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2019/09/18 17:45
2019/09/18 17:43
2019/09/18 17:43
2019/09/18 16:47
If you do a quick record with auto quantize off then you shouldn't have to worry about measure lines as much
2019/09/18 16:45
Happy to hear 😄
2019/09/18 16:44
Ok thanks
2019/09/18 16:44
If its a midi file yes
2019/09/18 16:43
The midi track is treated just like a beat (which is a controllable midi track)
2019/09/18 16:43
So that means to play music out of my usb on my keyboard?
2019/09/18 16:43
If you use a midi track instead of mp3 yes
2019/09/18 16:42
Am I able to have music playing while the mic is working and everything should get recorded?
2019/09/18 16:41
A simple digital recorder would do the trick also
2019/09/18 16:40
You can use the mp3 recorder on a midi track with the mic active
2019/09/18 16:40
That's my point, I know you can do that but I don't have all the necessary studio equipment so I wanted to know any possible way to do it with just my keyboard
2019/09/18 16:40
Midi track with the sequencer mode
2019/09/18 16:39
I was born at night but not last night 😂😉😜
2019/09/18 16:38
A simpler way if you have a computer to record onto and a Y cable would be set it up how you wanted originally and then just record on the computer or digital recorder instead
2019/09/18 16:37
So in other words, you're saying i should record the mic first then the keyboard?
2019/09/18 16:36
No which is why you will want to record midi first instead of mp3 because that will work
2019/09/18 16:34
One of my points are that I want to record the mic (plugged in to the keyboard) will that work (because you say i should switch it to line from mic)
2019/09/18 16:33
Y cable (2 1/4 inch mono on one side and 1/8 inch stereo on the other) the input is next to the XLR input
2019/09/18 16:32
So can tell me where the input that you're talking about where I need to plug it in on the keyboard and cable will I need for that
2019/09/18 16:31
Transposing beyond 1 semitone or tempo changes beyond +/-5 will detune it quite horribly
2019/09/18 16:30
For learning purposes not for recording
2019/09/18 16:28
So why does korg even have the option to do so with any mp3 track that’s playing?
2019/09/18 16:27
You shouldn't transpose or change tempo of an audio to begin with
2019/09/18 16:26
But then no transpose or tempo control
2019/09/18 16:25
The audio inputs can be recorded
2019/09/18 16:13
Play the mp3 on an mp3 player with the wire plugged into the audio inputs (set to line instead of mic)
2019/09/18 16:13
Can you be more specific
2019/09/18 16:11
Play it on something else through the audio input
2019/09/18 16:02
Is there any possible way that I can record on my korg keyboard while the mp3 on my keyboard is playing?
2019/09/18 09:09
A scratched DVD can attempt to load corrupted data but nobody uses them for data storage since about 2007
2019/09/18 04:32
Only problem would be if it fails while loading which can be corrected with a factory restore
2019/09/18 04:31
My opinion is that it may or may not work but if it does its not healthy for the keyboard and can damage your keyboard
2019/09/18 04:31
No point in using a DVD and drive if you have a flash drive because there is no comparison between the speed and the data R/W potential
2019/09/18 04:30
DVD's can be read if written as a file storage type and obviously with an external USB2.0 drive (except the Oasys because it has a CD/DVD built in)
2019/09/18 04:29
And you can’t load dvds on any korg keyboard as far as I know (I’m assuming you’re talking about dvds cuz that’s one of the only files focus sells)
2019/09/18 04:26
2019/09/18 03:28
But how's that helping with my problem?
2019/09/18 03:04
That’s a brilliant idea. Download all korg free stuff and sell it for good money, (there’s a lot of idiots in the field..)
2019/09/18 02:53
There’s a store in Monroe called loadio they load musi CB and also sells music players etc, but only idiots walk in there, iPod touch (reg. $199) they sell for $499, and then they take out the earphones that comes in every box and sells it for $15....
2019/09/18 02:52
Maybe they sell the free stuff idk
2019/09/18 02:43
Maybe they sell programs?
2019/09/18 02:40
Oh, I couldn’t figure out if you were serious or sarcastic....
2019/09/18 02:39
They dont
2019/09/18 02:38
Didn’t know they sell files at all, what kind of files?
2019/09/18 02:37
Focus camera doesnt sell any compatible files for korg machines
2019/09/18 02:35
I've tried to put on certain files from Focus Camera onto my keyboard, but even with the volume turned up, I heard nothing, no sound at all.
2019/09/18 01:35
im thinking of doing a similar thing on a larger scale for the 4x
2019/09/16 18:10
Anyone here know all the features of KARMA?
2019/09/16 18:09
Best OS by far
2019/09/15 17:09
Thoughts on pa4x next
2019/09/15 12:10
Why can’t we send media anymore
2019/09/15 08:26
You need access to both keyboards to do it
2019/09/15 04:32
Import and Export SMF
2019/09/15 04:30
Import/Export SMF
2019/09/13 03:35
Does anyone know a way to download beats from a 700 to 3x?
2019/09/13 03:26
Any new updates on korg? New sets? Software updates?
2019/09/13 02:54
i also did not know what it means
2019/09/12 05:14
PM means Private Message. Meaning open a private conversation with that specific person and not to chat with him on the group...
2019/09/12 03:51
He's very expensive 😜
2019/09/12 03:49
does some one have Dovy Meisels nuber!
2019/09/12 01:59
Now we know😉
2019/09/12 01:15
What does PM me mean
2019/09/12 01:14
What part of “PM ME” don’t you understand
2019/09/12 01:12
For how much
2019/09/12 01:06
What is his number
2019/09/12 01:03
Donno I remember he had one for sale
2019/09/12 00:59