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🌺🌸 Mawlaya(Arabic version) 🎤 @Maher_Zain 🎼 #Forgive_Me @humoodalkhudher
2019/06/04 02:18
. 💡💡💡...... 3 steps to move on. CTRL + ALT + DEL. Control yourself, look for an alternate solution, and delete the situation that hurts you. @humoodalkhudher
2019/05/30 19:57
No body has perfect life, every body has problems, some people's know how to deal with it in a best way... Be like these peoples and keep smiling ☺ no matter what it's all part of Allah's beautiful plan. Just smile and love yourself 😉 @humoodalkhudher
2019/05/24 00:47
የቻናላችን አላማ ሙስሊሙን በሀላል መነገድ ፈገግ ማሰኘት ነዉ። Smile it's sunnah...☺️☺️ Muslim memes in @ethiohalalmeme
2019/05/21 00:02
Enjoy maher zain new nashida😊
2019/05/09 18:28
Maher Zain - Lawlaka (Music Video) - ماهر زين - لولاك
2019/05/09 18:27
🎙-- Maher Zain 🎶-- Lawlaka ⏳-- | 3:55 | MIN | 📲-- | 3.5 MB | mp3 | 🔻 🔻 🔻 🔻 🔻
2019/05/09 18:27
2019/05/09 11:16
☁☁☁☁☁☁☁ Islam is not about ☁❤☁☁☁☁☁ "we are better than you" ☁❤☁☁☁☁☁ Islam is about ☁❤☁☁☁☁☁ "let me show you something ☁❤☁☁☁☁☁ that is better for you" ☁❤☁☁☁☁☁ RAMADAN MUBARAK ☁❤☁☁☁☁☁ wish you all the best ☁❤❤❤❤❤☁ may allah bless you ☁☁☁☁☁☁☁ and your families ☁☁❤❤❤☁☁ رمضن يجمءن،،،،، ☁❤☁☁☁❤☁ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 ☁❤☁☁☁❤☁ @∏∪m☻☻ÐΛlk∏∪Ð∏ξ® ☁☁☁☁☁☁☁ @humoodalkhudher
2019/05/06 00:19
MÁŔĤÁß ŶÁ ĤĨĹÁĹ مرحب مرحب ياهلال հҽӀӀօ, հҽӀӀօ, O Եհҽ ςɾҽŚςҽղԵ ʍօօղ أهلان أهلان كيف الحال غ٦ welcome, welcome, how do you do? قد غبت وإليك اشتقنا you have deparated, and we missed you. ونتحى بعدك صار وصال now your retirement is over. it has become reunion مرحب مرحب ياحلال hello, hello the crescent moon اهلان اهلان كيف الحال welcome, welcome, how do you do? قد غبت وإليك اشتقنا. you have depar and we missed you. ناطي صبران نأ خذ أجران we show patience, get in return heavenly rewards. وا اله يران ويسمعنا and god sees and hears us. نغفر زلة نوصل اهل we forgive mistakes, reunite family لأن رمضان يجمعنا. for ramadan bring us together. رمضن يجماعنا ramadan mubarak for all muslim Fan's. @humoodalkhudher
2019/05/03 18:38
آدم و حوا
حمود الخضر. |humoodalkhother
آدم و حوا حمود الخضر. |humoodalkhother
2019/04/29 22:05
handsome humood😘 @humoodalkhudher
2019/04/19 17:29
كلمات لغات العالم شعر آهنگ ««لغات العالم»» حمود الخضر يا جناناً، يا حناناً، يا عيوناً باتت لنا ساهرة يا ملاذاُ، يا أماناً، يا رحيقاً من زهورٍ عاطرة لن أوفيكِ شكر كفّيكِ، فالله يجزيكِ جنان الآخرة كل لغات العالم تنطق باسمكِ أمي وتضمّ شفاهاً وتنادي لكِ يا أمي ماما يا يُمّه يا يَمّه يا ممتي يا مامي يا أمّي منذُ ولدت وحرف الميم تراقص بفمي فيداعبني ويؤانس قلبي في الظلم فيشع النور بعينيّ وأنطق "أمي" mama anne ibu እምዬ maman madre মা أمي 😊 @humoodalkhudher
2019/04/17 07:55
#mashallah ❤️❤️❤️ @humoodalkhudher
2019/04/15 11:53
Watch "Hummod alkuder new music vedio" on YouTube
2019/02/03 18:54
as you breath, another person takes his last. so stop complaining but rather live your life with what you got. make every breath count. be your self and keep smiling😊 @humoodalkhudher
2019/02/03 18:53
learn to love every part of yourself because there is no_one like you and there will never be. you are unique and wonderful person so be your self and don't forget to smile😊 #kunanta😘 @humoodalkhudher
2019/01/29 08:07
you have given this life coz you are strong enough to live be thank ful anyway😊 and don't forget to smile ☺ 😉 @humoodalkhudher
2019/01/28 13:20
assalam alaykum dear fan's wish u good Monday❤️ @humoodalkhudher
2019/01/21 10:42
humood happy birth day to hope u will always have a good health, more career in life. take care of your self and we love u 😍 hellow dear fan's wish wonderful birthday to our dearest @humoodalkhudher
2019/01/15 08:15
آمالنا نحران تسيل our hope like flowing river عذبان كماه السلسبيل sweet as a salsabeel water وماذكراتا في الحياة and mimories in life منح ارتوى جيل فجيل(٢) from it, a generation and another generation watered ________________________________ ---------------------------------------------------________________________________ با احزمي حي نمضي سويان with determination, let's go together نسمو ونرقى فوق الثريا let's rise and rise above the chandelier ____________________________ --------------------------------------------------- ____________________________ لا تقل لوحدي أو كيف السبيل don't say alone or how to go أنت بالتحدي تصنعنع المستحل you with the confrontation can make the impossible ________________________________ ---------------------------------------------------________________________________ نمضي الي سنن الحدي we go by the norm of guidance وعن المبادئ لا نميل and we don't deviate from the principles بلعزم نجتاز المدى with determination we pass the range ونسابق الدرب الطويل and we sharede the long way ____________________________ ---------------------------------------------------________________________________ افرض وجودك في الحياة impose your self in the life وكن كما وقع المطر and be like the rain fall وانثر حروفك في السمء and scatter your name letters in the sky نور ان كما ضوء القمر to shine like moonlight ____________________________ ---------------------------------------------------______________***_______________ humood al khudher ft hamza namira (اغنية تسنع المستحيل، make the impossible) @humoodalkhudher ❤️👏👏👏 don't forget to share
2019/01/05 23:20
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2018/12/30 20:37
🌞sunny brighter new day 😄😇 assalam alaykum every one enjoy your day with @humoodalkhudher #kun_fooduliya
2018/12/24 07:49
Assalam aliykum dear fans
2018/12/22 08:00
Hellow dear fan's 😁😁
2018/12/06 21:19
@like Assalam alykum every one🤗 @humoodalkhudher
2018/11/20 17:41
keep me true bislay tetibu liyel hayat wa urdiy bihal illah yehlul wisal raahati en dakat kurbaty tawajahtu leykiblaty kumya bila fel azaan yusheyruny alaman waasalat tuyidu liyel hayaat isee your light five times everyday melting my fears away oh when i pray i hear the call it led me to your door i want my heart to soar to you my lord oh god above bless me with your love and keep me true loving and praising you lil elah saiytu ela salat munajatan najat falahul meal ezzatiy be rukhy wasajdati beyha hurryatiy lkezel jalal fel azaan yusheruniy al aman wasalat tuiydu liyel hayat when I'm sad and wipe away a tear i know you're always near my pain you hear oh i was lost and no one was with me i was blind but now i see by your mercy oh god above bless me with your love and keep me true loving and praising you tuiydu liyel hayyat(×5) allah.... tuiydu liyel hayyat(×5) ❤️😘😍🖤 don't forget to share plzz🙏 @humoodalkhudher
2018/09/12 14:24
join our new Facebook page humood alkhudher Ethiopia
2018/08/31 16:07
assalam alaykum dear Fan's tody we bring to you about humood alkhudher's biography a little😁 humood alkhudher who is born on January 23,1989 in Kuwait is famous world music singer. the age of humood is 29 years old. he released his debut album fakrah in 2013, in 2015 he was singed to awakening records and lounched his album asser ahsan with the label. the album includes 10 songs encluding #edhak #lughaat_al'aalam #nafsaha and #kun_anta produced by awakening records. the song of humood alkhudher named kun anta is the most popular song in whole world he gets fame in none arab countries by this song😃 hey guys dont forget to share 😜 @humoodalkhudher
2018/08/08 13:51
after little minutes we will send u about humood alkhudher's life history are you ready 😳 😱 🖐
2018/08/08 12:26
hey guys are you enjoying
2018/07/18 16:29
Smile is sunnah Just for fun #humoodalkhudher
2018/07/18 01:02
today is another chance to get it right. smile ☺ any way every thing will be fine 👌 and enjoy your day with @humoodalkhudher_fan's
2018/07/17 22:18
حمود الخضر - موقع دندنها
اغنیة #حمود_الخضر ««قصة العشاق»» Humood...kst alashak 😊 @humoodalkudher
2018/07/15 22:08
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2018/07/10 21:25
EDHAk khalil basmat nawer kewbak khalil ferhat tedwii durbak maa fii shayi dunya yiswa tazahl ruhik edhak EDHAK misil tiflib awal umrrah misla binaya teqtif zahra misil ummat bawes wallad raja mn brrah edhak lidunyaak,edhak lidunyaak,edhak lidunyaak, tuddhaak ma_akk(×2) bassedhakk EDHAK maa tdri wish jayeb bukraa kilshiy saril barih zikraa ishil yomiw khalil bassma bizalik fikrah edhak EDHAK misil tallba tawah najih aww_arysel beytah raayih aww_mushajah saa_at yadriy inaa farikah rabbih edhak lidunyaak,edhak lidunyaak,edhak lidunyaak, tudhakk ma_akk(×2) EDHAK welow syfek harr EDHAK hattyl abadjarr EDHAK layl maa nahhar EDHAK low maml_saar EDHAK liy_sayki jannbik EDHAK liy_takwal lha ahabbik EDHAK liy_yilab dudekk EDHAK bass edhak EDHAK likiley nass EDHAK waiyshe hal ihsas EDHAK leanil asas nak TEDUDHAK Yakhiii edhak edhak lidunyaak,edhak lidunyaak,edhaklidunyak, tudhak ma_akk (×2) BASSEDHAK 😆😃😅😊☺😄😉 @humoodalkhudher_Ethiopia #share
2018/07/08 17:50
Humood Alkhudher
Edhak Humood Alkhudher
2018/07/03 21:08
😱😱 keep me true #humoodalkhudher_Ethiopia
2018/07/01 16:39
ከብዙ ወርቃማ ስራዎቹ መካከል አንዱ 👏👏👏
2018/06/30 20:33
join our new chanal #mohammedaliburhan
2018/06/30 20:33
asalam alaykum dear Fan's are you enjoying this chanal? 👍
2018/06/30 14:07
😚humoodalkhudher😄 #kun anta enjoy your day @humoodalkhudher_Ethiopia😍
2018/06/30 13:30
liujarihim qoldat tu zohiru ma fihim pabadautu shakson a-khar kai atafa-khar wa zonan tu ana anni bizalika huztu ghina fawajad tu anni kha-sir fatilka mazohir la la la nahtajil ma-la kai nazdada jama-la jauharna huna fi qalbi talala la la nurdin nasa bima-la nardhohu la na ha-la za-ka jamaluna yasmu yataa'la oh wo oh o wo oh oh wo oh o wo oh(×3) kun anta tazdada jamala oh wo oh wo o oh oh wo oh wo o oh(×3) kun anta tazda jamala attaqabbalhum anna-su lastu qallidhum illa bima yurdhi-ni kai urdhi-ni sa akunu ana mitgli tamaman hazana fakona a'ti takfini za-ka yaqi-ni la la la nahtajul ma-la kai nazdada jama-la jauharna huna fi qalbi talala la la nurdin nasa bima-la nardhohu la na ha-la za-ka jamaluna yasmu yataa'la oh wo oh o wo o oh oh wo oh o wo o oh(×3) kun anta tazda jamala ow wo oh o wo o oh ow wo oh o wo o oh(×3) saakunu ana man ardho ana lan asa'la liri dhohum waakunu ana ma ahwa ana ma-li wama liridhohum saakunu ana man ardho ana lan asa'la liri dhohum waakunu ana ma ahwa ana lan ardho ana biridhohum LA LA LA nahtajul ma-la kai nazdada jama-la jauharna huna fi qalbi talala la la nurdhin nasa bima-la nardhohu la na ha-la za-ka jamaluna yasmu yataa'la oh wo oh o wo o oh oh wo oh o wo o oh(×3) KUN ANTA TAZDADA JAMALA 😍❤️ @humoodalkhudher_Ethiopia
2018/06/30 13:21
#صورة من 😊 @humoodalkhudher
2018/06/30 12:22
اغنیة یالیل آهنگ عربی یالیل 😊 @humoodalkhudher
2018/06/30 12:18