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Hahaha love your Pic
2019/07/23 13:03
Well lets hope thats why the launch is delayed almost a start with the needed approvals👍
2019/07/23 12:49
Nobody knows it...
2019/07/23 12:39
Will they forever not regulate it??
2019/07/23 12:39
Time is relevant
2019/07/23 12:34
Unfortunately you cannot make bets on the processing time of (especially US) regulatory bodies
2019/07/23 12:34
Yeah, licenses just take a lot of time.
2019/07/23 12:30
Security license...
2019/07/23 12:29
They prefer Sparkster "launch to dump without proper product"
2019/07/23 12:14
And hookers and blow
2019/07/23 12:14
Exactly! Amsterdam has a proven “userbase”
2019/07/23 12:14
Or just keep giving it in Amsterdam...the community is big in Holland
2019/07/23 12:13
You dont? It's the fact last year we were discussing about launch before or after ico. Almost 365 days later...
2019/07/23 12:13
Something up with the forum? I can't login
2019/07/23 12:12
If I were them, I would just cancel the event and livestream a presentation from HQ. 20 guests is just embarrasing
2019/07/23 12:12
My guts already know what will be said on the 27th. Hope I will be proven wrong
2019/07/23 12:10
More and more people are starting to “riot”.....I think the limit just has been reached. Just a guess
2019/07/23 12:08
And one year later
2019/07/23 12:06
A year ago I was trolling in the Switcheo group and the admin put me back in my seat with “lol no product”.....
2019/07/23 12:06
I just don't get why the level of annoyance is so high in this chat only 4 days prior to a moment of communication
2019/07/23 12:05
And I fully understand that my man
2019/07/23 12:05
I know, it's just starting to get on my nerves not knowing anything
2019/07/23 12:05
Thats where the quarterly report is for. Which is 4 days away ffs
2019/07/23 12:04
Coding what features? What does the top of the backlog look like? How many sprints were completed, what have they learned?
2019/07/23 12:03
Coding, compliance, security??
2019/07/23 12:03
I like Switcheo but a crazy majority of these blockchain “companies” do not operate like professionals
2019/07/23 12:02
Nash is a registered security and doesn’t make constant updates like other crypto. They do things quarterly and/or ensure their announcements aren’t made whimsically like a normal company
2019/07/23 12:02
Get one of them to spend like an hour a week writing tiny blog on progress, corporate culture, vision, anything to show there is actual people working and it's not just Fabio attending conferences
2019/07/23 11:57
I'm starting to wonder what these 35 people are doing all day, honestly
2019/07/23 11:55
But Nash has 35 people working for them and are looking to hire more, so I disagree with you on the amount of work thats being done
2019/07/23 11:51
I mean, I agree with you on the communication part
2019/07/23 11:50
How do you know they are doing 2x the amount of work 😂
2019/07/23 11:50
Fear of future competition
2019/07/23 11:49
Unpopular opinion; how come Switcheo seems to be doing 2x the amount of work and 10x the communication Nash is doing on 1/10 of the budget?
2019/07/23 11:48
You overslept everything already a launch, we all sold the Nex for $ 1000. Now gone again to refine the interface.
2019/07/23 11:47
Launch ready ?
2019/07/23 11:44
It wouldn't be a surprise if they'd told you
2019/07/23 11:25
Free Nash cupcakes 😍
2019/07/23 11:25
Or is that fake news?
2019/07/23 11:24
What’s the surprise for people attending Boston event?
2019/07/23 11:24
There is nothing ideal in this world.
2019/07/23 11:08
People are complaining so much. But when they Release a perfect product and get very quick very much volume you will be silent.
2019/07/23 11:06
anyone going to Boston?
2019/07/23 11:05
Nice roadmap ;)
2019/07/23 11:03
No, they will then improve the video for 10 months - 20 years, to bring it to perfection 😜😜😜 .
2019/07/23 11:02
No need to be rude. If you disagree on something, just share your point of view.
2019/07/23 10:52
Instagram live Story is Just for investors
2019/07/23 10:42
Dude they will Upload the Stream later. They dont want to Livestream because of Bad quality
2019/07/23 10:40
Great way to promote your business these days 🤣
2019/07/23 10:25
I hope it is for good
2019/07/23 10:20
Instagram live Story
2019/07/23 09:48
No live streaming
2019/07/23 09:41
Any live news ...? Instagram is.for picture sharing so far as I know...
2019/07/23 09:35
On instagram yes
2019/07/23 09:33
Will we have live stream from the event?
2019/07/23 09:31
you can register for referral program
2019/07/23 09:03
come to think of it, referral program is very complicated
2019/07/23 09:01
Is it live?
2019/07/23 08:32
Hello all I saw on the website that one can register for the exchange
2019/07/23 08:32
REMINDER Make sure to join the official community forum and stay up to date by following the official Twitter. ⚫️ ⚫️ The latest article, rules, staking calculator and referral link can be found in the pinned message
2019/07/23 07:48
It's nearly August.. crazy
2019/07/23 06:23
Was in may/june
2019/07/23 04:04
Betas over
2019/07/23 04:04
Can everyone get access to da beta ?
2019/07/23 03:50
Nash will present the quarterly report for Q2 of 2019 on Saturday, 27 July in Boston, MA. Find out more and book your tickets here:
2019/07/23 03:42
That's fast
2019/07/23 03:35
Haha Tyrion
2019/07/23 03:32