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2019/09/17 21:01
I have already used the Hiketop + application this morning and it worked fine but now when I try to log in to my account this message pops up Couldn't load your profile data, please try again later. You may also try to login into different account and make orders for your main profile
2019/09/17 21:00
Just there
2019/09/17 20:16
If anyone needs blue tick on their insta account dm me Requirements 1k+ followers Atleast 10-15 posts Must be 3 months old Price will be 1k
2019/09/17 19:52
Yeah please remove crystal commission @hiketop_help
2019/09/17 19:11
Waw I can use the app now
2019/09/17 18:54
Pls someone should send iPhone version to me
2019/09/17 18:52
Ha but also I can't login
2019/09/17 18:39
My can't cant login plz help ruby Sir
2019/09/17 18:37
They will stay the same.
2019/09/17 18:35
You sand that we should try with another account but what about the crystals that i earned in my current account? Thanks
2019/09/17 18:28
What do you mean?
2019/09/17 18:20
Try again later or use another account.
2019/09/17 18:20
There isn't, only manual.
2019/09/17 18:20
If i have to make another account the what about the diamonds in my original account
2019/09/17 18:14
It still doesn’t work☹️
2019/09/17 18:13
Please is there auto mining or hiking on hiketop app on iPhone???
2019/09/17 17:48
Iks why is his happening, i cant log in again and when i do i cant follow for points
2019/09/17 16:40
No... when i try to follow someone its giving me PARSE ERROR
2019/09/17 16:12
I updated the app and now its working,myb this was the problem
2019/09/17 16:11
I can log in on PC normally after doing the Bio check, but it keeps telling me this on phone for last 20h
2019/09/17 16:00
It’s says “couldn’t load your profile data, please try again later”
2019/09/17 15:54
Hello I’m not able to log in and I updated the app too
2019/09/17 15:53
When will the comment feature be available on hike top plus?
2019/09/17 15:51
Update your application: http://get.hiketop.com
2019/09/17 14:48
I am not able to log in. It says “ couldn’t log in your profile. ” Kindly help
2019/09/17 14:39
Send a screenshot of the problem, please.
2019/09/17 14:25
Mr.Holmes🎩 has permanently banned Re1 Per
2019/09/17 12:33
Clear your cache bro
2019/09/17 11:52
I am not getting login option it's only loading and loading
2019/09/17 10:48
How to add slot ☹️ Where is the option
2019/09/17 08:14
Yes text me in private
2019/09/17 06:57
I restored karma,i can login on pc after changing on bio but on mobile still no...
2019/09/17 06:50
@hiketop_help @samuel_admin Can u help me out with question above when you see this? Thanks! :|
2019/09/17 06:49
@hiketop_help @samuel_admin Can u help me out with question above when you see this? Thanks! :|
2019/09/17 05:57
Who knows gift codes
2019/09/17 05:47
Instagram sometimes detects Hiketop and Block my account saying that i gave my passwords to apps to generate likes and views. It says that it happens one more time, my account will be banned. Someone knows if its true?
2019/09/17 05:41
Like i tried doing it from another account aswell, and its saying i have negative karma,ask user to restore karma, how do i do it? Please help!
2019/09/17 05:24
I cant login to my main acc,why?
2019/09/17 04:29
I'm unable to login
2019/09/17 03:29
hello friends, why can't i start the app 🥺🥺🥺 what's the matter?
2019/09/17 03:00
Adibah Etquibal has been banned! Reason: CAS ban.
2019/09/17 01:57
Nobody answer ?????? I’m on iphone
2019/09/17 01:56
Why i m not redirecting to the login page!?
2019/09/17 01:53
In the diamond i don’t have the automatic likes. I can juste watch some videos. Why???
2019/09/17 01:51
My app say that..what can i do to fix It?
2019/09/17 01:06
I can't login in ur app
2019/09/17 00:22
Hello everyone, does someone has a refear code?
2019/09/16 23:12
How can I get more followers on Instagram
2019/09/16 22:48
2019/09/16 22:10
What is Prase Error and how it be solved??
2019/09/16 22:07
Send it privately.
2019/09/16 21:38
Pls if u re interested pls dm me
2019/09/16 20:32
Wait can't I send screenshot of something here
2019/09/16 20:29
Let's hear you out bro
2019/09/16 20:27
Who bets here coz I have an amazing offer for you
2019/09/16 20:21
I'm new here
2019/09/16 20:17
2019/09/16 20:16