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2019/09/17 08:08
Why Engineer’s Day is celebrated? • Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya also known as Sir MV born in the erstwhile Mysore State was a great Indian engineer, scholar, statesman, and the 19th Diwan of Mysore, who served from 1912 to 1918. • It is to honor his achievements and contribution towards the country that India celebrates Engineer’s Day on his birthday, 15 September. About Sir Visvesvaraya • After topping the Poona College of Engineering he was directly recruited by Government of Bombay and appointed as Assistant Engineer in Public Works Department. • He created automatic sluice gates which were later reused for Tigra Dam (in Madhya Pradesh) and KRS Dam(in Karnataka) as well. For this patent design, he was supposed to get a recurring income in the form of royalty but he refused it so that the government could use this money for more developmental projects. • Between 1895 and 1905, he worked in different parts of India: 1. In Hyderabad, he improved the drainage system. 2. In Bombay, he introduced a block system of irrigation and water weir flood gates. 3. In Bihar and Orissa, he was a part of the building railway bridges project and water supply schemes. 4. In Mysore, he supervised the construction of KRS dam, the then Asia’s biggest dam. • He was offered Dewanship (Prime Minister position) of Mysore in 1908 and given full responsibility for all the development projects. • Under his Dewanship, Mysore saw major transformation in the realms of Agriculture, Irrigation, Industrialization, Education, Banking and Commerce. Awards: • He was conferred with India’s highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna in 1955 for his contribution towards engineering. • Sir MV was knighted as a Knight Commander of the British Indian Empire (KCIE) by King George V for his contributions to the public good.
2019/09/15 08:14
Current affairs quiz for september 1st week 👆👆👆👆
2019/09/13 12:07
Todays important news in paper 👆👆👆
2019/09/12 09:43
Weekly current affairs
2019/09/10 10:02
8th Seoul Defense Defence Dialogue 2019 Security Issues | Defence Seoul Defense Dialogue was launched in 2012 as a vice ministerial level multilateral security consultation regime for talks on Asia-Pacific cooperation and peace on Korean Peninsula. It was held in Seoul, capital of South Korea. The theme of Defence Dialogue was- ‘Building Peace Together: Challenges and Vision’. The dialogue called for a collective international action to check perpetrators who promote terrorism. It also suggested strong measures against those who support and finance terrorism and provide sanctuary to terrorists.
2019/09/09 11:32
Yudh Abhyas 2019 Security Issues | Defence The joint military training exercise between India and United States (US) named Yudh Abhyas – 2019 will be held at Joint Base Lewis Mc Chord, Washington, US. It is being conducted as part of the ongoing Indo-US defence cooperation. It is one of the largest joint running military training and defence corporation endeavors between both countries. This will be overall 15th edition of the joint exercise hosted alternately between the two countries. It will result in higher degree of jointmanship that will further facilitate interoperability between armed forces of both countries to meet any unforeseen contingency across the globe.
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CAPF weekly current affairs
2019/09/07 01:11
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2019/08/30 17:44
Hello friends CAPF(AC) 2019 exam have several question from theory in both economics and polity part. That"s why we are going to start put up question on theory for CAPF(AC) 2020... If u think there is lot of time left for 2020, than I want you to understand that : time is always a scarce commodity it can never be enough...Start now...All the best...
2019/08/28 18:20
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2019/08/25 18:11
** Correction in our answer key : Answer of Question on real interest rate of credit card is 14% rather than 34%
2019/08/25 18:10
Share the pole so that clear picture could emerge about cutt offf
2019/08/25 18:08
All the best guys... Do well👍
2019/08/17 18:18
Happy independence Day 🇮🇳
2019/08/15 10:38
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2019/08/12 21:48
Answer is D. 4G requires more energy than 5G
2019/08/12 20:31
Answer is D
2019/08/12 20:30
Answer is B
2019/08/12 20:29