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Hello Jay, if you read the weekly report, you will see that our team works very hard and updates progress in weekly report with non-stop addition of new games and features. Appreciate your understanding and support.
2019/11/22 17:15
Which means that nothing of what has been achieved is big enough to be an announcement, it will merely be described in one or two sentences in the report?!
2019/11/22 17:00
Also you guys seen stuff like this? Simple but efficient to create engagement. The community feels extremely dead here.
2019/11/22 16:59
pls wait for our weekly report will be released tomorrow . It should be updated on there .
2019/11/22 16:59
But this is just an AMA, I mean progress announcements: tech, listings, use cases, adoption...etc
2019/11/22 16:56
so wait for 5900 do a elliot analysis
2019/11/22 15:16
lets wait until january, the resistance of 7400 was broked
2019/11/22 15:15
come on guys dont be rubish please
2019/11/22 15:14
hahaha 24th of november
2019/11/22 15:14
Ok, it's useful information 👍
2019/11/22 14:45
BitcoinBlink is a crypto to fiat exchange (with the licenses), and it needs to be seen as a bridge between the banks and crypto. It can be compared with Bitmex etc. The project builds a reliable bridge between the community and cryptocurrencies.
2019/11/22 14:44
You missed a lot.
2019/11/22 14:43
I have not heard about this before.
2019/11/22 14:43
A lot of varios today I can advise you BitcoinBlink
2019/11/22 14:42
Hi, there What exchange do you use usually?
2019/11/22 14:41
Check out Celer x MixMarvel AMA on Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf5UJ5mNvdk&feature=youtu.be Check our twitter, help us by like and retweet https://twitter.com/CelerNetwork/status/1197620025638690817
2019/11/22 13:09
Hi guys what’s happening, its been ages since the last major announcement on that channel?
2019/11/22 12:27
Hello metin2, CELR serves as a utility token for the network. Please check out our layer2 crypto economics videos where we explained in depth of how to use it and why its needed: http://bit.ly/celercryptoeconomics
2019/11/22 11:51
what is it the celr purpose?
2019/11/22 11:42
There is no mining for celr ?
2019/11/22 11:39
Hello, Yes, we are still working hard to improve our product as always as well as plan to keep rolling out more components of cEconomy like staking and mining along with other features as time goes on
2019/11/22 11:37
Celr want to improve yourself with the games ?
2019/11/22 11:25
yes, feel free to ask any question you have
2019/11/22 11:18
Can i ask you something about celr?
2019/11/22 10:38
The partnership of @MIXMARVELGAME and Celer aims at sharing high-quality blockchain casual games and expanding the launching of blockchain applications🎯🎮📱 Interested in learning more about our partnership? Check out Celer x MixMarvel AMA on Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf5UJ5mNvdk&feature=youtu.be Like and retweet 👉 https://twitter.com/CelerNetwork/status/1197620025638690817
2019/11/22 06:25
Good morning everyone
2019/11/22 03:02
Thanks for your suggestion! We will be sure to keep that in mind
2019/11/21 23:18
i think we need to start intense campaign like sponsoring esports team. we can reach more user
2019/11/21 23:17
📢Our co-founder Mo's "State Channel Network Design Principles and Adoption" presentation at #SFBW is now up on SFBW official youtube channel. Check the video to learn more : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVzk6Ds9XLQ&feature=youtu.be Like and retweet👉 : https://twitter.com/CelerNetwork/status/1196907813773201411
2019/11/21 21:16
Hello @sirong_li you have pm!
2019/11/21 14:59
Hello Mark, Currently there's no plan to burn CELR tokens.
2019/11/21 14:53
Would ever consider coin burning?
2019/11/21 14:50
No plan now but we will annouce it when have. Pls follow our announcement channel https://t.me/celernetworkann for your update soon.
2019/11/21 10:25
We have competition in christmas and new year?
2019/11/21 10:00
My pleasure. Feel free to ask any question if you have ☺️
2019/11/21 07:28
Hello Duong, Everything is still going on track per our roadmap.
2019/11/21 06:43
This is accurate
2019/11/21 06:41
When this be completed ?
2019/11/21 06:11
Great thank you for the reply! As far 2020, I know your ideology was to start niche and expand... as per your comments before... after e sports ? What are the plans as far as 2020? What kind of role will staking play in celer eco system ? And with the price of celer going down ? How are your financials in terms of operating and expanding ? How long can you sustain the business and operate, with the funds raised?
2019/11/21 02:33
hey Shiro, great question. Eth 2.0 will be complimentary to layer-2 scaling. The reason is that there is a fundamental limitation that you cannot surpass in layer-1 scaling: the communication latency between multiple consensus nodes. Even with sharding, since blockchain is inherently not a fully parallel computing layer, the more shard you add, the lower the marginal benefits it will be and it is known as Amdahl's law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amdahl%27s_law Layer-2 is always fundamentally faster (lower latency) and lower cost than layer-1 scaling approaches. However, it does draw security from layer-1. So a faster layer-1 is definitely beneficial to layer-2 as well with higher dispute tolerance.
2019/11/21 02:26
Good morning everyone
2019/11/21 02:19
Is @alexmtwu part of celer team?
2019/11/20 23:23
Hello Shiro, you have a great question.🤓 Our co-founder will respond to you as soon as he is online. Thanks so much for your kindly support us.
2019/11/20 17:18
@no89thkey, Hey Mo, I hope you’re doing well ! Keep up the hard work ! I’m sure along with me the community appreciates you taking a very patient approach to all the questions and actually understand the frustration of investors that have experienced much of the portfolio very low, I say low because it’s not a loss unless you sell lol... but I just had a question for you... how will the eth 2.0 update effect layer 2 tech and celer in particular ?
2019/11/20 17:06
hello, welcome to Celer Network community . 😃
2019/11/20 16:33
Check the video to learn more "State Channel Network Design Principles and Adoption" by our co-founder Mo Dong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVzk6Ds9XLQ&feature=youtu.be
2019/11/20 14:02
Hello, feel free to ask any question you have
2019/11/20 07:13
hello ad i have a question
2019/11/20 07:08
Good morning Hannah
2019/11/20 06:56
📢Our co-founder Mo's "State Channel Network Design Principles and Adoption" presentation at #SFBW is now up on SFBW official youtube channel. Check the video to learn more : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVzk6Ds9XLQ&feature=youtu.be Like and retweet👉 : https://twitter.com/CelerNetwork/status/1196907813773201411
2019/11/20 05:04
Good morning everyone, wish you all a great day☺️
2019/11/20 03:15
It lets you enjoy dApps without even noticing you are using the blockchain technology
2019/11/19 19:41
Hi friend, why are you positive about Celer future (if any) ?
2019/11/19 19:37
Like I said investors are free to do whatever they want with the unlocked tokens and the team has no control over it. Also no trading talk please. Thanks for your understanding.
2019/11/19 17:26
u are trolling
2019/11/19 17:25
The sell-off from “some” seed investors was in the planned schedule too?
2019/11/19 17:24
That is all according to the planned schedule.
2019/11/19 17:22
Only yours could be brighter
2019/11/19 17:22
Hello, You can send an email to info@celer.network
2019/11/19 17:22
No one implies that you have or should have control over investor’s assets. Just equally stating the effect that the monthly unblocking of seed tokens may be having on market dynamics of the project and on a wider scale, the consequent market confidence in Celer.
2019/11/19 17:21
they know the future is bright
2019/11/19 17:19
We don't get to decide whether investors sell or not. I was just stating a fact that we have many long term supporters.
2019/11/19 17:16
Good for you pal!
2019/11/19 17:16
Pardon me not even “most”, we said many
2019/11/19 17:15
I am here until $1+
2019/11/19 17:15
Goodness, do you want me to draw it for? If “most” investors are not selling off what do you think that means for the rest.
2019/11/19 17:15
he said "Not selling off"
2019/11/19 17:12
In other words, some seed investors are selling off
2019/11/19 17:11
May I know who is in charge of listing cooperation?
2019/11/19 16:51