing in 26 posts asking for BTC
2019/11/20 15:25
He's behaving again all of a sudden. It's refreshing to see and I hope it lasts. It's really not personal of course. 🙏
2019/11/19 07:45
I restricted him because he's been overly negative. He just wants to make it personal when it's not. 7/10 on the troll meter though. Bravo zoomoo 😁
2019/11/19 06:58
Atm we are just logging the data of the spambots
2019/11/19 06:53
The bots have managed to bypass our captcha, which means we will let them run for a few weeks before enabling phase 2
2019/11/19 06:52
Our bots scan millions of conversations and our accuracy is amazingly good, it's unfortunately not perfect but it's something we strive for, in the event you are incorrectly banned you're in the right place to get it resolved if it's amongst our communities
2019/11/19 06:51
2019/11/19 06:49
It's most likely this is what happened to you and if it was a rouge admin that banned you because of an opinion they should be brought into line
2019/11/19 06:49
Spam is much much much more sophisticated than people know on telegram, unfortunately defining the line between spam and normal conversation is extremely difficult and spam is evolving, thus we evolve to counter it. Sometimes we have false positives and there are huge debates within the antispam development teams about how we reduce these.
2019/11/19 06:48
Unfortunately your ban seems to have been overruled. Free speech reigns in @eosproject
2019/11/19 06:48
Thanks for chiming in, an appeal is all about hearing all sides of the story
2019/11/19 06:47
Not true. You're well poisoning repeatedly. It's not your opinion. It's you're entire agenda and I'm getting a lot of complaints about it. You were temporarily restricted for good reason. It's not personal at all.
2019/11/19 06:46
Learn more here
2019/11/19 06:46
Personally I'm a fierce defender of free speech
2019/11/19 06:44
It seems I'm unbanned now though, just hope that chat can remain uncensored unless ppl are calling each other names or saying something off topic. Thanks
2019/11/19 06:43
I feel the same way, was banned from @eosproject because my opinion offended an admin
2019/11/19 06:42
looks like a scam bot to me
2019/11/18 20:36
How to find Chat for this bot 👇 @Cryptolbtctrading1_bot
2019/11/18 19:36
Hello? Can anyone ask me a question?
2019/11/18 19:32
anyway, let me know if you need something else for the unban! :-)
2019/11/16 19:50
We spend a lot of time refining bots and unfortunately sometimes there are false positives but we always look into each case and try to make sure it doesn't happen again
2019/11/16 18:28
We deal with millions of spam
2019/11/16 18:26
Most likely a bot
2019/11/16 18:26
And who banned me anyways?
2019/11/16 17:14
I dunno, that kind of banning feels a bit "elitist" or "authoritarian", which I don't think will help the community building tbh...
2019/11/16 17:13
Thank you! :) How does this unbanning work? And what is the justification for getting banned for sharing a (relevant) link?
2019/11/16 17:13
Why did it show admin next to his name?
2019/11/16 13:14
Seems like spam
2019/11/16 13:12
These damn zoomers need to respect their elders
2019/11/15 10:23
Hello seems to be working ok now and thank you I will take a look
2019/11/15 05:55
@crypto has a list of groups to join
2019/11/15 05:55
Is anyone able to advise me? Much appreciated
2019/11/15 05:39
Litecoin group I’m interested In crpto trading in all honesty I have no idea how it works I found a group of interest in the search bar I wanted to join in getting diverted here
2019/11/15 05:26
Which group?
2019/11/15 05:24
I’m new I’m not sure why I’m being diverted to these pages as I have yet to make any posts and can’t seem to access any groups
2019/11/15 05:20
But I don’t understand how to access groups I’ve never hsd telegram before sorry
2019/11/15 05:18
I’m reading them
2019/11/15 05:16
Start read
2019/11/15 05:13
Sorry I don’t know what any of this means
2019/11/15 05:13
I’m really confused how this telegram is work any advice ?
2019/11/15 05:11
Hello new here I’ve never had telegrams before I’ve joined a group I’m very interested to learn more about crypto’s I’m not sure why but I’m restricted so I can’t ask any questions How does this normally work
2019/11/15 05:09
Alright .
2019/11/15 01:34
Good luck guys 👍 see you back there soon I hope
2019/11/15 00:39
Joe is also a productive member of the eos community. Has been sharing many links recently to help mitigate the cpu shortage as the network adjusts to it, probably just got pimp'd
2019/11/15 00:39
Not a spammer at all. Just wanted to share my perspective here. 👍 Happy to do it
2019/11/15 00:37
Here's his recent posting history. He's a good community member
2019/11/15 00:36
We'll need remember that to help you
2019/11/15 00:32
It was something related to EOS and eth - Cant remember, as this happened about a week ago
2019/11/15 00:30
What did you post ?
2019/11/14 23:42
coudl someone sort it out! i am genesis eos hodler, have voted and all that :D
2019/11/14 23:08
Same here! I think I got /kickbanned due to posting a Medium link to the channel :-|
2019/11/14 23:08
Hey, I would like to be unbanned from @eosproject.
2019/11/12 00:28
You chase tires.
2019/11/11 18:57
haha I don't chase cars. They chase me 😄
2019/11/11 18:57
You is a cool dog
2019/11/11 18:56
Will you pass in front a car ?
2019/11/11 18:56
anyways, it's getting late. I go to die now. bye guys. hacker please help me
2019/11/11 18:52
hahaha the neverending story.
2019/11/11 18:51
I try understand why scammer come here asking get fraud when he did fraud. 🙈🤯
2019/11/11 18:46
Ah he deleted his posts.. OK now I'm 90%/10%
2019/11/11 18:41