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2019/11/21 02:48
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2019/11/21 00:06
Yeah of course.
2019/11/20 19:19
I know Davidson is only medicine
2019/11/20 18:57
Hi, do you know, has neurosurgery book by Davidson?
2019/11/20 18:49
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Brenner and Rector's The Kidney 11th Edition Authors: Alan Yu, Glenn Chertow, Valerie Luyckx, Philip Marsden, Karl Skorecki, Maarten Taal. Imprint: Elsevier. Year: 2020. ISBN: 9780323532655. Pages: 2793. Format: HTML. Price: $449.
2019/11/20 16:14
2019/11/20 15:26
Thank you
2019/11/20 13:31
Lowest concentration of oxygen for providing sufficient oxygen may be high depending upon patient’s doesn’t mean low oxygen.
2019/11/20 13:18
Absolutely. You are correct. Fio2 depends upon patients disease process. Eg. Acute asthma patient needs high fio2 to avoid complications myocardial ischemia and death. Asthma patient has normal lungs. Another example ARDS patient requires high Fio2 to start with but we should decrease Fio2 as soon as possible once alveolar recruitment happens. Otherwise patient develop oxygen toxicity due to but management is different.
2019/11/20 13:18
#UMMCevent - 'Pearls of Knowledge Workshop for Neonatal Nurse Practitioners' | 19 & 20 Nov 2019 #pearls #workshop #ummc #ppum #universityofmalaya #kualalumpur #2019
2019/11/20 08:40
did anyone have conceptual review of biochemistry book pdf, please send
2019/11/20 01:33
Please does anyone have sameh doss book on histology
2019/11/20 00:48
While in Davidson see see treated it by high concentration of oxygenated
2019/11/20 00:25
In step up to medicine the hypoxemic respiratory failure treated by low concentration of oxygen
2019/11/20 00:22
Can explain me why there is difference
2019/11/20 00:21
Hi doctors
2019/11/20 00:20
If you know or owned a good hospital with facilities and well equipped with special doctors in Europe or Asia contacts me to refer my patients to you thank .👍😜
2019/11/19 21:33
PDF of this book plz
2019/11/19 19:41
Treatment of hiccup?
2019/11/19 18:57
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2019/11/19 14:21
Any friend...Girl or as good only friend..🙂 I am a boy..
2019/11/19 13:58
self assessment of anatomy pdf needed....
2019/11/19 12:28
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