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Rodney Reed: Another ‘Innocent’ Black Death Row Inmate In 1996, a jury convicted Rodney Reed for the abduction, rape and murder of Stacey Stites, a white woman. Her murder went unsolved for nearly a year until Mr. Reed was arrested for attempting to murder another woman. Mr. Reed is just one of many black killers that journalists, politicians, and celebrities want to save from execution. His most powerful weapon is his claim that he’s a victim of racism. Last week, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals halted his execution and recommended a 120-day delay to hear more evidence. Whatever happens, his defenders will probably continue to believe he’s innocent. Blacks are far more likely to commit interracial violence than whites. Yet those who believe the justice system is “racist” want to believe Mr. Reed is the real victim. It doesn’t matter if he’s a serial rapist and probable murderer — the Left’s racial justice sees only color. Full Article
2019/11/20 07:40
Blacks Defend Us Even When Whites Dare Not Jon Miller, host of “The White House Brief” on BlazeTV, recently commented on the non-scandal about Stephen Miller reading news articles on and American Renaissance. He noted that is not a “white nationalist” site and publishes diverse views. He also asked where people are supposed to get accurate information about race, immigration, and crime if the mainstream media refuse to publish it. He specifically cited Jared Taylor’s 2015 report that the Department of Justice finally classified Hispanics in a separate category from whites. He also pointed out that whites are the only group not allowed to speak in their own interests. Media Matters is attacking Jon Miller; what he said took courage. If a white host had made the same argument, my guess is that The Blaze would fire him. We are not “supremacists” or people trying to defend unearned “privilege.” We are ordinary people with a legitimate identity and group interests. We have the same rights to defend them as anyone else. Full Article
2019/11/20 07:32
BlazeTV, while defending VDare and Jared Taylor, agrees that "whites are the only group of people who are not allowed to have groups that protect the interests of their people."
2019/11/19 21:20
Jared Taylor: "You would think media giants would be embarrassed to be so terrified of us." But we all know of course, how shameless they really are!
2019/11/19 12:23
What Did the Ancient Greeks Think of Blacks? The Greek physician Galen (AD 130-201) is remembered for his discovery of the function of the pulse and his voluminous writings on medical subjects. The American scholar Bernard Lewis has noted that Galen made some observations on the characteristics of different peoples, which were recorded by the Arabic scholar Al-Masudi (d. 956 AD). According to this source, Galen described sub-Saharan Africans as having “black skin, frizzy hair, a flat nose, thick lips, great merriment, weakness of intelligence, and a long penis.” Reportedly, “Galen says that merriment dominates the black man because of his defective brain, whence also the weakness of his intelligence.” Galen’s observations were remarkably accurate. They appear to be the first recorded statement of the low intelligence of blacks, which was likewise noted by Sir Francis Galton in his book Hereditary Genius (1869), and has been confirmed in numerous studies carried out during the last 90 years in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa. Full Article
2019/11/19 02:38
Coming Home to What Is Ours William S. Lind is an American paleoconservative author best known for his Fourth Generation Warfare Handbook. His latest book, Retroculture, is a “sequel” to help civilians survive in an age of psychological warfare, in which our culture becomes a battlefield, and our minds are under siege. Race-realist scholarship has played an invaluable role in paving the way for white Americans to reclaim a sense of who we are, but it is not enough. Bell curves, genetic data, and statistics have helped countless whites realize that there is an “us,” but these things cannot teach us how to be us. We cannot rely on American institutions to teach us, but we can still look to the past. We can open a conversation with those who came before, for whom being American meant holding fast to what is ours — not only for our own sake, but for posterity. Retroculture helps us experience some measure of the beauty, refinement, and grace that defined their lives. Full Article
2019/11/17 07:40
Noel Ignatiev and the Anti-Establishment Establishment Race Traitor is a quarterly published in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its editor and driving force is Noel Ignatiev, listed on Harvard University’s website as an instructor (not professor) of English. Race Traitor is subtitled “the journal of the new abolitionism,” and its slogan is “Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.” That of its affiliate broadsheet, The New Abolitionist, is “Abolish the White Race — By Any Means Necessary.” One might think Traitor, a small anti-white periodical produced by a (Jewish) resident of the Ivy League liberal arts demimonde, would offer glimpses of hard-left racial thinking, serving as a Marxist counterpart to the racial consciousness of American Renaissance. That the majority of Traitor’s views are, despite the rhetoric, “moderate-liberal” does not make them less noxious. Quite the reverse; it exposes moderate liberalism for what it is. Traitor only makes liberalism explicit. Try, if you will, to dismiss white-hating as radical nonsense yet still accept liberal theology, namely: There are no genetic race differences in socially relevant traits; there are not even race differences in these traits at the level of behavior; all racial differences in outcome are therefore due to bias; these discrepancies persist despite decades of effort to annul them; and, finally, every one of those discrepancies — in education, income, health and status — favors whites. A consistent liberal must believe that the white soul is irremediably corrupt. He must conclude that the world would be a much better place if whites did not exist. Full Article
2019/11/16 16:30
Immigration and Customs Enforcement Is Looking to Hire a Deportations Officer AmRen readers should apply. As the good folks at VDARE put it, “ICE is Nice.” To find out more, click here!
2019/11/16 15:30
Demographic Change: Imagined or Inevitable? Liberals insist The Great Replacement is not happening — but take it for granted when they think about the future. Jared Taylor explains that it’s a way to try to take your country before you even notice. YouTube | BitChute
2019/11/16 08:26
Podcast: Recycled Children Jared Taylor and PK marvel at the news that 800 children are known to have been recycled across the border — one as many as eight times. They also discuss the 2019 Glamour magazine awards, how Harvard exploits blacks, NYT gloating over the great replacement, the latest Finnish hate hoax, San Francisco’s fully pedigreed new DA, racism on the rise in Italy, and how the poppy brought down Don Cherry. Podcast Page | YouTube | Download | RSS
2019/11/15 16:30
Atlantic Thinks ‘Conservatives’ Should Conserve Leftist Power “How America Ends,” reads the sensational title of a recent article in The Atlantic. Amid references to apocalypse and civil war, author Yoni Appelbaum essentially repeats arguments others have made elsewhere. He writes that “the body politic is more fractious than at any time in recent memory.” He suggests “demographic change” may be the biggest cause, because the “United States is undergoing a demographic transition perhaps no rich and stable democracy has ever experienced.” He’s right. His solution? Make “the center Right” ignore demographic change and do the dirty work of excommunicating anyone who doesn’t. Dr. Appelbaum is urging suicide on political opponents in the name of saving “democracy.” Any Republican with an IQ greater than that of a fried egg should know that “advice” from a hostile camp is a poisoned apple. In a column about the 1965 Immigration Act’s consequences, Ann Coulter wrote, “If this sort of drastic change were legally imposed on any group other than white Americans, it would be called genocide.” The end consequences of Dr. Appelbaum’s “popular democracy” and mass immigration are indistinguishable from military conquest. “Dark possibilities” are preferable to oblivion. Our Founders would agree. We’re a nation of rebels, after all. Full Article
2019/11/15 07:44
Schrödinger’s Demographics California went from red to blue because of demographic change. What just happened in Virginia will happen to Texas, Georgia, and Florida soon. Politics is downstream from culture, but culture is downstream from race. The political consequences of demographic change are obvious. If you celebrate those consequences, the mainstream media welcome your opinion. If you oppose them, you are racist for suggesting demographic transformation matters. Call it “Schrödinger’s Demographics.” Demographic and political changes either exist or don’t depending on whether you think they are good or bad. Full Article
2019/11/14 05:10
Creativity, Genes, and Racial Differences A conversation with Davide Piffer. Davide Piffer is an Italian evolutionary anthropologist. He received a BA in Anthropology from the University of Bologna and a Master of Science in Evolutionary Anthropology from Durham University in England. His Master’s thesis was on the sexual selection of sleep patterns among humans, and was the first to link mating behavior to chronotype (sleep patterns during a 24-hour period) within an evolutionary framework. His research later shifted to quantitative genetics, and he published one of the first studies of the heritability of creative achievement. In 2013, he switched to molecular genetics, focusing on the polygenic evolution of educational achievement and intelligence, and this remains his main focus. Within this area, his main finding is that ethnic differences in intelligence are largely explained by the thousands of genetic variants that predict cognitive abilities within populations. Full Article
2019/11/13 01:48
Remember the Red Scare? Now We Have the White Scare. And unprecedented attacks on the First Amendment. Liberals constantly remind us of the horrors of McCarthyism and the Red Scare. Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains why what we now have — a White Scare — is far more dangerous and hysterical. YouTube | BitChute
2019/11/12 00:34
Podcast: ‘Sick and Outrageous Behavior’ Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey get a good laugh over what really happened at Western CT State U. They also discuss how Kansas City lost its MLK Street, Congolese in Missoula, Bob’s Burgers & Teriyaki, the prophet Mohammed’s “British values,” mother-daughter felons in Prince George’s County, and the newly declared health emergency in Madison, Wisconsin. Podcast Page | YouTube | Download | RSS
2019/11/12 00:29
South Africa Wins Rugby World Cup. Why Does it Give Me No Joy? Rugby, like the Afrikaans language or the very presence of the white minority in South Africa, is a relic of the hated past, but that past, despite all the propaganda efforts to the contrary, is looking increasingly like a lost golden age. It was a time when South Africa was not only winning on the rugby field but also in education, health, construction, industrialization, honest government, municipal services, electricity generation, water treatment, administration, etc. Needless to say, the ANC regime is failing in all these areas and many others. Our triumph over England in Japan is a Pyrrhic victory. We have won a game but we have lost a nation, our nation, the real one, not the meretricious, multicultural hodgepodge that the media and the beer advertisements with their gleeful images of blacks and whites “happy together” promote. I have nothing to celebrate. Full Article
2019/11/08 08:20
Michelle Obama’s Racial Resentment Michelle Obama is regularly touted as a possible presidential candidate. Her resentment against whites won’t hold her back; it will be an asset. Full Article
2019/11/08 08:13
Jared Taylor Explains White Advocacy to Italian TV On August 28, 2019, journalist Giorgio Mottola interviewed Jared Taylor for Report, which is Italy’s most popular investigative news television program. Report has been broadcast in prime time since 1997 on Rai 3, the Italian national broadcaster. Mr. Mottola wanted to know about “nationalist and identitarian ideas spreading in Europe and the US.” It was a subject about which he was not well informed. This is the full, uncut conversation. At the end of the interview, Mr. Mottola asked about an alleged billionaire who he thought was funding American nationalists. Mr. Taylor did not recognize the name. It turns out to have been the name of the author of this BuzzFeed Article. YouTube | BitChute
2019/11/07 01:17
White Identity Is Not Perverse “White” is too abstract an identity for many of us, but things are changing. A white Frenchman has more in common with me than he does with his non-white “fellow citizens” from the banlieues. I share more with him than I do with the people of East St. Louis. This is why there is such a feeling of mutual recognition when whites from around the world meet at conferences like that of American Renaissance. Racial identity may not be sufficient to define a people or build a nation. Yet it is clearly necessary. If we banish blood and genetics, all we are left with are abstractions, ideas, and theories with which to define ourselves. Mr. Reno wrote an entire book to tell us why that isn’t working. It’s time for what works. It’s time for white identity. Full Article
2019/11/05 16:31
The History of Lynching in America In recent decades, lynching has become such a powerful symbol of white racism, that it has been largely forgotten that whites were lynched, too. Statistics are not easy to gather, but Prof. Murphey offers a total figure of 3,337 lynchings during the twenty-year heyday of the practice, from 1882 to 1903. Of this number, 1,169 were white, 108 were “other,” and 2,060 were black. Sixty-three women were lynched during this period: 40 blacks and 23 whites. Full Article
2019/11/04 20:56
Today’s Scandza Forum Under Attack The Scandza Forum, an identitarian conference, is meeting today in Oslo, Norway — against extraordinary odds. One of the speakers, Greg Johnson was let into the county but was later arrested and charged with promoting violence as a political tool. Police promise to deport him as soon as possible. Of course, Dr. Johnson has always condemned violence in the strongest terms, and has posted a clarification of his views here. Full Article
2019/11/03 11:09
Statement from Greg Johnson on his recent arrest in Norway (Note: This was originally issued in Norwegian, in the attempt to reach the Norwegian press and authorities. What follows is a rough translation.) In connection with Scandza Forum's conference in Oslo on November 2, 2019, Filter News is agitating to stop my entry to Norway. They have therefore put together a false backlash campaign which they are now spreading on social media. Filter News suggests that I promote violence as a political tool. The reality is quite the opposite. I have always consistently condemned violence and terrorism. In fact, I do not know of anyone else who has so clearly and unequivocally argued against right-wing terror as me. At the Scandza Forum in Sweden earlier this year, I gave an entire speech in which I addressed the evils of terror, and I have written numerous articles IMOT right-wing terror. I have never supported Breivik's crimes. Rumors spread and paste quotes out of context, from an article in which I in no way defended Breivik's crimes - it was a text that discussed Breivik's own PREVIEW for the crime. Right now, we are therefore looking at the possibility of taking legal action against Filter News. The following are a selection of my statements that consistently condemn right-wing terrorism: (These are articles and videos that I currently don’t have links for, but they’re available on Counter-Currents. -PC) Against Right Wing Terrorism (speech at Scandza Forum in Stockholm 2019) Against White Nationalist Terrorism Understanding the El Paso Walmart Massacre Understanding the Halle Synagogue & Kebab Shop Shootings Author of The White Nationalist Manifesto Blames Trump for El Paso shooting Understanding the New Zealand Mosque Massacre Understanding the Sikh Temple Massacre Understanding the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre Understanding the Charleston Church Massacre Understanding the Poway Synagogue Shooting Understanding the Quebec Mosque Massacre On the Necessity of a New Right As a further reason why I should be banned from entering Norway, Filter News' “terrorism expert" claims that "The Nordic Resistance Movement" should have published a link to the conference on their own website. But DNM has not, and never has had, anything to do with Scandza Forum. Nor is the organizer of Scandza Forum aware of the alleged "advertisement" that Filter News is aiming for. Maybe if, without their knowledge, I publish a link to Filter News, then can their journalists also get travel bans? Greg Johnson, PhD in philosophy and author
2019/11/02 23:04
Greg Johnson appears to have been arrested by Norwegian police while traveling to the Scandza Forum in Oslo.
2019/11/02 23:04
Is Racism a ‘Public Health Crisis’ in Wisconsin? Madison, Wisconsin, just passed a resolution declaring racism a "public health crisis." It states: "It’s now been proven that the stress caused by the pressures of racism is a leading indicator of health disparities for African Americans. We now know that because of stress, we, African Americans, are contracting diseases faster than our white counterparts and then dying sooner." Yes, really. Full Article
2019/11/02 08:09
The Plan of San Diego Back in 1915, the United States got a glimpse of its future. On January 6, 1915, a manifesto was drawn up in San Diego, Texas (then having a population of 2,500 people, 75-percent of whom were Hispanic). Later dubbed the Plan of San Diego, the Spanish-language document called for a race war against Anglo Texans: "On the 20th day of February, 1915, at two o’clock in the morning, we will arise in arms against the Government and Country of the United States of North America, ONE AS ALL AND AS ONE, proclaiming the liberty of individuals of the black race and its independence of Yankee tyranny which has held us in iniquitous slavery since remote times..." Mexico and the United States were both founded by European Christians as lands for themselves and their progeny. Liberalism, false egalitarianism, and racial grievance mongering have obscured this fact. To stop the Plan of San Diego from becoming anything more than a piece of history, nationalists and patriots in both countries must resurrect and defend their European inheritance — one born from the swords of Castilian conquistadors and the other from the blood and toil of frontiersmen drawn from the British Isles and the cold forests of Northern Europe. Full Article
2019/11/02 00:30
Anti-White Hatred on Twitter The latest of our periodic complications. Full Article
2019/11/01 22:33
It’s Official: Nationalists Are as Bad as ISIS The Washington Post says: “Right-wing extremists are a global problem and need a global response.” The Post wants a massive, multinational effort like the one that destroyed ISIS and killed Baghdadi. Jared Taylor – who is often called a “right-wing extremist” and even worse – explains why this is dangerously wrong. It will lead to suppression of political parties, ruthless media censorship, and even an “updated” or neutered First Amendment. YouTube | BitChute
2019/10/31 10:20
TPUSA Against the Nation Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk says he’s waging a “culture war.” I don’t know who he’s fighting, since he’s a liberal on many issues, but I do know he’s losing. He’s losing because young identitarians and nationalists routed him last night at Ohio State University. A veritable army of patriots, some wearing red MAGA hats, dominated the question and answer period. Full Article
2019/10/31 01:30
PODCAST: How Not to Be Insensitive on Halloween If white children can’t wear sombreros, Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey want to know whether black girls can dress up as Snow White. They also discuss ominous poll findings about free speech, why grammar is white supremacy, “cancellation of removal,” foreign languages spoken at home, why people listen to classical music, battles over monuments, and how much you property value declines when there is a murder on the block. Podcast Page | YouTube | Download | RSS
2019/10/30 23:44
Why Conservatives Don’t Understand Blackface Scandals The very idea of “racism” is a political weapon against traditional Western society. Most white conservatives have fallen into the trap of considering it a moral failing — a personal sin. This is because Republicans view members of a race as individuals, not as members of a group. White conservatives are probably the last people in America who believe in Martin Luther King’s famous “dream” of a colorblind America. Conservatives don’t understand that “anti-racism” has an overarching messianic, utopian appeal. It’s not about good manners or being nice. Thus, conservative attacks on “racist” liberals always backfire. Conservatives are strengthening their foes by accepting their moral framework, acknowledging that fighting “racism” is an important political goal. They let the Left define the terms, and liberals keep redefining “racism” ever more expansively. If conservatives catch a liberal doing something “racist,” all the liberal has to do to escape the trap is push for more extreme anti-racist policies. Politics can substitute for personal atonement or sacrifice. When the game is rigged, don’t keep playing. After decades of failure, there’s no time left for conservative foolishness of the kind we see on Twitter every day. Non-white identity politics can’t be defeated by appeals to a colorblind creed no one but conservatives believe in. Full Article
2019/10/30 00:37
Why Do Liberals Protect Criminal Aliens? Last week, the federal government deported a Marine veteran to El Salvador. Liberals are outraged. Jose Segovia Benitez had six felony convictions, including drug possession, domestic violence, and assault with a deadly weapon, but his supporters want him in the country anyway. His family petitioned California Gov. Gavin Newsom to pardon him and stop the deportation. Most media took Mr. Benitez’s side and published sympathetic stories emphasizing his tours of duty. Liberals are determined to defy immigration laws, even if means protecting violent criminals. I can think of only two possible motives: (1) Local officials hate Donald Trump so much that they want to thwart his policies even if the cost is more crime; or (2) They are so enamored of immigration and diversity that they want more of it even if, again, the cost is more crime. There are probably both whites and non-whites who think this way. In either case, these officials deserve contempt from all thoughtful Americans and punishment at the hands of voters. Full Article
2019/10/29 01:37
A Police Officer’s View of Race “Civil rights” and their aftermath have led to the almost complete ruin of once great cities. There was a time when police officers were the guardians of civilization and the law. Blacks were expected to comply with lawful authority, and in large part they did. Those days are over. Everything has been turned upside down, and this is the world white police officers must deal with. Liberal attitudes about race have made their jobs so difficult and complex as almost to be impossible. Full Article
2019/10/26 04:19
Diversity Is Not a Strength When Americans are completely free to choose their friends and associates, the last thing they want is diversity. Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains why. YouTube | BitChute
2019/10/25 23:18
PODCAST: El Chapito on the Loose Again Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey recount the sad story of Mexico’s latest capitulation to the real government of Sinaloa State. They also discuss the sudden rise in Mexican asylum-seekers, the adventures of Wilber Martinez-Guzman, why “extremism” is so popular on YouTube, why the “nicest place to live in America” may not be for long, and the best liquor stores to rob in North America. Podcast Page | YouTube | Download | RSS
2019/10/24 19:31
Access to White People Is Not a Civil Right “America is running out of white children to solve the problems of nonwhite children.” In multiracial America, white parents have no good options. They can send their children to failing “diverse” schools. They can pay for private schools or suffer the opportunity cost of homeschooling, all while subsidizing public schools through property taxes. Or they can create their own school districts, but this means overcoming legal obstacles and media accusations of “racism.” It doesn’t have to be this way. It wasn’t always this way. “Schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged,” promised the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. The Confederation Congress passed this law before the Constitution existed. Today, white Americans must fight their own governments to provide the “means of education.” Forced integration isn’t working. Whites want out. For now, secession is limited to school districts and cities. Yet in the long run, we will need not just our own schools but our own nation-state if we want our children to have a safe, prosperous future. Full Article
2019/10/24 05:30
Rethinking the Overton Window It’s time to rethink the Overton Window. The truth is already on our side. Many people already agree with us on most issues. If that were enough, we’d have already won. Instead of trying to shock public opinion, we should focus on demanding platform access, creating financial networks, and building institutions and communities the media can’t destroy. Instead of focusing on ideology, we should focus on logistics. We need to change conditions on the ground and make it easier for white advocates to organize. Full Article
2019/10/24 04:00
The Madness of Crowds Douglas Murray is a British author who writes incisively about “progressive” absurdities. His 2017 book, The Strange Death of Europe, described Western Europe’s capitulation in the face of “the great replacement.” Strangely, Mr. Murray didn’t seem to think the United States faced a similar death. In this book, his focus is slightly different — the dangerous things the Left insists we believe about race, the sexes, homosexuals, and transsexuals — and this time he lets fly at Yanks with all the passion we deserve. Mr. Murray’s new book is called The Madness of Crowds, and it is certainly about madness but not about crowds. It is more about bullies who wield so much media and political power that they can torment and silence crowds of generally sensible people. Full Article
2019/10/24 03:57
Stop Taking Orders from People Who Hate You! When will “conservatives” just say no? The Trump property Mar-a-lago recently canceled an event booked by Trump supporters, because the SPLC said they were “haters.” What more pathetic capitulation could there be to a spiteful, discredited organization that openly hates Donald Trump? YouTube | BitChute
2019/10/19 21:42
‘Joker’ — The Face of America The violence, the mass shootings, and the casual sociopathy of modern America are not simplistically political in the way many journalists want them to be. America’s soul has been ripped out, and these acts are existential rage, not political terrorism. Alienation is not a matter of Left and Right. It’s something far deeper, and the grim, hostile world of the Joker is just believable enough to appear as a brilliant projection of our increasingly diverse, rootless society. Full Article
2019/10/19 01:30
PODCAST: ‘Nikah Mut’ah’ Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey applaud the BBC for its exposé of “pleasure marriages” despite complaints that it was an insult to Islam. They also discuss Twitter’s new censorship rules for politicians, whether Brittany Cooper is right about Donald Trump, the fracas at Georgia Southern University, black family values in Dayton, the tightening vice on Columbus Day, who’s on welfare, and a great article on America’s decline by Victor Hanson. Editor’s Note: Our podcast account on YouTube received a “strike” for “hate speech,” so we’re unable to upload this episode of Radio Renaissance to YouTube until next week. Podcast Page | Download | RSS
2019/10/18 22:30
The Fantastic Conspiracy Theories on Black Twitter The mainstream media regularly condemns President Trump and his supporters for allegedly spreading fake news, yet these same journalists turn a blind eye to the kooky ideas spread by prominent black figures. In fact, the media never hesitate to promote the idea that white society is riddled with “systemic racism” and that the police are violent racists — precisely the steady diet of deception and provocation that makes even the most implausible ideas seem credible to blacks. This sort of nonsense is much more convenient than the truth about black crime. Full Article
2019/10/18 20:26
ATTENTION: I'm pleased to announce that multiple lawsuits against various antifa individuals and organizations are in the works. Unlike many unsuccessful lawsuits against the left, these will be focused on invasion of privacy, rather than defamation. Posting someone's face on a blog is one thing, but repeatedly and systematically placing flyers around one's home, harassing one's employer, and refusing to leave someone alone for lawfully practicing their first amendment rights in private is grounds for legal action. Only within the context of dissident politics is such an invasion of privacy commonplace. It's time we fight back. Antifa operate anonymously, hiding behind avatars and masks – not because they face persecution for their beliefs, but because their behavior is legally suspect. Sean "Heidi" Beedle, who was, at the very least, one of the people running Antifash Gordon, is aware of the legal issues arising from antifa "activism" – that's why he brought them up before deleting his account after an amusing meltdown. They're scared. At least one legal victory on this front would send a powerful message: that antifa's systematic invasion of privacy, cyberstalking, and harassment campaigns cannot be done freely – that such antics will be legally punished. The biggest obstacle to such lawsuits – and the reason why you haven't seen many in the past – is the expense involved. However, this is well worth it. As such, we're calling on the broader movement to assist us in this. Donations can be made out to American Identity Movement (earmarked "legal defense fund") and sent to: American Identity Movement P.O. Box 2702 Leesburg, VA 20177 BTC: 1PYcVEnJPG42XYEhhMiwa4KLPkoWYjVmtG If we pool our resources, we stand a good chance of winning. Please donate generously – none of this money is going to me or AIM. 100% of your contribution will be put toward lawsuits in support of law-abiding citizens, who've been endlessly hounded for lawful political activity. If these lawsuits don't pan out, and, to be honest, that's always a possibility, leftover funds will be donated to a general dissident right legal fund.
2019/10/17 10:39
This Week in Verified Hate, Columbus Day Edition American Renaissance and Jared Taylor are not allowed to have Twitter accounts. However, anti-white slurs, insults, and condemnations of whites are common on Twitter. Here are some of the highlights from the last week. Full Article
2019/10/17 01:17
Race, Welfare, and Media Lies Blacks and Hispanics take a disproportionate amount of government handouts, but who pays? Nearly half of US households pay no income taxes, but it is hard to get racial breakdowns of who does pay; perhaps the most considered estimate is from the blog Alternative Hypothesis, which estimates whites paid more than 75 percent of taxes in 2014. A basic flaw in this shakedown scheme is that fewer whites means fewer taxpayers, while a burgeoning black and Hispanic population means more welfare consumers. When the shrinking white middle class complains it is overtaxed, non-white politicians will call their complaints “racist.” The overclass may leave the US or hide its money as they do in the Third World. Tax slavery to growing numbers of blacks and Hispanics will be part of what awaits whites in an increasingly non-white future. It is just one more reason whites need institutions, communities, and a nation of their own. Full Article
2019/10/16 04:30
Smearing Columbus: No Holidays for White Men Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains that replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day implies that whites should never have come to America. But the whole word wants to immigrate because white people built a great country. Would the newcomers who tell us how awful we are want to stay if we had left the place in the Stone Age? The new holiday is an insult not just to Columbus but to all white Americans. YouTube | BitChute
2019/10/16 03:30
Elites Denounce ‘Demographic Re-engineering’ in Syria Demography is destiny. Journalists, academics, and politicians know this when change threatens non-white countries. Yet they think we’re too stupid to recognize that the same rules apply to us. Worry all you like about what Arab refugees might do to the Kurds. But don’t forget what they are doing now to Europeans. To borrow from Haaretz, it’s “Ethnic Cleansing 101.” Full Article
2019/10/16 00:15
You Have a Mission I don’t know if America can be saved. Donald Trump was probably our last chance to preserve the historic American nation, and he is failing. We are either the last of a people or the first of a new one. Either way, we don’t have to give in. We have a life that means something. We have something to go towards. What we are talking about is surviving for our people. Psychologically, resolve to embrace that struggle. If there’s a chance for greatness, glory, or heroism in this world, we’re the ones who will achieve it. Full Article
2019/10/14 23:16
Ashley St. Clair and the Bankruptcy of Conservatism Inc. Movement conservatives are paralyzed by fear. So are most normal white Americans. However, movement conservatives could instantly stop what can be called “cancel culture.” They just have to say “no,” and the liberal media’s power over them would be broken. They don’t. They won’t. Will Chamberlain speaks of “wartime conservatism.” Yet Conservatism Inc. disarms its fighters. Intellectually, they are limited to repeating slogans about “free markets” or outright lies about American history if they want to stay in good standing. Non-whites organize on racial terms; white conservatives prevent their own people from doing the same. It’s not surprising the Left owns American campuses. If the American Right is fighting a “war,” its generals are abandoning their wounded and spiking their own guns. They take orders from their enemies and execute their own soldiers when told to do so. It’s immoral to ask people to “fight” for a cause when their “leaders” don’t want to succeed. No white advocate is trying to be a “personality.” One silver lining to the repression we face is that no one would choose this because it’s an easy way to make a living. We do this because we know our duty. Identitarianism is rising because it is true and necessary. Conservative failure leaves no alternatives. The “wartime conservatives” have many generals, but not many soldiers. We get more defectors from their side every day. No one will fight for generals who define victory by surrender. Full Article
2019/10/13 03:32
Tell Us Your Story If you are a race realist, you have resisted the efforts of every institution in society to mislead you. How did you resist? If you used to be fooled but now you're not, what woke you up? We'd like to hear your story. Also, if you have vivid personal experiences of the reality of race, we'd like to hear them, too. A personal invitation from Jared Taylor. YouTube | BitChute
2019/10/12 16:30
Elites Fight the Truth Race is real and has consequences. Indeed, the Harvard decision allowing racial discrimination implicitly admits this. Without affirmative action, Asians and whites would dominate the school. Yet this is a forbidden truth at Harvard. It’s like denying the Trinity during the Middle Ages. Outside the STEM fields, modern universities do not investigate truth. They establish orthodoxy and assign opinions. They function like finishing schools. Students learn what they should and should not say if they want to get rich. The quickest path to elitism is preaching equality. Until recently, we could freely discuss questions of truth online. It’s much harder now. It’s impossible on campus. If most journalists and academics have their way, it will be impossible on the Internet too. President Donald Trump calls “fake news” reporters “enemies of the people.” I’d put it differently: They are enemies of truth. Full Article
2019/10/11 20:52
PODCAST: ‘Abolish Prisons’ Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey laugh at the latest lefty fantasy: cure all root causes of crime and then abolish prisons. But won’t they want to keep them as reeducation camps for “racists”? Taylor and Kersey also discuss the “biased” GRE, Rihanna’s revelations, “racist” math, Chinese polluters, King County follies, election promises in Mexico, and how the tomahawk chop got the ax. Podcast Page | YouTube | Download | RSS
2019/10/11 15:30
Art Is a Weapon And whites are the target. Something unprecedented is happening in the world of art: In museums we can now find paintings of non-whites killing and brutalizing whites. At the same time, dozens of public monuments to white heroes are being replaced by monuments to non-whites. Jared Taylor analyzes this trend with — be warned — some shocking images. YouTube | BitChute
2019/10/09 07:07
The Great Statue Replacement Times Square has a new statue. Kehinde Wiley’s Rumors of War is an eight-ton, 29-foot-high equestrian sculpture of a black man. He has dreadlocks and wears a hoodie, Air Jordans, and earphones. It’s deliberate mockery of Confederate monuments. Leftist activists topple Confederate heroes, cover the Founding Fathers, and desecrate Christopher Columbus. A new non-white America needs new non-white statues. Full Article
2019/10/08 01:19
A Modest Proposal for the North American Continent We need to understand that as far as the establishment that misrules our people all over the world is concerned, the only acceptable position on the future of the white race is genocide. Times are even darker today. We need to steel ourselves against pessimism, even as things are going against us. We need to embrace optimism as the course of the courageous man. We need to say, paraphrasing Faulkner: We believe that our race will not merely endure, it will prevail. It is immortal, not because our race alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because it has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance. Our duty is to speak and write about these things. It is our privilege to help our race endure by lifting its heart, by reminding it of the courage and honor and hope and pride and compassion and pity and sacrifice which have been the glory of our race’s past. Our voice need not merely be the record of our race, it can be one of its props, the pillars to help our race endure and prevail. I believe no matter how dark this night is, no matter how much we are bullied and threatened, no matter how much we feel that we are marginalized, no matter how much we see that the resources available to our enemies who desire the extinction of our race exceed our own, that our race will not end with a whimper. It will not end, but will triumph. Full Article
2019/10/06 16:30
Inside the Corporate Diversity Cult Few people on the Dissident Right know how big American companies practice “diversity.” I spent many years in one of America’s iconic corporations and rose to a senior level. I saw it all from the inside.
2019/10/05 21:43
When Racial Discrimination Is Legal A judge tells us that at Harvard it’s essential. Jared Taylor explains the tortured “reasoning” that justifies racial discrimination against whites and Asians who apply to Harvard (or anywhere else). YouTube | BitChute
2019/10/05 16:31
The Green New Deal Is a Racial Scam The Green New Deal is a scam, not a solution. It won’t save the environment. It will just raise taxes and redistribute whites’ wealth to minorities. Maybe that’s the real point. The Green New Deal is not a serious plan to help the environment; it’s a handout to non-whites, paid for by whites. Full Article
2019/10/05 08:25
Harvard Wins Right to Discriminate Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey analyze Judge Allison Burroughs’ incoherent decision. They also discuss “Rumors of War,” “Angels Unawares,” yet more ICEcapades, the latest interracial crime stats, Sarah Jeong, Lori Lightfoot, Afghans in Greece, and what happens when you try a hunger strike in Japan. Podcast Page | YouTube | Download | RSS
2019/10/03 19:35
Sam Francis, the Prophet While conservatives were debating what they should already know, the roots of Western culture were ripped out from under them. Sam Francis, along with his Machiavellian predecessors, developed a method that allows us to understand what’s happening and fight back effectively. He was taken from us before he could complete his work. Yet he is still, in Pat Buchanan’s phrase, “the Clausewitz of the Right.” He is the prophet of our time and the guide for our future. Maybe he was an “outsider” to this sick social order. If so, that alone deserves our respect—and justifies its destruction. Full Article
2019/09/28 04:00
Feds Can’t Censor: Ask Big Tech to Do it For Them DHS leads the charge. The Department of Homeland Security wants private companies to censor the internet to fight “white supremacy.” Jared Taylor lays bare the false assumptions and phony statistic that are supposed to justify this end run around the First Amendment. ADL Report Analysis YouTube | BitChute
2019/09/27 16:31
PODCAST: Anglo-Saxons Go the Way of the Betsy Ross Flag Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey explain why the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists joined the boot-lickers. Taylor and Kersey also discuss the right to be forgotten, the latest casualty in the sneaker wars, what Sherikia Hawkins, Ibram X. Kendi and Steven Muhammad are up to, how to get blacks to study physics, and what happened when UNC Charlotte tried to whoop up “white privilege.” Podcast Page | YouTube | Download | RSS
2019/09/27 01:30
Keep the Electoral College If voting fraud happens with equal frequency in all parts of the country, it does not greatly affect who wins the national popular vote. However, voting fraud is much more common in heavily Democrat areas, and it appears that Democrat politicians are more likely to think they can profit from it; it is always Democrats who oppose proposals to make voting fraud more difficult by, for example, requiring voter ID. Voting fraud can therefore seriously affect which party wins the overall popular vote. If there is an Electoral College, and voting fraud occurs mainly in heavily Democrat states (such as California), all that happens is that the Democrat candidate gets a much larger majority in those states. Fraud will not usually affect the result in other states, and therefore will not affect the vote in the Electoral College. The Electoral College provides a check on the effects of voting fraud and should therefore be retained. Full Article
2019/09/26 23:00
The Left Hates School Discipline California governor Gavin Newsom recently signed a law to ban elementary and middle school suspensions for “willful defiance.” School officials are limited to in-school detention and warnings. California’s new law is the latest assault on discipline policies that have a “disparate impact.” In 2012, President Obama’s Department of Education reported blacks were suspended 3-1/2 times more often than whites. The same report showed whites were suspended more than twice as often as Asians and Pacific Islanders, but liberals don’t care about that. Liberals refuse to understand that black students are more disruptive and violent than other students. The “school-to-prison pipeline” is not the problem. Bad students are. Suspensions and arrests keep schools safe. Children shouldn’t suffer in the name of illusions about race. Full Article
2019/09/26 21:01
No Red Flags for Gangs Few people oppose disarming dangerous people, but who gets to define “dangerous?” President Donald Trump wants authorities to have the power to seize guns from anyone who is a “grave risk to public safety.” But “red flag” laws of that kind won’t protect us. They will be used against us. Equality under the law is breaking down. Democrats like Jerry Nadler do not violate their principles when they want leniency for suspected gang members but a police state for white advocates. They are defending their constituents and disarming their enemies. In a system in which Al Sharpton is a moral leader and Jared Taylor is a dangerous pariah, subjective law is a mortal danger to our liberty and even to our lives. Full Article
2019/09/24 20:27
White Separation for White Preservation To say that racial separation is unthinkable is to say that the continued existence of the European races is unthinkable. This is, in effect, precisely what the dominant culture is saying. To oppose separation is effectively to oppose the continued existence of the European races, effectively to propose their ultimate destruction or extinction. The European races deserve better than the choice between a fast death and a slow death. They deserve the choice of racial preservation, of continued existence for the numberless generations yet to come. They deserve a moral and non-destructive alternative that recognizes and protects the legitimate rights and interests of all races while offering them the full measure they require for long-term preservation. That full measure is separation. Full Article
2019/09/23 03:30
The Cure for Racism? They’re working on it. The Left treats “racism” like a disease or a mental illness. Some day there may be “treatments” for it. Will they be obligatory? YouTube | BitChute
2019/09/23 00:31
Putting Blacks 'at the Very Center' of American History Did you know that everything important—good or bad—about America starts with black people? That's the new story we are being told about our country; Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains why. YouTube | BitChute
2019/09/09 02:30
Which Way, Western Man? It is widely recognized that America is in decline but very few authors recognize the extent to which the loss of will among whites is central to that decline. Massive non-white immigration, schools that teach minority ethnic pride rather than facts, the refusal to recognize racial differences, constant attacks on Western civilization, racial hiring quotas—all are enormously damaging to our country and all continue only because whites let them continue. Wilmot Robertson once believed that these corrosive forces could be brought under control and that the United States could regain the racial and cultural coherence that made it great. No longer. In The Ethnostate, he outlines a new form of statecraft that might emerge from the wreckage of 21st-century America. He argues that huge, multi-racial conglomerates are probably doomed, and that just as the Soviet empire has broken up along ethnic lines, so could Canada and the United States. In Mr. Robertson’s view, small, streamlined, homogeneous “ethnostates” are not only the last hope for keeping Western civilization alive in an increasingly non-white, anti-white world, they are also the best proving grounds for evolutionary improvement. Full Article
2019/09/08 23:22
The Color of Knife Crime in Britain In London, the racial disproportions in violent crime are not has high as they are in New York City, where in 2014, a black was 31 times more likely than a white to be arrested for murder. But as the number of blacks in Britain grows, Enoch Powell’s predictions will increasingly come true. Full Article
2019/08/27 07:00
David Koch: Another Dead White Male Racist Progressives accurately see Western Civilization as white civilization. The Left wants to subvert that civilization. The late David Koch helped them, but progressives think he’s just another dead white male racist. Full Article
2019/08/27 05:18
PODCAST: ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Jared Taylor and PK go over the details of the Eric Garner case to explain why Daniel Pantaleo should not have been fired. They also discuss a promising change to “disparate impact” doctrine, idiocy in Illinois, ADL hysteria, dueling DAs in Philadelphia, the “1619 Project,” how to stalk your teenage boy, the rising tide of Africans, and the great replacement county by county. Show Page | YouTube | Download | RSS
2019/08/23 17:31
A Non-White Majority Will End Gun Rights In 2014, Pew asked whether it was more important to “protect the right of Americans to own guns or control gun ownership.” Hispanics favored gun control by 62 percent to 36 percent and blacks by 71 percent to 26 percent. Whites supported gun rights by 59 percent to 39 percent. Professor Adam Winkler at UCLA wrote in 2015 that the “NRA’s fall” is inevitable due to “demographics.” He said 80 percent of registered Asian American voters want stricter gun laws, as well as majorities of blacks and Hispanics. Unless it compromised, Professor Walker says, the NRA is “likely to become increasingly marginalized in a changing America.” If mass non-white immigration continues, he’s right. Democrats link guns to “white nationalist terrorists,” so whites would be the first to lose Second Amendment rights, but if Democrats have their way, no private citizen will own guns. Full Article
2019/08/22 23:52
Verified Hate: August 2019 Edition Full Article
2019/08/22 00:10
The Left’s Message: We Will Replace You Contempt for whites is mainstream. Cable news pundits, influential Democrats, and newspaper columnists happily promote white replacement. Last week, black AboveTheLaw editor and frequent MSNBC guest Elie Mystal called for the subjugation of white Donald Trump supporters. “You don’t communicate to them, you beat them,” he said on AM Joy. “You beat them. They are not a majority of this country—the majority of white people in this country are not a majority of the country. . . . You do not negotiate with these people, you destroy them.” CNN anchor Anderson Cooper recently looked forward to whites becoming a minority: “The idea that, you know, whites will not be the majority, I mean, that’s—it’s an exciting transformation of the country, it’s an exciting evolution and you know, progress of our country in many different ways.” His guest, Univision host Jorge Ramos, agreed. “There’s nothing really they can do against this incredible demographic revolution,” he said. Ahead of the 2018 election, columnist Michelle Goldberg wrote a column in the New York Times called "We Can Replace Them" in which she stated: "Right now America is tearing itself apart as an embittered white conservative minority clings to power, terrified at being swamped by a new multicultural polyglot majority. American voters can do to white nationalists what they fear most. Show them they’re being replaced." Progressive journalists often claim that the “Great Replacement” is a “conspiracy theory.” It’s a conspiracy theory if you don’t want to be replaced; if you think we should be replaced, you can recognize and even praise it. Contempt for us will not decline as our numbers decline. It will get worse. We are the devil figures the Left needs to keep its uneasy coalition together. The elites don’t even hide it: They want to replace us. Full Article
2019/08/21 02:22
The Great White North K.M. Breakey’s All Thy Sons is a fictional treatment of the great replacement from a Canadian perspective. Like Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints, it has real literary merit—and it is a thrilling read. Documenting makes a difference. Artists such as Mr. Breakey are an important part of our movement. White advocates aren’t trying to foist a plot on our people. We’re just looking back to a normal time when it was OK to be white and live in a mostly white country. Full Article
2019/08/17 21:55
Lefty Media Suddenly Against Immigration The New York Times, the Guardian, Vox, and the Washington Post have suddenly recognized that replacement migration destroys national identity. They call it "colonization" that could "exacerbate unrest" and even spark fears of "ethnic cleansing." Jared Taylor explains this startling change of heart. YouTube | BitChute
2019/08/16 00:57
‘One of the Biggest Pinocchios of the Year’ Jared Taylor and PK marvel at the people who should know better who tell us ‘Mike-Mike’ was “murdered.” They also discuss Joe Biden’s campaign-trail antics, how ankle monitors work, goofy Richard Gere, goofy Pope Francis, the goofy NFL, Kamala Harris’s plan to take your guns, and the latest attack on an ICE facility. Podcast Page | Download | YouTube | RSS
2019/08/15 07:33
Who Governs? “Sovereign is he who decides the exception,” wrote political theorist Carl Schmitt. These days, there are many “exceptions” to the law. Sam Francis argued that “anarcho-tyranny” was the necessary result of multiculturalism: “We refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy),” he wrote, “so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).” There is more “anarchy” and “tyranny” every day. Political violence is common, but only one side pays the price. The Trump Justice Department has cracked down on “white nationalist” groups such as the Rise Above Movement at the behest of liberal journalists. Federal prosecutor Thomas Cullen is charging “white nationalists” under “anti-riot” statutes, to the cheers of the Washington Post. He ignores antifa groups that openly planned violence in Charlottesville. Elsewhere, leftists caught committing violent crimes—even on video—get minor penalties. Clearly, there is no objective “rule of law.” So who rules? Journalists. Liberals are good at deplatforming people they don’t like, but repression has limits. Many Americans despise our media rulers. They obey out of fear, so our job is to embolden them. We need to help activists survive attacks. We need to build communities. We must expose media bias—a never-ending job. Corporate media power is broad but thin. We can weaken it. With persistence and courage, we can break it. Full Article
2019/08/14 02:09
Kashmir: Suddenly the Left Understands ‘The Great Replacement’ Good news! It’s not a “conspiracy theory” anymore. The media finally understand that government policies affect demographics and that demography matters. Two weeks ago, Farooq Abdullah, a member of the Indian parliament who represents Jammu and Kashmir, said he would “not allow any changes in the demography of the state.” He swore to resist “any attempt to dilute Jammu and Kashmir’s unique identity.” Imagine an American politician saying such a thing about the United States. For white people, progressives repeat condescending slogans about the inevitability of population change. • “Migration is inevitable.” • “Borders are just arbitrary.” • “There’s no way but violence and oppression to stop the mixing of different people.” Yet now we hear warnings about a government trying to “dilute” a native population. Amazing. Kashmiris are bitter because they thought the Indian constitution guaranteed autonomy. White South Africans thought their land was safe because the constitution said it was. White Americans foolishly think the Constitution will protect their rights. History follows blood, not ink. Kashmir just got its equivalent of the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965. Unless it’s reversed, Kashmir will lose its identity. Still, at least reporters and human rights groups won’t call Kashmir “racist” for resisting. Full Article
2019/08/13 22:47
Race and the South There can be no geographic solution to an ethnic problem. A demo­graphic tsunami is bearing down upon the South, and the nation as a whole. If blacks and other non-whites become the majority, the Confederate Battle Flag, Confederate monuments, and all the symbols and shrines revered by true Southerners will come down. No amount of truckling by wild exaggerations of black soldiers in the Confederate Army, no amount of flattery, no amount of pleading “we just want to be friends” could change that. The last half of the twentieth century was a discouraging time for those who desire to see the preservation and survival of our race. At times it seems as if resistance is futile. There is nothing more demoralizing to our race than the spectacle of those who, like the neo-Confederates, are ashamed to fight for its survival and who, indeed, accept the enemy propa­ganda that anyone who desires the survival of the white race is immoral. However dark the present situation may be, I cannot believe that 100 million British Americans and their cousins from other European countries are simply going to walk off the stage of history. I believe, as Rhett Butler said of the retreating Confederates from Atlanta, that they will still turn and make a stand. And when they do, Southerners who still hold the faith and beliefs of Lee and Davis will be there with them in establishing a nation on this continent where the white European race may safely abide. Full Article
2019/08/12 17:30