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The Dapper Weekly | Ep 20 - Season 1 Review (This isn't the end!)
2019/09/17 20:20
​​Chen Zhuling: Great to meet old and new friends in shanghai. We talked about the roles of different stakeholders in staking economy and typical challengers in pos. A fun panel and we can extend the discussion here if you guys like. @rockx_official @infstones @xinshudong @Signum_Capital
2019/09/17 12:18
​​Aelf blockchain will communicate with NASDAQ, Google Cloud, Oracle, SAP, Ethereum and Bitcoin @mappopk/aelf-blockchain-will-communicate-with-nasdaq-google-cloud-oracle-sap-ethereum-and-bitcoin-e6863f3b27a9" style="margin:15px;line-height:40px;" target="_blank">https://medium.com/@mappopk/aelf-blockchain-will-communicate-with-nasdaq-google-cloud-oracle-sap-ethereum-and-bitcoin-e6863f3b27a9
2019/09/14 10:29
​​Chen Zhuling: While everyone is getting to blockchain week in singapore, I took a short trip to meet Astra international in Jakarta to discuss blockchain collaboration. Great discussion in this promising land!
2019/09/11 14:31
​​$ELF is now listed on the http://Crypto.com App. Securely buy, sell, store and send Aelf in our app! Full details - https://blog.crypto.com/crypto-com-lists-aelf-elf/
2019/09/10 13:31
​​We are excited to join hands with @chainlink to provide a tamper-proof way to bring data in and out of aelf blockchain. Chainlink oracles will help connect aelf securely to external data and events, in addition to other networks in Chainlink ecosystem. https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/chainlink-network-to-connect-with-aelf-in-new-partnership-77533e18206c
2019/09/10 12:21
​​We are so excited to be listed on one of the pioneering and most-promising crypto exchanges in Vietnam. Go vietnam, go bcnex! More: https://medium.com/bcnex-exchange/aelf-elf-gets-listed-on-bcnex-cae869a9b13b
2019/09/09 15:08
​​aelf is the very first cross-chain interoperable blockchain available on Azure. What does this mean for aelf? @JBLee #aelf4cut
2019/09/06 23:07
The Dapper Weekly | Ep 19 - Lumeos Review (Give Feedback and Get Paid Crypto!)
2019/09/04 12:51
​​aelf Enterprise 0.8.0 alpha is here, and keeps on getting better! New version includes: native machine parallel processing, contract security check function, and optimized cross-chain synchronization! https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-enterprise-receives-an-overhaul-aelf-enterprise-0-8-0-alpha-officially-released-d20fe64d729b
2019/08/26 14:33
​​"aelf is a star project in cross-chain interoperability. Its underlying design concept is highly matched to our design requirements such as “sharing books” and “cross-domain consensus” -Xingzhou Du, 3rd place winner of China's Blockchain Dev Competition https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/developers-are-using-aelf-to-build-apps-and-win-awards-at-chinas-largest-hackathon-af12b0fd8a41
2019/08/22 13:31
​​aelf was certified by China Electronic Standardization Institute (CESI). Why and how is this an important milestone for aelf? Let the following images explain #aelf4cut @JBLee
2019/08/22 11:56
​​aelf, the most developer-friendly blockchain. This week's Github issue: https://github.com/AElfProject/AElf/issues/1944 It's easy with great reward of 388 ELF!
2019/08/21 16:07
​​Japan’s largest gift card exchange partners with aelf Amaten will issue tokenized gift cards in partnership with blockchain network provider Aelf. https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/japans-largest-gift-card-exchange-partners-with-aelf-ce145891c42f
2019/08/21 15:09
The Dapper Weekly | Ep 18 - HyperSnakes Review (Snakes on Steroids?)
2019/08/20 15:31
​​Amaten, the largest gift card trading platform in Japan with an annual revenue of $110M, will be expanding its infrastructure on aelf blockchain. Uncover the full story of this thrilling partnership. @amaten_jp https://cryptobriefing.com/aelf-amaten-card-exchange/
2019/08/20 14:31
​​They say 3rd time's the charm. In #aelfTechTalks part 3, we dive into Developer’s Take on GetConsensusCommand https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-tech-talks-developers-take-on-getconsensuscommand-e4b68f5d3c0e
2019/08/20 13:31
​​AELF Progress Report (July 29th — August 11th) Highlight: Microsoft now supports one-click deployment of aelf https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-progress-report-july-29th-august-11th-6c3a4be55343
2019/08/13 14:04
​​AELF Development Progress Report (August 5th — August 11th) - Optimized the Merkle Tree implementation Read the full report https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-development-progress-report-august-5th-august-11th-ae7f171c9cfd
2019/08/12 13:21
​​AELF Development Progress Report (July 29th — August 4th) - Fixed Economic System stability problem Read the full report https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-development-progress-report-july-29th-august-4th-9f1ceb6ae063
2019/08/05 18:29
​​China’s Municipal Government Officials and Other Regional Leaders Visits aelf Read More: https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/chinas-municipal-government-officials-and-other-regional-leaders-visits-aelf-777017b1d0e1
2019/08/04 15:31
#aelf is proud to introduce a new tech article series, #aelfTechTalks, where we discuss various #blockchain development challenges and solutions in depth. We are kicking off with the first article, "Resolving the Memory Dilemma on aelf Blockchain". https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-tech-talks-resolving-the-memory-dilemma-on-aelf-blockchain-2c7d10f09a3a
2019/08/01 15:50
​​#tbt Last week, #aelf was awarded the same certification as #Tencent, #Lenovo and #Alibaba by China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute (CESI). #CESI is a government authorization institute in China and this is the full story: http://bit.ly/2Ox8KjS
2019/08/01 14:31
​​BUIDLERS ASSEMBLE! Are you ready to take on this challenge? https://github.com/AElfProject/AElf/issues/1915
2019/08/01 13:32
Microsoft now supports a one-click deployment of aelf — The First Interoperable Blockchain Available on Azure Read the whole article here: https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/microsoft-now-supports-a-one-click-deployment-of-aelf-first-interoperable-blockchain-is-8b1dafba6abd
2019/07/31 13:24
The Dapper Weekly | Ep 17 - CryptoDozer Review (Can you win the 70 ETH Doll?) Win a doll worth 70 ETH! That's one of the prizes in Cryptodozer by @playdapp_io !
2019/07/30 15:45
​​AELF Progress Report (July 15th — July 28th) Highlight: Peng Rong attended DNT Elite Forum in Beijing. https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-progress-report-july-15th-july-28th-9ee68f0d922c
2019/07/30 14:46
​​So grateful and humbled to be named alongside major players such as #IBM, #Google and #Microsoft. What a great motivation! https://bit.ly/2GBD2v8
2019/07/30 07:33
​​AELF Development Progress Report (July 22nd — 28th) - Completed Economic System dividend/cost optimization Read the full report @aelfblockchain/aelf-development-progress-report-july-22nd-28th-731473726906" style="margin:15px;line-height:40px;" target="_blank">https://medium.com/@aelfblockchain/aelf-development-progress-report-july-22nd-28th-731473726906
2019/07/29 17:00
​​China's National Defense has a blockchain app built for it & releases a new Whitepaper Of course, most of this news will be kept under wraps for now. https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/test-app-on-aelf-opens-the-door-for-chinas-military-to-adopt-blockchain-be7b09b2769d
2019/07/26 13:30
​​aelf has joined the suite of #Alibaba and #Tencent alike sealed by #CESI, a government authorization institute in China. With a globally recognized status rank as #Lenovo and #Alipay, #aelf is better equipped with more credentials to work with large, international corporates.
2019/07/25 15:30
Here are few key Q&As from aelf CEO @HaoboMa_aelf's interview with a Korean news media Join:D #aelf #aelfblockchain #blockchain #haobo #haoboma #ELF $ELF #JoinD #crypto #cryptocurrency
2019/07/25 14:53
​​#aelftech101 This is how we recently optimized code for network modules
2019/07/23 16:00
The Dapper Weekly | Ep 16 - OpenBazaar Review (When the DarkNet mixes with Blockchain)
2019/07/23 14:30
​​AELF Development Progress Report (July 15th — 21st) - Completed Economic System dividend/cost optimization Read the full report https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-development-progress-report-july-15th-21st-b25cab610b06
2019/07/22 17:47
​​Welcome to aelf ! ▪️aelf is a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network. ▪️Building on aelf is as easy as 1-2-3!
2019/07/18 07:55
​​AELF Progress Report (July 1st — July 14th) Highlight: Haobo Ma attended StakingCon; Europe’s Largest Telecom Orange visit aelf Beijing Office. https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-progress-report-july-1st-july-14th-90c0a23415d2
2019/07/16 17:15
​​AELF Development Progress Report ( July 8th — 14th) - Completed dependency injection-related issues code Read the full report https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-development-progress-report-july-8th-14th-58a30e4af689
2019/07/15 11:22
​​What's your take on Facebook's Libra? Let us know! #aelf4cut
2019/07/11 16:00
​​aelf CEO Haobo Ma spoke at a leading staking conference, StakingCon, discussing the fundamental purpose of blockchain. "Blockchain is not meant to create a new world, but to further develop the current world through encryption" Read full story below: https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-founder-haobo-ma-speaks-at-stakingcon-f139316b2d2c
2019/07/11 15:30
​​DEVS WANTED! Yes you, we want you! We are looking for the dev to solve issue #1877. Are you up for the challenge? https://github.com/AElfProject/AElf/issues/1877
2019/07/11 15:03
​​Haobo Ma and JB Lee had a match of Go last week. Who do you think won the game?
2019/07/10 16:49
The Dapper Weekly | Ep 15 - Propy Review (How to buy a house with Crypto)
2019/07/10 15:04
​​AELF Development Progress Report ( July 1st — 7th) - Completed optimizations of multi-chain synchronization mechanism and contract deployment permission mechanism Read the full report https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-development-progress-report-july-1st-7th-e121882dfbf6
2019/07/08 17:31
Orange Teleco x aelf Blockchain One of Europe’s Largest Telecom meets aelf for a Private Showcase https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/orange-teleco-x-aelf-blockchain-b1a61a798aca
2019/07/04 17:45
That's a wrap, and a curtain call for aelf's very first BYOB event! We tied our sincere appreciation and love with the rewards that have sent out to all participating devs and community. Stay tuned for more events in the future! #aelf #aelfBYOB https://twitter.com/aelfblockchain/status/1146618001854103552
2019/07/04 16:08
​​#aelftech101 What happens when a node runs for the first time?
2019/07/03 23:20
​​Round of applause to @JanezNovak1962 👏 for putting together a straightforward run through of his experience building blockchain on aelf. In case you missed our recent event, don't fret, there will be more opportunities for you to become a developer! https://twitter.com/aelfblockchain/status/1146247205558243329
2019/07/03 08:03
​​Bienvenue en Chine! aelf Beijing offices welcomes senior executives of leading telecommunication operations in Europe @orange @Orange_France What is blockchain you ask? Let us help you with that. https://twitter.com/aelfblockchain/status/1146031339797274624?s=19
2019/07/02 19:00
​​AELF Progress Report (June 17th — June 30th) Highlight: aelf was selected as “2019 Top 50 Global Blockchain Innovation ”; aelf’s BYOB task concluded on June 24th https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-progress-report-june-17th-june-30th-f1dafd75a5d6
2019/07/02 17:12
The Dapper Weekly | Ep 14 - IBM Food Trust Review (A Billion Dollar App?)
2019/07/02 15:41
​​AELF Development Progress Report (June 24th — June 30th) - Fixed network LIB problem and completed Sync state evaluation Read the full report https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-development-progress-report-june-24th-june-30th-dc267bc765a8
2019/07/01 10:32
​​#aelftech101 What must block producers do before making its own block?
2019/06/27 12:59
​​#aelfFAQ Can I build dapp on top of aelf enterprise?
2019/06/26 11:12
The Dapper Weekly | Ep 13 - Libra Coin Review (In depth look at the blockchain)
2019/06/25 18:01
​​Thank you for participating in AELF BYOB! 🌍 BUIDLERS from over 50 countries 🇰🇷 First BUIDLER from Korea 🛠 Top 3 countries: Russia, USA, & Slovenia Our team will contact you in the near future. BUIDLERS ASSEMBLE! #aelf #aelfBYOB
2019/06/25 08:24
​​AELF Development Progress Report (June 17th — June 23rd) - Completed consensus LIB Optimization and sync state evaluation Read the full report https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-development-progress-report-june-17th-june-23rd-ab89f70c66ff
2019/06/24 11:34
​​#aelfFAQ Can I build blockchain with aelf on my home PC?
2019/06/20 15:31
The Dapper Weekly | Ep 12 - Trust Dice (Can Trust and Gambling go together?) Review
2019/06/18 19:00
#aelfFAQ Ask us any questions you have and we got you covered https://twitter.com/aelfblockchain/status/1140970872913530886
2019/06/18 18:08
​​🌟 We got some updates and news for you! Check out the bi-weekly report to get caught up on everything aelf 👇 https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-progress-report-june-3rd-june-16th-6ba50b4e531f
2019/06/18 15:52
​​AELF Development Progress Report (June 10th — June 16th) - Completed native machine parallel processing performance test Read the full report https://medium.com/aelfblockchain/aelf-development-progress-report-june-10th-june-16th-92934b845c90
2019/06/17 15:37
​​#aelftech101 Have you ever heard of Native Parallel Execution? Let me enlighten you on this wonderful feature
2019/06/14 17:12
​​What is all the media buzz about BTC and ETF?! We got your burning question answered! JB Lee #aelf4cut #BTC #ETF #SEC
2019/06/14 16:11
aelf Enterprise Blockchain Tutorial — Build a blockchain in 2 minutes
2019/06/12 22:40
The Dapper Weekly | Ep 11 - Foam Protocol (Move Over Google Maps) Review
2019/06/12 21:53