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Apollo 11 and the America That Was Apollo 11 shows what our people can achieve. Show it to your children and grandchildren. Teach them to be proud. It’s a small way to defy the cultural elites who are dismantling our once-great country. Full Article
2019/07/21 22:49
‘The Squad’ Hates Our Country Ilhan Omar and her ilk are foreigners whatever their passports say. President Trump recognizes this in some vague way; so do many of his supporters. Yet he can’t really define the problem. He enthusiastically accuses Congresswoman Omar of being anti-Semitic, but lacks the courage to call her anti-white or say that she is not really American. She and others don’t hate only our government or our economic system. They hate the founding population—white people. And they will replace us if they can. Our political leaders must stop the invasion. If they don’t, whites must replace them. Full Article
2019/07/19 20:31
Kamala Harris’s Campaign of Racial Retribution Kamala Harris sees herself as black and will advance black interests. Blacks know she will give them more stuff and make whites pay for it. They forgave Barack Obama his African father. They will vote for Sen. Harris, too. Kamala Harris in the White House would mean an unprecedented level of racial retribution. Full Article
2019/07/18 22:18
Trump vs. The Squad Jared Taylor and PK take a good look at Congress’s “Resolution Condemning President Trump’s Racist Comments.” Congress shows how quickly it can act: It slapped the President in the face just one day after his tweets. Taylor and PK also discuss “ICE heroes,” Central Americans reverting to type, Area 51, the deportation raids that didn’t happen, rules changes on asylum, and how Werner von Braun become a non-person. Podcast Page
2019/07/18 07:55
Trump’s Pathetic ‘Social Media Summit’ Since President Trump’s election, the Left has learned. Leftists, especially journalists, are trying to cut off platforms and financing for alternative media. However, President Trump isn’t protecting his online supporters any more than he defends people who stand up to antifa. President Trump even condemns Bitcoin, one of the few ways to donate to people who have been banned by PayPal and credit card processors. Instead of building a new support network, President Trump frets over what the mainstream media say about him. He surrounds himself with toadies rather than patriots. If President Trump were capable of a strong, consistent defense of free speech and platform access, he could defeat media foes and greatly increase his chances of re-election. Stunts like this pointless “summit” just strengthen his—and our—opponents. Full Article
2019/07/17 23:53
Is Kamala Harris Black Enough? The number two contender for the Democrat nomination has a mother from India and a father descended from Jamaican slave-holders. But there are plenty of other reasons not to want her as president. YouTube | BitChute
2019/07/15 00:09
How to Solve the Border Crisis? A Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) panel last week identified the problems of America’s border crisis and its solutions. The event, which took place in Washington D.C., included former Immigration and Customs Enforcement director Tom Homan, Jackson County, Texas Sheriff A.J. Louderback, and CIS fellow Andrew Arthur. CIS executive director Mark Krikorian was moderator. The CIS panel clearly laid out the border crisis and possible solutions. The agencies are doing all they can. It’s up to Congress and the President to solve the problem. Full Article
2019/07/12 23:10
‘Removing the Stain’ Jared Taylor and PK discuss proposed legislation that would rescind 20 medals of honor awarded to Americans who killed the wrong kind of people. They also talk about Kamala Harris’s new giveaway, insanity in Vermont, insanity in Arizona, insanity in law school, AfroFuture Fest, why “the new Atlanta” is “racist,” #ADOS, “infiltrators,” and how Florida’s felons got the vote. Podcast Page
2019/07/12 00:00
A Conversation with Edward Dutton Edward Dutton is an English evolutionary anthropologist and is adjunct professor of anthropology of religion at Oulu University in Finland. He has a degree in theology from Durham University and a PhD in religious studies from the University of Aberdeen. Dr. Dutton has published broadly on human intelligence and has a YouTube channel on controversial scientific research called “The Jolly Heretic.” Full Article
2019/07/11 22:47
The Little Mermaid Gets a Race Change When white roles go to blacks, they often ring false, even when they are drastically reinterpreted to try to make the switch seem plausible. I suspect that with Little Mermaid we will hear yet another dull clang. America is not about fairness or authenticity. Instead it is a moral signaling society that prides itself on spurious egalitarianism in order to maintain a tenuous unity. So, as with food stamps, free healthcare, Obama phones, and other handouts, blacks get the ill-fitting rags, leftovers, and hand-me-downs from the big house of white cultural creativity. Full Article
2019/07/11 06:13
Contempt for America on Independence Day America is racist and so it must be deconstructed. President Donald Trump failed to unite America with his Independence Day celebration. Friday morning, many Twitter users mocked the parade and the president’s awkward reference to the Continental Army capturing airfields. Trending hashtags included #RevolutionaryWarAirports and #TrumpParadeFail. Some journalists accused him of “politicizing” Independence Day. Yet partisan scorn conceals the real problem. Independence Day, like Thanksgiving and Columbus Day, is no longer apolitical. The Fourth of July honors the nation created by the Founding Fathers—a nation, many believe, whose racism can never be redeemed. Full Article
2019/07/09 21:43
Who's Right, CNN or the Academy? CNN draws a straight line from white advocacy to genocide, but European academics know better. They understand why whites don't want to give their countries away to foreigners, and why they must have a voice in politics. As Jared Taylor of American Renaissance notes, American elites keep trying to suppress the truth—but it's too late. YouTube | BitChute
2019/07/08 19:10
New Queens DA Will Push ‘Racial’ Justice "Miss Cabán not only wants to cut way back on prosecution; she wants to use state power against political and racial enemies. She’s the perfect district attorney for non-white America." - Robert Hampton
2019/07/06 04:21
A Post-American Fourth of July America’s Founders understood America was a white nation. Many non-whites today understand America was, too. They want a different America. With increasing numbers, they no longer need to respect the flag, the anthem, the pledge, or Independence Day. The nation is the people, and as the people go, so goes the nation. President Trump may try to give the us a new holiday tradition to match Bastille Day, but military hardware means nothing without racial consciousness and political will. America’s border is undefended. The sad reality is that this Independence Day, whites should realize our country is being colonized all over again.
2019/07/04 21:54
Brent Easton Ellis’ ‘White’ Reactionaries sometimes joke that modern America is beyond satire. The problem is not political correctness “gone mad.” It’s that culture is increasingly defined by “who, whom.” Music, movies, painting, and even video game criticism isn’t about content, but who and whom. Instead of creating, people compete for “victim” status. The result is not the end of “white male culture” but the end of culture. When everything must fit political orthodoxy or fill a quota, there’s no art. The way to overcome this is not just “free speech.” It’s having something to say. It’s having a positive identity. That destroys the entire framework justifying censorship in the name of social justice. With white identity, we can’t prop up a dead Empire—but we can build a new one.
2019/07/03 18:59
Twitter Update Despite multiple attempts, at this point it does not appear the old "AmRenReposts" Twitter account will be un-suspended; thus, please feel free to head over to Twitter and follow this completely new and un-related "AnRenPosts" account:
2019/07/03 05:55
Choosing Your Quality of Life As America becomes more Third World, and as the police stop enforcing the law against “lifestyle-choice crimes” and serious crime gets worse, sections of Queens will become “no go” zones. Philadelphia got a Soros-backed, former-public-defender DA in 2017—with predictable consequences. When Los Angeles started letting bums pitch huge, filthy camps on the sidewalks, the city got a typhus outbreak that infected city-hall workers. The upshot of all this will be physical separation. Fans of a Helsinki-like city will flee Queens and other emerging Detroits or, if they have to stay, will live in fortress-like enclaves. Businesses will escape from shoplifters and winos. What is remarkable about all this is that Americans—such as they are—are sometimes deliberately choosing to make their cities more like Detroit and less like Helsinki. Demography is destiny in ways we might never have suspected. Full Article
2019/07/03 04:09
CNN's Fareed Zakaria Interviews Jared Taylor (Full Interview) This is the full recording of the interview Jared Taylor gave to Fareed Zakaria that CNN snipped up to include in its sensationalist program, “State of Hate: The Explosion of White Supremacy.” Here are the complete answers CNN cut off, the context it ignored, and the arguments it left out. As noted in Taylor's detailed account of what led to the interview, CNN actually claimed the program was to be “a serious treatment of white nationalism.” YouTube | BitChute
2019/07/01 23:41
"The State of Hate" Here is the op-ed that “all-kinds-of-opinions-from-all-kinds-of-folks-every-day” CNN could not stomach. AmRen Feature
2019/07/01 21:00
Donald Trump Promised ‘Law and Order’ For President Trump, black criminals are more important than public safety. He’s soft on crime and has broken another promise. Worse, with George Soros-backed progressive district attorneys winning elections, we’re likely to see a lot more “broken windows” in the future—and a lot more crime. Full Article
2019/06/30 05:29
The African Population Bomb If current projections hold, the population of sub-Saharan Africa will increase during this century to more than 4 billion people. This would be an 18-fold increase in 150 years. A 2017 Pew Research poll asked Africans if they wanted to emigrate. Three-quarters of people in Ghana, almost as many in Nigeria, and more than half in South Africa—black Africa’s most developed economy—said yes. Since 2010, sub-Saharan African countries have accounted for eight of the 10 fastest growing migrant populations. About 25 million black migrants lived outside their own countries in 2017. Blacks will swallow up Europe and North America if we do not keep them out. In the face of a soaring African population, only clear thinking about race can forestall disaster. Sentimentality about the supposed potential of an African planet is dangerous foolishness. The West needs an elite that puts its resources behind excellence, rather than equality. Such an elite requires men not just with intellect, but courage. Are there such men? The future of our civilization—and the world—depends on the answer. Full Article
2019/06/30 02:24
PODCAST: Is the Smart Money on Elizabeth Warren? Jared Taylor and his co-host laugh at Candidate Elizabeth Warren’s libido for reparations—not just for black but for same-sex couples and American Indians. The hosts also discuss Donald Trump’s latest hot air on deportations, the Project Veritas Google bombshell, French Facebook’s decision to treat “haters” like terrorists, why you can no longer “own” an NBA team, free speech for trademark holders, and the cruel humiliation of white teachers in North Kansas City. Podcast Page
2019/06/27 08:30
Meet the Democrats Jared Taylor of American Renaissance predicts what fun we will have watching the candidates try to out-promise each other on spending, turning the country brown, and stamping out racism. It will be a three-ring circus, with 20 candidates all trying to be the most progressive darling of the Left. YouTube | BitChute
2019/06/27 07:57
Dodging Diversity The Brooklyn Dodgers have a special place in the history of major league baseball (MLB). They were the first team to integrate baseball by signing Jackie Robinson in 1947. The Dodgers (the name comes from Brooklyn pedestrians who had to dodge trollies) moved to Los Angeles in 1958. The team is making a different sort of history this year with its often all-white lineup. The Los Angeles Dodgers may be ready to join the same club as football’s New England Patriots and the Duke college basketball teams of the 1990s and 2000s. Both teams are/were intensely hated for dominating their sports despite being heavily white. The Houston Astros team that made the 2005 World Series was also “too white.” Some fans are still bitter because the mostly-white Boston Celtics won three basketball championships in the 1980s. In any event, the Los Angeles Dodgers have the highest attendance in MLB by far, the best record in all of baseball, and lead their division by 11 games. Cody Bellinger leads the league in hitting and may well become the Most Valuable Player this year. As in other areas of American life, dodging diversity has proven to be a strategy for success.
2019/06/25 22:07
The Decline of the Best Seymour Itzkoff can always be counted on to grapple with difficult but vital questions. He is the author of a four-part series on the evolution of human intelligence and never loses sight of the role that heredity plays in human behavior. In his latest book, The Decline of Intelligence in America, Prof. Itzkoff writes about one of the most destructive but little-discussed trends in America today: the decline of the nation’s genetic stock.
2019/06/24 04:47
ICE is Essential for National Security ICE’s handling of criminal aliens this month alone shows how essential it is to law and order in America. Here are just some of its praise-worthy actions in June.
2019/06/22 23:02
Uncle Joe Takes Another Hit Jared Taylor and PK laugh at the beating Joe Biden got for saying that the Senate of 35 years ago was a better place. They also discuss drivers’ licenses for illegals in New York, Medicaid for illegals in California, the reparations circus and its real-world consequences, glimmers of hope on the southern border, and bad news from South Africa.
2019/06/22 17:30
A Conversation with Richard Lynn Richard Lynn is an English psychologist and author. A former professor emeritus of psychology at Ulster University and assistant editor of the journal Mankind Quarterly, he is perhaps the world’s foremost proponent of eugenics and well known for his studies of racial differences in intelligence.
2019/06/22 04:30
President Trump’s Flag-Burning Ban Many progressives understand very well that America is—or at least was—a nation with a core ethnic group and a real culture and history. They just hate that core ethnic group and want it extirpated. They accurately identify the flag with this history. America’s residual white nationalist identity lingers, whatever the current regime’s policies. Even many white conservatives understand the flag represents the old white America, but they have no acceptable way to say so. The Tea Party demonstrators for “limited government” waved hundreds of federal flags. To them, the flag isn’t the government but the “real America” that is vanishing. When someone burns the flag they think he is attacking that America. The problem is not that the American flag is in danger; the country it represents is in danger. The problem is that the “American” government is hostile to the real American nation. And the political outsider desperate Americans sent to the White House isn’t helping.
2019/06/22 04:04
GOP Missing in Action on Reparations Resolution 40 in the House of Representatives calls for $12 million to be spent on a study commission on reparations (the number 40 stands for “40 acres and a mule). The Judiciary Committee held a hearing on it yesterday. H.R. 40 may pass in the Democrat-controlled House and several Democratic presidential candidates support reparations. If a Democrat wins, he will probably accept the committee’s suggestions and push for handouts. Meanwhile, Republicans are missing in action. Most on the committee didn’t even show up. The few who did failed to make serious arguments against reparations. Sixty percent of Americans oppose reparations, but the GOP is in hiding. It better stop hiding. Democrats will force the issue, but Republicans have a majority if they fight. If they cower, Democrats will impose reparations—and once again, white America will pay.
2019/06/21 17:31
Propaganda Posing as Documentary The new Netflix miniseries, When They See Us, brings the Central Park Five back into the limelight. The Five were convicted of brutally gang raping a white jogger in 1989. Four were black, one Hispanic, and all were between the ages of 14 and 16. The case dominated New York City headlines and inspired Donald Trump to pay for pro-death penalty ads in the New York Times. In 2002, a convicted serial rapist named Matias Reyes claimed sole responsibility. Mr. Reyes’s DNA was the only match to evidence from the crime scene. The state vacated the Five’s rape convictions, and in 2014, New York City awarded them $41 million. Liberals claim the case proves America’s justice system is racist. Yet many have shown there is plenty of evidence the suspects were involved in the crime.
2019/06/19 22:35
Ashley St. Clair and the Failure of Conservatism Inc. Miss St. Clair admits it’s publicly acceptable to attack whites. “Half of Twitter is devoted to mocking white ppl,” she tweeted on June 2. Yet Turning Point USA doesn’t have any solutions to this attack on whites. We don’t need tax cuts, or presidential cheer leading, or minority summits. We need widespread recognition that whites have the right to defend themselves as whites. In the current media climate, white advocates pay a price. Those of you reading this have a choice: grift your people or lead them. If you choose the former, Conservatism Inc. will welcome you. If you choose the latter, Conservative Inc. will purge you. We will have to build our future ourselves.
2019/06/19 17:31
Jean-Yves Le Gallou: "How Can Europe Stop the Great Replacement?" Jean-Yves Le Gallou, one of the founders of the influential European New Right organization GRECE, former member of the European Parliament, and founder of ILIADE, describes the origins of the European people and the geopolitical divisions in Europe today. He notes that all Europeans derive from common ancestors 5,000 years ago, and that Europe’s population remained essentially unchanged until the middle of the last century. Mr. Le Gallou divides Europe into the three areas: Invaded Europe, Threatened Europe, and Resisting Europe. He concludes with Dominque Venner’s prophecy that the current struggle is an opportunity for Europeans to be “reborn and find themselves again.” He finishes with a European identity video produced by ILIADE. YouTube | BitChute
2019/06/19 08:13
John Derbyshire: "The Arctic Alliance Revisited" Novelist and cultural commentator John Derbyshire explains his concept of an “Arctic Alliance” between Asians and whites. He says these groups have in common a high mean IQ and low fertility rates, which could lead to a common strategy against the threat posed by mass immigration. Mr. Derbyshire raises and then refutes several objections to his plan. He argues that the purpose of groups like American Renaissance is to resist dispossession and to build a defensive strategy of “Arctic peoples” that can ensure the survival of civilization. YouTube | BitChute
2019/06/15 06:02
Jared Taylor: "Why We Are Winning" Jared Taylor’s short answer to “why we are winning” is “because we’re right and our opponents are wrong.” His longer answer includes the fact that most Americans no longer trust the mainstream media or the federal government, both of which oppose our racial interests. Mr. Taylor describes encouraging political trends in Europe, where new, identitarian parties are springing up to represent rising racial consciousness. He also praises the high quality of the able, committed people now joining the movement, calling today’s young activists a deeply heartening sign for the future. YouTube | BitChute
2019/06/15 02:00
Charles de Gaulle and the Idea of France “It is very good that there are yellow Frenchmen, black Frenchmen, brown Frenchmen,” de Gaulle wrote in a private letter in 1959. “They prove that France is open to all races and that she has a universal mission. But on condition that they remain a small minority.” He added: “Otherwise, France would no longer be France. We are, after all, primarily a European people of the white race, Greek and Latin culture, and the Christian religion.” Charles de Gaulle would be horrified by today’s immigration crisis. He wanted to give Algeria independence because he wanted separation from the Arabs. “The incompatibility of the French and Algerians is what explains and justifies what I have called withdrawal,” he said to France’s first Ambassador to Algeria. “As for Algerian immigration,” he continued, “enough of that.” Whatever his faults, Charles de Gaulle understood that his “idea of France” was rooted in a specific French people with a defined culture and shared history.
2019/06/14 22:37
John Morgan: "Hungary: Illiberal Democracy in Action" John Morgan analyzes the rise of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán, calling him a “beacon of hope” for defenders of Western Civilization. Mr. Morgan begins by explaining the historical circumstances that created a Hungarian identity defined by defiance and resistance to outsiders. He notes that the governing Fidesz Party moved from center-right to populist-right in response to the migration crisis, and now wins elections by opposing mass immigration, the European Union, and the George Soros empire. Mr. Morgan emphasizes that Hungary proves mass immigration can be stopped. Mr. Orbán is also promoting natalist policies to ensure the continuity of the Hungarian people. YouTube / BitChute
2019/06/14 08:13
PODCAST: Justice for SJWs Henry Wolff and PK discuss the Black Lives Matter rioting in Memphis after U.S. Marshals killed a 20-year-old. They speculate about why BLM has been on the back burner during the Trump presidency. They cover the whopping $44 million in damages a jury awarded to a family-owned bakery which was defamed as “racist.” Finally, they cover the front-page New York Times story pushing for more muzzling on YouTube and the Koch brothers’ complicity in tech censorship.
2019/06/14 07:46
How Can Europe Stop the Great Replacement? Everything suggests to me that the Europeans will be forced in the future to confront enormous challenges and deadly catastrophes, and not only those posed by immigration. In these ordeals, they will have the opportunity to be reborn and to find themselves again. I believe in the Europeans’ unique qualities, which are temporarily in hibernation. I believe in their active individuality, in their inventiveness, and in the awakening of their energy. This awakening will come. When? I do not know. But of this awakening, I have no doubt.
2019/06/13 07:35
‘Justice Democrat’ Saira Rao Hates Whites Miss Rao has many targets, all of them white. “White feminism is white supremacy,” she tweeted last month. After her congressional run, she started an organization called Race To Dinner to urge white women to invite her and a black friend to dinner so they can be told “you are an active participant in upholding white supremacy.” So far, no indication of how many white women have taken her up. - Gregory Hood
2019/06/11 17:30
Sex, Lies, Race, and AIDS In this essay, Mr. Brody argues that the risk of a generally healthy person contracting AIDS through vaginal intercourse is virtually nil. He writes that one reason many people think vaginal intercourse is risky is because homosexuals and drug injectors sometimes lie, claiming to have gotten the disease through sex with women. Every undetected lie becomes another recorded but bogus case of vaginally transmitted AIDS. Additionally, arguing by analogy from other sexually transmitted diseases, Mr. Brody suggests the possibility that blacks are biologically more susceptible than whites to AIDS. Syphilis rates among blacks are as much as 50 times higher than among whites. Standard transmission models for venereal disease cannot explain such high rates, even considering that blacks have more sex partners. One interesting study of sailors on shore leave who frequented infected prostitutes found that blacks had a one-in-two chance per exposure of getting gonorrhea whereas whites had a one-in-five chance. There may be unknown biological characteristics that explain this difference.
2019/06/10 07:00
Most Mass Shooters Are Black A 2016 New York Times report found that around 75 percent of mass shooters in 2015 were black. The Times noted that most of the 'high-profile massacres' were by white men, while the vast majority of shootings that did not get wide coverage were committed by blacks. These included drive-by shootings and other routine acts of violence in 'economically downtrodden neighborhoods.' - Robert Hampton
2019/06/10 06:13
Does the Left Care About Workers? Traditionally, leftists fought for working people and the poor. They wanted secure borders because immigrants push down wages. Jared Taylor explains why the Left now betrays American workers and supports open borders. YouTube:
2019/06/08 00:18
Somalis Fleeing Crime The hosts note that knife crime is so bad in Britain that immigrant parents are sending young men back to Africa. They also discuss the latest wave of YouTube censorship, phony charges of “genocide” against Canada, the crisis at the Mexico border, why the word “owner” is racist, the rising lunacy of white liberals, weekend mayhem in Chicago, and proof that it’s not OK to be white in New Zealand.
2019/06/08 00:11
‘Woke’ Journalists Are Our Allies Almost every white advocate I’ve met who joined after 2014 says it was the Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown case that 'woke him up.' Race is the subject about which the media are most transparently deceptive, and this prompts doubters to look for alternatives. The more people disbelieve the media, the more they will join our cause. There is hope in those who tune out. Many support alternative media, despite deplatforming and discrimination. White advocates must join with civic nationalists, classical liberals, and the occasional principled leftist to fight for a free internet. We must do more. A defensive stance of simply opposing political correctness is doomed. We have to offer a positive alternative. Ironically, our best allies may be the leftists and media themselves. Their increasingly transparent biases will drive people into our arms.
2019/06/07 02:59
#VoxAdpocalpyse and the Guild of Journalists YouTube’s new policy means journalists have even more power to target, demonetize, and silence people they don’t like. Pointing out double standards won’t matter, any more than it does to Twitter. We will go on regardless, even if it means the post office and hard copy. The silver lining is that deplatforming forces us to build new alternatives, new communities, and new tools. A community of white advocates is being created because we are being forced into it. Our opponents are not leaving us a way out. In the short term, this is painful. In the long term, it ensures victory. Be confident. They are desperate to silence us because they are scared. We aren’t.
2019/06/07 02:45
Fifteen of our videos were banned outright from YouTube, including some of our most benign. Among those banned were: • The 2012 Election: What It Means for Whites • Why They Call Us Names • Race Differences in Intelligence (was previously only shadowbanned) • When Common Sense Is a Crime • Why Blacks Riot • Byron Roth: "Offshoring, Mass Immigration, and Wage Stagnation: Why Education is No Solution" • Income Inequality: The Debate Ignores Race • What Is Race Realism?
2019/06/07 02:41
Sam Dickson: “Under Arrest: You’ve Had Too Much to Think.” Sam Dickson offers his usual valedictory address. He argues that many of our opponents are consciously lying, selectively applying the law, and falsely linking white advocates to violence. Our rulers aggressively prosecute the Rise Above Movement while they let Antifa crimes go unpunished. Black Lives Matter has never been held accountable for the murders of police officers by activists linked to their movement, but white advocates are held collectively responsible for atrocities like the recent New Zealand shooting. Mr. Dickson argues it is instead the “crusade for equality” that is vastly more likely to lead to deaths, such as the Katyn massacre, the Cambodian killing fields, and the mass suicide/murders inspired by the egalitarian American pastor Jim Jones. He encourages the audience to have faith in the moral righteousness of our cause, take pride in our identity, and pursue excellence rather than equality. YouTube:
2019/06/01 06:45
Lana Lokteff: “Living in a World Gone Mad.” Lana Lokteff of Red Ice begins with a clown horn—but delivers a philosophically grounded speech that draws on Oswald Spengler, Joseph Campbell, and Carl Jung. She notes that the popular meme of “Clown World” harks back to the archetypal European character of the fool, who can speak forbidden truths and embrace chaos rather than vainly trying to resist it. She argues that the West is at the end of an inevitable historical cycle, and that mockery is the best weapon for those who want to speed the end of this destructive phase. By mocking the present elite, white advocates can hasten the coming of a new order that is in harmony with human nature. YouTube:
2019/06/01 06:40
Patrick Casey: "Woke Capital: An Unholy Alliance." Patrick Casey, leader of the American Identity Movement, warns of the “specter” of Woke Capital. Powerful financial institutions support left-wing causes, particularly mass immigration. The mainstream conservative movement has been slow to recognize that “capital is not a friend to America.” Meanwhile, the Left has redefined “oppression” in racial and cultural rather than economic terms, essentially justifying collaboration with big business. Big Tech, banks, and media conglomerates coddle socialists as they persecute identitarians. Mr. Casey argues that capital is actively driving leftist trends, mostly out of “sinister and cynical” self-interest. He argued for activism and education to overcome the “false consciousness” promoted by a corrupt, globalist ruling class, and ended with a fiery call for a new elite. YouTube:
2019/06/01 06:35
Ah—This may explain the sudden banning; one of the targeted accounts was @AmRenReposts:
2019/06/01 03:47
Well, folks, looks like the unofficial AmRen Twitter account associated with this channel was suspended. No violation or rationale given, of course. I’ve appealed the suspension, but am not hopeful it will be reinstated. Feel free to share this Telegram channel with those who may be interested.
2019/06/01 01:30
Most Serial Killers Are Black The stereotype of the white serial killer is false. According to a 2016 Radford University study, just 51.7 percent of all serial killers in America since 1900 have been white. Roughly 40 percent were black. The numbers have become more lopsided in recent decades. In the first half of this decade, 60 percent of serial killers were black, while only 30 percent were white. Blacks have been the outright majority of serial killers since 1990.
2019/06/01 01:05
America’s King Can’t Bear the Crown “A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true,” said Martin Luther King in 1965. The truth is that integration failed. King’s legacy is seen in ruined schools and cities from Selma to Chicago. The bright, shining lie of the colorblind King helped naïve white Americans swallow poisonous policies. It’s time the idol be revealed for what he was. This emperor truly does have no clothes.
2019/05/30 22:38
Should Whites Think Twice About Calling the Cops on Blacks? Someone living in Missouri asked The New York Times this month: “Was I right to call the cops on a black man breaking into a car?” “I feel an obligation to my family and my neighbors to report crimes. But I’d rather have my car broken into than have a person’s life ruined by my 911 call. And honestly, I don’t even know if it’s a crime to open someone’s unlocked vehicle,” the person wrote. This Missourian is thinking just as whites are supposed to think: “I’d rather have my car broken into than have a person’s life ruined by my 911 call.” It’s better to look the other way than be a “racist” and have your life ruined.
2019/05/30 00:32
The Data on Race Are Clear The Pew Research Center’s “Race in America 2019” report shows America’s racial situation is untenable. Most whites think the country’s gone “far enough in giving blacks equal rights.” Most blacks think it hasn’t; half doubt it ever will. Whites have almost no racial consciousness while race is central to the identity of most non-whites. Embittered non-whites will continue to make demands on whites who believe they’ve given enough. There will be conflict. In the end, the racial extremism of white and minority Democrats may be self-defeating. Their program depends on constant racial agitation and an ever-expanding definition of racism. Unending jabber about race and white guilt may force racial consciousness on whites. Sanity lies in organizing the 15 percent of whites who already have a strong sense of racial identity and instilling that identity into many more. That, of course, is our job.
2019/05/29 05:39
The Chemistry of Human Differences One of the most destructive myths of our time is the idea that men and women are equivalent in temperament and act differently only because they are reared differently. Only fanaticism or years of indoctrination could make anyone believe something so silly, but there has been plenty of both. Of the many false egalitarian doctrines, however, this one is probably the most badly wounded. It is only a matter of time before it dies.
2019/05/27 05:42
Defending Nationalism Political theorist and Bible scholar Yoram Hazony has written an accessible and compelling book in defense of nationalism. As an Israeli Jew, Dr. Hazony grew up in an environment in which nationalism was taken for granted, and he sees no reason why it should elicit horror. His book downplays race and ethnicity, but it is still a valuable contribution to the literature on nationalism.
2019/05/26 08:00
Throwing Milkshakes at 'Racists' Any British political candidate who wants to limit immigration is now a target for "milkshaking." Journalists and even multi-national corporations justify these assaults as a way to humiliate "racists." Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explores the dark implications of this attempt to subvert the political process.
2019/05/25 04:36
The Wicked Cauliflower Jared Taylor and PK have a laugh over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s complaint that urban gardening has been “colonized” by the cauliflower when the “people” want to grow yucca instead. The hosts also discuss how $150 billion left the country, the wisdom of Ben Carson, Nazi runes, what Soros hath wrought, why it’s not OK to be white in New Zealand, and why a Dutch minister had to resign.
2019/05/25 00:55
Rule-Breaking You’re Not Allowed to Notice Miss Tynes is Jordanian-American and markets herself as a “minority writer.” However, she has now lost a recent book deal and learned that there is a hierarchy of non-white privilege. Her “minority” status was trumped by the queen of spades: a black woman.
2019/05/22 07:24
Air Force Thinks Diversity Is a ‘Wartime Imperative’ We had better hope we avoid a serious military engagement, lest we find out that diversity isn’t our “greatest strength.”
2019/05/22 04:10
With the success of this weekend's conference, a look back at the first-ever AmRen gathering.
2019/05/21 10:03
A Triumphant Conference This year's conference was yet another resounding success. We are deeply grateful to the staff of the Montgomery Bell State park, the law enforcement officers who ensured public safety, and the attendees, all of whom conducted themselves with decorum and good cheer. Our cause is advancing, and—if we take to heart the message of this weekend—our victory is inevitable.
2019/05/21 00:06
Joe Biden: Too Male, Too White, Too 'Racist' The Democratic primaries will be like gladiatorial combat. The two top Democratic contenders for the presidential nomination are – horrors! – both white men. Joe Biden, in top place, has a record that would make Donald Trump blush; there’s no way he will get the nod. Jared Taylor explains why:
2019/05/16 05:40
White Women Continue to Uphold the Patriarchy Jared Taylor and PK laugh at the latest jab at “white women.” They also discuss the sad sagas of Lars Sullivan and Natasha Tynes, the state of emergency in Deming, shocking frankness about race the New York Times, the latest “sanctuary” outrage, and good news from Europe.
2019/05/16 05:32
Immigration and Affirmative Action No American, certainly no white American, should have to explain why it is wrong for one sixth of the population of Haiti to be living in the United States. No one should have to point out why it is suicidal to grant American citizenship to the children of indigent Mexicans who cross the border to have babies. And yet, just as we must explain to a man who has lost his appetite that if he does not eat he will die, we must explain to whites who have lost their instincts for racial survival that if immigration is not stopped their nation will die.
2019/05/13 22:04
Race Differences in Ethnocentrism More ethnocentric groups tend to out-compete less ethnocentric ones. Whites’ low ethnocentrism, then, is a disadvantage, and it is unwise to allow large numbers of people with higher ethnocentrism into their nations as migrants. Prof. Dutton expects whites to become more ethnocentric only after we are subject to the severe stress of a declining society in which foreign groups gain more power. Let us hope that the current resurgence in national identity among whites will come sooner than that and prove him wrong.
2019/05/12 07:34
Is South Africa Becoming a Failed State? Until recently, I never thought that I would have to write these words: I live in a failed state. South Africa has become so corrupt that the state could soon be bankrupted through outright theft and graft. We South African whites stand alone. No Western power, nor Russia, China, or Japan, dares to speak out against the staggering levels of corruption in South Africa and other African countries. But we do. We may have lost our country and most of our assets. However, as Leftists are so fond of saying, we “speak truth to power.”
2019/05/11 01:22
Baltimore Media: Whom Can You Criticize? The Baltimore Sun’s greatest alumnus and America’s greatest journalist, H.L. Mencken, famously said that “democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and they deserve to get it good and hard.” Mencken could never get a media job today. It’s not just democracy, but diversity that rules majority-black Charm City. The state of that crumbling metropolis proves that it is getting it “good and hard”—but if you value your job, you better not ask why.
2019/05/09 22:15
PODCAST: A ‘Human Rights Committee’ for MasterCard The hosts note that fanatics have forced MasterCard to let its shareholders vote on a plan to make sure the company won’t do business with the likes of us. They also discuss the latest phony “racism” panic, Bernie on felon voting, social media censorship and efforts to stop it, good news on asylum and “public charge” deportations, the “Chocolate City” fracas, and black is officially beautiful.
2019/05/09 07:24
Baltimore: Black-Run America Baltimore has some of the worst schools in America; one third of its high schools have no students proficient in math. It has an infrastructure “crisis” that will take tens of millions dollars to relieve. No wonder the city has had four straight years of population decline. Baltimore has become a by-word for failure and violence. It’s also a city where nearly all of its leaders are black. It has had only one white mayor in 30 years. It’s the fifth-blackest major city in the nation, at 65 percent. Charm City once had charm, but all the whites left. Now its only claim to fame is sports teams cheered on by suburban whites. Baltimore is a perfect example of black-run America.
2019/05/09 07:17
The American Identity Movement recently protested a speech by Jonathan Metzl, author of Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America’s Heartland. Prof. Metzl’s book argues that white identity politics leads Middle American whites to vote against their own interests on issues such as immigration, health care, and social services. AIM—uninvited—offered Prof. Metzl’s audience a different message: Whites won’t give away their homeland in exchange for handouts. Nationalists can have a country of their own that offers a good standard of living.
2019/05/07 05:22
Jannelle Monáe wishes all “racists” would just clear out and leave her alone. They would probably be happy to oblige. But is she really serious about separation?
2019/05/07 01:15
Islam, in its various forms, lies at the intersection of America’s two most dogma-laden and self-destructive policies: immigration and race relations. Moreover, Europeans seem to have forgotten the events that led up to the battle of Tours in 732 A.D., where the forces of The Prophet were led by a general with an almost familiar name: Abd-er-Rahman. Islam then had a markedly imperialist quality, which it is now reviving. No longer held in check by a firm, Western will, it is pushing into the territory denied it by Charles Martel, as well as North America.
2019/05/06 20:35
How do Hispanic activists see the future of the United States? Reconquista!: The Takeover of America lets them speak for themselves. It contains pages of quotes from university professors, activists and elected officials that betray an openly racialist plan to “re-conquer” the Southwestern United States. These leaders understand that demography is destiny, and are eager to take power and land from “Anglos.” For anyone who doubts that Hispanics are saying these things, or who may simply want to hear the tone in which they discuss reconquista, the California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR) offers an audio tape that includes every quotation in the booklet.
2019/05/06 01:49
“Progressive” prosecutors coddle criminals and non-whites. Most of them supported Black Lives Matter and other non-white activist groups before they took office. Now they have the power to do what those groups demand. That’s the way Mr. Soros likes it.
2019/05/03 08:02
"This is Not Going to Be the Country of White People" Jared Taylor and PK congratulate Congresswoman Ilhan Omar on making her position clear. They also discuss other notable Somalis—ex-cop Mohamed Noor and burkini-sporting Halima Aden—and the sad record Somalis have left in Switzerland. Taylor and PK then talk about Judge Richard Moore’s good decision, Judge Shelley Joseph’s bad decision, Bill Cosby’s latest ravings, and what Carlos Zuniga-Aviles did to a four month old.
2019/05/02 05:29
Racial politics long ago invaded—and corrupted—sports. In benighted America, Nick Bosa’s “baggage” is the sort that does matter, and can ruin an otherwise deserving player’s career.
2019/05/01 21:43
Rising non-white populations fuel national populism. They also make it harder to win elections. National populists are likely to become more active and radical. Their views will not just be a force in Western politics; they will remake it.
2019/05/01 11:21