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Specially all academies!!! Bazar Mandu Naye!!!! Sagle mehnat karat ahet.... Ugach questions Magavun ani te share karun Apparent Madat karu naye... This leads to Injustice with many candidates!!!!! Ani j candidates ppr deun baher ale tyani tri maturity Dakhva!!!! University exams la notes share Karaycha nahit... Ani Competitive exams la saral questions share Karayche???? He kuthli vichardhara ahe!!! So jara vichar theva.... Chukl asel tr Maaf Kara!!!!! Social groups ne pan plz follow kara!!!!
2019/11/22 20:56
सर्वांना नम्र विनंती।।।।। जलसंपदा आणि bmc ची परीक्षा चालू होईपर्यंत सर्वांनी एकमेकांना जी काही मदत करायची आहे ती करा परंतु ज्यादिवशी परीक्षा आहे त्या लोकांनी कृपया करून त्यांना आलेले प्रश्न कुणाला हि शेअर करू नका अगदी तुमचा खास माणूस असेल तरीही कारण तुमचा एक प्रश्न तुम्हाला मिळणारी तुमची पोस्ट त्या व्यक्तीला देऊ शकतो .......स्पर्धा परीक्षेमध्ये एक मार्क हा खूप मोठा असतो ........ सर्व क्लासेस मालकांना पण हीच विनंती राहील ...... All Academies,its kind Request from students,Please don't share Questions of WRD And BMC to everyone..
2019/11/22 20:51
Every body on this planet Is born with some speciality whether small or large!!!! Just explore and explode according to your speciality!! Don't Run in a cattle and Ruin yourself just because the Goal is Sublime!!!! Fit in the role God has given you!!!! Don't Overrule the role that you are fit in and never try to do what is best in view of others!!! Do what is best for you!!!! Senseless Comparison is Mother of all Headaches and Disappointments!!!! @MACEDHULE
2019/11/22 20:15
Use this link to check the Biometric Lock or Unlock status
2019/11/22 12:28
MPSC 2020 Schedule
2019/11/20 15:47
👆evry body need to think like this...... Exceptional Motivation By respected Sir!!!
2019/11/20 11:14
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2019/11/20 10:23
Hii all, Many students are Inquiring and asking about online tests being Conducted by Various Academies!!!! (For BMC and WRD) Regarding Those tests You should Contact Them, because those tests are Set by Them and So they can Better guide you about what questions and For what sake they are asking Those questions!!! Kahi Lok bolat ahet ki evde easy questions yetat ka or evde hard questions yetat ka? So you just Attend the test and for Queries you can better expect solutions or explanations from those conducting the test!!!! For your better sake we suggest you To revise As much as possible 2-3 subjects per day!!!! And solve previous years questions (50-100) daily... (Use clock) Such practice will serve the purpose!!!!! Some peoples are attending 3-4 tests per day!!!! Just solving test won't serve the purpose.... Instead try to recall what you have read before!!!!! Regards, MACE
2019/11/20 08:08
Congratulations to Harshal Chaudhari (AE2), Dhule
2019/11/18 21:25
Congratulations Sharmishta Ahire madam (AE2), Dhule
2019/11/18 20:51
✨🎊नुकत्याच लागलेल्या MES 2018 परीक्षेच्या निकालामध्ये AE-2 WRD या पदासाठी धुळ्यातील राहुल पवार सर यांची निवड झाली आहे,महाराष्ट्र ॲकेडमी तर्फे त्यांचे हार्दिक अभिनंदन🎊🎉
2019/11/18 18:24
Congratulations to Deepak Thakur (AE2), from Dhule
2019/11/18 18:22
Congratulations Ajay Chaure(SSVPIAN, AEE PWD) Another Guy from Dhule ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
2019/11/18 17:21
Shubham Purkar sir is Already AE1(WRD) Through MPSC2017!!!! Previously He Was Rank 1 InTown planning exam. Also Congratulations to Vijay Girase(AE2,WRD) Dhule is always Underestimated but Continuously Producing Officers for Govt. Of Maharashtra!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏
2019/11/18 16:11
🌟MES 2018 Exams Final Results declared.. ⚡️Many many Congratulations to Shubham Purkar Sir (Dhule )to get Rank 1 in Maharashtra..💐 ⚡️😊Congratulations to Rahul Pawar Sir(Dhule) for AE-2 WRD..💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐
2019/11/18 15:45
@civinfo चंद्रपूर महानगरपालिका भर्ती 3 पदे कनिष्ठ अभियंता पाणीपुरवठा सिव्हिल / मेकॅनिकल / पर्यावरण अभियांत्रिकी पदवी धारक पात्र. @civinfo
2019/11/16 09:17
2019/11/16 09:16
⭕️MACE Has Succesfully Conducted MPSC Mains 2019 Batch with 15 Class room Tests... Class room course completion 1july 2019 to 12 October 2019 Tests Conducted within, 5october to 15 november Time Provided for Self study - 40+ days Thanks to all Students Of Khandesh Region especially Dhule, For having Faith in Us... MACE is Nothing Without Students and Followers!!!! We are Continuously in a Mood of Enhancing the Abilities of our Students!!!! Hope To see Strong Alumni in future!!!! Best of Luck to all!!!! Goodbye and Good luck!!!! Regards, MACE
2019/11/15 20:15
*What is the extent of your revision?????* You will get ans to this question in tomorrows test!!!!!! This is the final test before MES 2019 Mains.... Come with a strong Strategy!!!!! Take Trail of whatever you think in tomorrows paper!!!!! *Those who have not given previous tests for them....* *It is Strongly Recommended to Give Tommorows test!!!!* Best luck to all!!!!
2019/11/14 16:27
#WRD Join us @MACEDHULE Those who are not getting from where to start, i have provided guidlines for the same. . . Study out following points Solve 50 mcqs on a daily basis(whether u have studied that subject or not) Chain compass levelling contouring theodolite plane table Deflection limits like span/250 etc Slenderness ratio limits regarding all steel members Som cha std cases Rcc steel che clause Effective lengths for various end conditions Critical sections for shear in beam footings fixed end moments ani slope deflection che formulae Clauses regarding beams columns slabs Footing Som cha all definations No numericals Ani values Tos ch mdm ani determinancy ch chp GT all definations [Truss che zero force members now a days getting famous : Terzaghi bearing capacity: Various tests and uses [Exploration : Turbines and pumps definations Rollers for various soils Consolidation nako karu compaction kara Chain ani leveling che problems kaara Compass che pan : Fluid cha definations kaar Like venturimeter Fluid madhe various meters and uses : Pitot tube Coeff of velo disch etc cha value [: Irrigation structures che uses .: Irrigation efficiencies Values of delta for various crops Duty delta Failures and forces in gravity dam Groundwater hydrology Acquifier constants and defjnagions Hygroacopic water vadose water capillary water Various instruments like pans lysimeters etc Defination Crop ratio outlet factor : CCA GCA Mass curve Double mass curve : Hyetograph Hydrogfaph .: Types of spillwaya and spillway gates .: Materials jevd jast karshil better e Fakt ratio ani mixes lakshat ghe .: Mix desigh sod .: Bcm madhe cornice corbel frieze stringer Bricks cha test tyancha values is codes Rafter : Same for stones 1:3:6 etc Nd for timber : Loading on bridge Timber defects most imp .: Abutments piers : Bridges culverfa classifications Bridge footpath Economic span : Linear water way etc Afflux Limit exceed Zali tr honarya deseases Env madhlha limits BOD &COD Various scales like cobalt scale platinum scale Sewers manholes selfcleansing velo Inverted syphons Highway tests materials IRC reckmmendations Regarding highways and bridges Various IRC codes and uses Regards, Mayur khandekar Join us @MACEDHULE
2019/11/13 21:03
BMC free mock test 2
2019/11/12 16:51
BMC free mock test 3
2019/11/12 16:50
Solutions for mock 1 paper 1
2019/11/12 16:02
All BMC aspirants can Take benefits of the free test
2019/11/12 14:35
BMC free mock test 2 PDF is now available on our telegram channel 👇
2019/11/12 14:34
😐political Dramatism in Maharashtra!!! The Presidential Race at its beginning in Maharashtra!!! 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶
2019/11/12 14:00
On 27 th of october We already informed you about the WRD exam..... Actually we warned you very First about.. Not to have casual approach!!!!! Now don't think about That... Just Gear up.... U have to Do it!!!!!! And You will do it For sure!!!! Just stick to your target
2019/11/11 19:41
Hii all, There are Utmost chances of WRD Exam To be conducted at the end Of november!!!! These chances of exam being taken In last week of November cannot be Denied!!!! So Guys Gearup!!!!! Best of luck and Happy diwali Regards, @MACEDHULE
2019/11/11 19:38
Hii all, Many of the Aspirants demanding for Next 13 Days Subject Priorities,Study schedule,so We are providing you a subject Priority and small schedule which is required to qualify JE as per experience...You may Change it as per your Capacity and choice.. First of all choose either of BMC and WRD and stick to it till the exam!!!! Subject Priority Very IMP JE Subject For BMC & WRD both which requires Revision (Revise this subject atleast 2 times):- Minimum Effective 6hrs daily required for Technical Subject (U may increase study hrs. as per your capacity) 1)GT 2)FM 3)ENV. 4)Highway 5)SOM 6)RCC 7)STEEL 👆🏻Try to cover these subjects... Subjects which are Not much IMP. and have very Less Effect on Exams if we do not read those (Revise this subject atleast Once):- 1) Construction Management(CPM&PERT only) 2)Bridge(Free board and IRC provisions only) 3)Survey(Leveling, contouring, compass, chain, theodolite only) 4)Bldg.material(Bricks, stones, timber only) 5) Estimate(Rate analysis, valuation definations and mode of measurements only, don't solve problems on quantity estimation like earthworm etc. ) 6)TOS/SA(Standard cases only, trusses, Indeterminancy etc) 7) Applied Mechanics.(Force system, friction and Basic laws only) Don't Read Truss, Dynamics, ladder friction etc Non-Technical Subject:- 1.Reasoning (Try to Solve 10 Questions on One Unit)... give 1 hrs.atleast.. 2.G.K:- Try to Read Mumbai & Maharashtra Wikipedia(History, Geography wikipedia), Watch 100 V.IMP. Current affairs Videos on Youtube..or try to recall points by Pathan Sir in his Session ... (daily 30 minutes sufficient) 3)Marathi,English(try to Solve previous Mahapariksha papers) 45 minutes(only for WRD) Regards, @MACEDHULE
2019/11/11 09:12
Steps to be followed while Registration FOR BMC free mocks!!! Plz register only once!!!! Step 1- click on link below to register Note-Provide Valid email address and Contact Number else you will not Receive your Exam password!!! Step 2- click on the exam link below and put the password provided by us on your email ID. Step 3- solve test Regards, MACE
2019/11/10 20:03
Note: Mock test Mails have been sent To the email address provided by you in the registration!!!
2019/11/10 12:52
Those who have Registered for Free BMC mock test... Plz check your Emails!!! (Refresh your mail box and then check) U are sent with a Link for Test!!!! And your credentials!!!! Regards, MACE
2019/11/10 12:26
Hi all Online BMC free mock 1 exam Link is sent to you on your email ID with your username and password to attempt exam If anyone does not receive the exam link email you can contact us on To get username password Exam link: Regards Team MACE
2019/11/10 11:06
MES MAINS Syllabus.pdf
2019/11/10 10:52
BMC JE 2019 Exam syllabus
2019/11/10 10:52
🌟👆Syllabus of Exams:- ⚡️MES Mains 2019 ⚡️BMC JE 2019 ⚡️WRD JE 2019
2019/11/10 10:52
👆🌟WRD Syllabus and Exam Pattern
2019/11/10 10:52
pin message
2019/11/10 05:16
Total 7 FREE BMC MOCK TEST👆user Interface of our MOCK TEST is given above ...** No need to acquire ans key... As all answers will be automatically given just below the question!!!! After submission of the test you will. Come to know your score also!!!!! And Yess!!! No need To download any Kind of application in your Device!!!!! 💥And thanks for the responses of over 7000+ students for Free Mock Test from all over Maharashtra Those who have not Registered yet can register on below given link!!!! 7 Free BMC mock tests(Technical+Nontechnical) available on the link given below!!!! 🌟Register for free NOW!!!! Regards, @MACEDHULE
2019/11/09 20:49
Hii all, Due to some unavoidable issues, class room mock test (offline) *will be conducted on 11 november 2019* On the same timings. Regards, MACE
2019/11/09 16:54
Open channels, (MACE)
2019/11/09 16:49
Free Session on "Strategy for Upcoming JE Exams & Guidance on IMP Points. Tomorrow @3p.m MACE DHULE 💥Address: Below Aakar library, Dattamandir Chowk Deopur, Dhule.
2019/11/09 14:53
🛑Announcement🛑 Free Seminar and Extensive EXAM Guidance Session @DHULE Tomorrow @3p.m 🌟For ALL Upcoming WRD/BMC exams!!!! We understand that many of you are Confused😞 about what shall be the strategy to tackle Upcoming BMC and WRD with such Time Constraint.... Session time: 3pm Special Speaker- Nikhil Sir(JE, PWD2019) Extensive Guidance by- 1.Vinayak Sir 2.Abhishek Sir Bring Notes of Geotech and SOM provided to You, also bring Environment, highway, survey, rcc notes. Come all, Come with friends!!!!! Regards, MACE
2019/11/09 14:28
⚡️Hello Aspirants, All Exam Date are known to everyone now.. Many of you may have a little disturbance in Mind.. What to Focus?,What to Read?How to Give all 3 Exams? Those who are willing to give BMC,WRD JE & MPSC also... Try to keep Focus on any One Exam properly Bcoz MES,BMC and WRD are little bit different in its syllabus & exam pattern.. MES has technical subject but all with Equal Weightage and with its own Technical Depth which may be easy to medium.. BMC exam have GK & Reasoning with Technical... WRD Exam have GK,Apti Reasoning,Marathi English with Technical.. 💥U have 15 Days in your Hands.. Make a Plan for any One👆🏻 of the above Exams..and focus on it only.. There may be very Rare case for that person who have studied everything and only those can Qualify all this 3 Exams There will be many Students who will Focus on exams and may or may not get Qualify.. 💥But there is a lot of Chances of Getting Selected for that person Who will "Focus on Only One Exams"🌟 Regards, Vinayak Sir
2019/11/09 09:52
Final Result Declaration of the Very Awaited Ayodhya Case!!!!! Plz Be silent and try NOT to Quote any thing in Any way Publicaly!!! The Constitution and The Emotions of India, A secular Rests!!!! This is all ours, the Indians!!!!! Cheer in Joy!!!! Evry Body has Got There share!!! Evry Body has Got what They Deserved!!!!
2019/11/09 09:47
Hii all, MACE is Known for its Quality Mocks!!!!! This Time MACE is Back With BMC FREE mock Tests..... 7 BMC mock Tests totally Free of cost To Register for Free go through this link - 🌟Regards @MACEDHULE
2019/11/07 22:37
Hii all, MACE is Known for its Quality Mocks!!!!! This Time MACE is Back With BMC FREE mock Tests..... 7 BMC mock Tests totally Free of cost To Register for Free go through this link - Regards @MACEDHULE
2019/11/07 22:34
Hii all, MACE is Known for its Quality Mocks!!!!! This Time MACE is Back With BMC FREE mock Tests..... 7 BMC mock Tests totally Free of cost To Register for Free go through this link - Regards @MACEDHULE
2019/11/07 10:38
Hii all, MACE is Known for its Quality Mocks!!!!! This Time MACE is Back With BMC FREE mock Tests..... 7 BMC mock Tests totally Free of cost To Register for Free- Whatsaap on, 8459467941 Regards, @MACEDHULE
2019/11/06 10:21
💥JE BATCH Revision Session⚡️ Tomorrow Lecture:- 🌟Subject: Highway Engg. by Vinayak Sir Timing:- 8.30a.m 8.30a.m-1p.m 1st session 1p.m to 1.45 p.m Lunch Break 1.45p.m - 5.30p.m 2nd Session 5.30p.m to 5.45p.m Break 5.45p.m to 8.00p.m 3rd Session Plz bring Highways Notes with you,or Collect print out of Notes if u don't have the Notes. Regards, MACE Dhule
2019/11/05 21:36
#Environment Engg.-1(IMP.) 1)Surface Sources (River has Suspended Solids so need primary secondary treatment) 2)Sub-Surface Sources:- Infiltration Galleries are porous pipes Galleries, Infiltartion Well or Jack well are No.of RCC Ring wells constructed at bottom of river Spring and it's 3 types:- Artesian,Gravity and Surface Spring Wells, Tube Wells:-Strainer tubeWells (mostly used in India), Gravel Pack Type tube well,Cavity tubeWells.. Ground water Requires Disinfection only Intakes:- Structure for Conveyance of Water Types of Intake:- Submerged & Tower Intake Types of Metallic Pipes & Non metallic Pipes**(Uses)** Types of Joints(Recommended For which Pipes vichartat) Types of Valves(Location & Function) Population Forecast Methods:- GOI manual Suggested Geometric Increase Method giving population of Young and Rapidly developing Cities.. Arithmatical Increase Method(Old Towns) Incremental Increase Logistic Curve Comparative Graphical Master Plan Apportionment Method.. Simple Graphical,etc. Water Demand:- Domestic Water Demand Full flush (200lpcd)metro area Non flush (135 lpcd)for LIG(Low income groups) Industrial,Commercial,Public, Thefts losses and Fire demand Fire Demand:- If water in Kilo litres then use GOI Formula=100√P Where p is Population in Thousands always note it Or else use (suitable formula) Kuicking formula=3182√P Co-incident Draft= Max Daily Demand + Fire Demand OR Co-incident Draft= 1.8 Avg Daily Demand + Fire Demand Per Capita Demand:-Annual avg.of daily water reqd by one person & includes all types of Water demands. 335 lpcd (Full flush) 270 lpcd (Non Flush) Variations in Water demand**(Very imp.)** Max daily water demand =1.8q Max Hourly=1.5q Max weekly=1.48q Max monthly=1.28q Max hrly of Max Day(Peak Demand)=2.7q Goodrich Formula Pumps,Pipe Mains,Source of Supply designed for Max.Daily Consumption 🌟Filter units designed for Twice Avg.daily demand or Max daily consumption Distribution system designed for Max hrly demand on Max Day or for Co-incident draft Join us @macedhule
2019/11/05 10:46
Chances of, heavy showers and Downpour, in northern zones. Be Aware and Alert!!! Regards, Govt. Of Maharashtra.
2019/11/05 08:11
Photo from Abhishek
2019/11/05 08:09
RRB Mumbai CBT2 परिक्षेत उत्तीर्ण झालेल्या उमेदवारांना मिळालेल्या गुणांवर आधारित अंदाजे कट अॉफ व आपली रॅंक माहीती करीता खालील गुगल फॉर्म भरावा To know the expected cut off and rank in exam of *RRB Mumbai CBT 2* Please go through following google form link
2019/11/04 14:35
History of Non technical Roads.. Highway Engg.# Imp. for JE exams(2marks Questions making Confusion in options...Proper Road history sequence given above) Regards, Vinayak Sir
2019/11/03 09:16
Hii alll, Final days Of MES2019 95% of Warfare Will be over with recession of preparation of mains exam!!!! So all of you are in a phase of Utmost saturation.... But yet the Final chapter is rest....... With the start of the final activity, We feel following points be worthy!!!! 1.Stop Reading New subject matter. 2.Just try to revise what you have read in the past. 3.End Up with 4-5 hrs revision, 3-4 hours mcq solving and 1-2 hrs with Repair works. 4.Dont Hesitate tu Trust your own material that u are reading from few months or so!! 5.Sleep well, use your Mind and brain with its Full capacity! OVERLOADING yourself will lead to a situation where you may find your self confused. 6.Sleep is the best medicine That u can have as a solution on almost all the problems, major of which are, lack of confidence, confusion, a feeling of Mixing up etc. 7.9 hrs sleep(7hrs-1hr-1hr) and 12hrs (5Hrs-4hrs-3hrs) Stdy will serve the purpose. (15 hrs Stdy and 6 hrs sleep wont be effective) 8.First cover all previous years MCQs and Revise them! 9.Be ready with some handy matter that can give u an overlook of entire syllabus in last 3-4 days. 10.Give mock tests!!!! Of Any Academy!!!! I will say of every body.... Because no body can guess which test will coincidently might match up with MPSC!!!! So just cover all those Colours and all Different Tastes!!! No body is going to match the level of mpsc with absolute precision .. Because MPSC has its own Way of thinking which is very different!! So Give mock tests for checking Yourselves only and Not by an expectation that those questions should appear in exam 11.Last But not the least-In these Days, remember. The MACE thought!!!! Judge Yourself NOT others!!!! Those who will Judge themselves, will surely end up being better till November 24!!!! GoodBye and Goodluck May All your Hardwork pay you back!!! Regards, @MACEDHULE
2019/11/01 20:13
🌟RRB JE Results are out
2019/11/01 16:51
Hii all, MACE is Known for its Quality Mocks!!!!! This Time MACE is Back With BMC FREE mock Tests..... 7 BMC mock Tests totally Free of cost To Register for Free- Whatsaap on, 8459467941 Regards, @MACEDHULE
2019/10/30 20:35
Imp points for MPSC mains (Irrigation) #outlets all definations importantly, Flexibility, sensitivity, proportionality, setting, efficiency and drowning ratio #Types of outlets and there examples like Modular, nonmodular, semimodular outlets and respective examples. #Diversion head works-All components of the scheme. Like use of Fishladder and its limiting velocity, divide wall its design criteria and function, silt excluded and silt ejector etc #canal sections- Bank section and dowla section Minimum bankwidth, minimum freeboard losses in canals and how to express the losses #Spillways-types of spillways and gates #Causes of failure of earthen dykes #Forces on gravity dams and on various irrigation structures like divide walls, head regulators etc. #worst conditions of design and uplift in cross drainage strutures Example what to read?? #Limiting velocity in fish ladder-3 m/s #Velocity in syphon barrel- 2-3m/s #permissible velocity in lined canals- 1.5-2.0 m/s #minmum freeboard in lined canals- 0.75m #As per IS 1745:1968 and CWPC transmission losses in lined canals- 0.6 cumecs per million square metres of wetted perimeter(m³/s/Mm²) #Bandhara shall be designed as a broad crested weir with a minimum top width of √H or 1.2m whichever more and discharge is given by. . Q=1.7L(h) ^1.5 Etc #MPSC2019 Construction managment- What to read? #Types of construction light, heavy, industrial #Types of Organization eg-Military organization etc #Critical path method #Project evaluation and review Technique #various principles in planing eh. Scalar principle #value engg. # Ergonomics #Arbitrator #job layout, Bincards, etc #Cost analysis-direct and indirect costs, normal cost, crash cost, cost slope, characteristics of cost-time curve & cost optimization(theory only) #quality control #safety engg. Eg loss in earning capacity and compensation #Various IS codes regarding construction activities and safety engg. #MPSC2019 Engg Hydrology- What to read? #Mass curve & Double mass curve #Types of precipitation, orographic etc #Types of cyclones(PDF available @Maharashtra academy of Civil Engineers) #IS 4987:1968 Regarding Design and Installation of raingauges #Hyetograph and Supra Rainfall Hyetograph #Watershed leakage & Evapotranspiration(PET&AET) #Probable Maximum Precipitation #Evaporation and factors affecting evaporation, Daltons law, pans and pan coefficients(related problem @ Maharashtra Academy of civil engineers) #Infiltration Indices and numericals #Flood forecasting and various routing methods #Surface water hydrology-hydrographs like UHG, DRH, Flood hydrograph and its Inter conversion, S-Curve hydrograph, Instantaneous, Synthetic unit hydrograph, Distribution graph, (memorize the founders of these methods) #Groundwater Hydrology- -Types of Waterbearing strata and their examples -Types of Acquifiers -specific yield and retension & their relation with porosity -storage coefficient (storativity) -specific capacity and mthd to find it -coeff. Of Transmissibility and mthd to find it. -Radius of influence its approx value and sichardts formula, cone of depression and its variation. @MACEDHULE
2019/10/29 05:18