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Hey Basil, welcome to @Resolutions! ❗️Please read the Pinned Message and @CryptoFAQs before making a request, thank you :)
2019/07/23 12:26
Hello gentleman, robots, & lady robots.
2019/07/23 12:12
:she is a bot
2019/07/23 05:25
Thanks man
2019/07/22 13:26
You can join back
2019/07/22 13:26
Yes and the bot thinks you're promoting
2019/07/22 13:25
I just asked if anyone was getting the Lexmark bs scam messages
2019/07/22 13:25
You forgot what you posted that got you banned? The bot banned you btw
2019/07/22 13:25
Posting what exactly?
2019/07/22 13:25
Join back and maybe if you stop posting that it'll also stop banning you
2019/07/22 13:24
I was able to join but instantly banned when I sent a message
2019/07/22 13:22
I like how people in trollbox troll scammers and that’s all I was doing
2019/07/22 02:32
Hey I got banned from the @trollbox . I posted a dialog I had with some scammer and linked the scammer to the troll box and I think maybe someone thought I was a scammer? Make sense? Is there anyway to add me back?
2019/07/22 02:32
2019/07/22 02:04
I recognise the Lex Capital. A woman tried to convince me a couple of days ago lexcapitals_something was the url
2019/07/22 01:35
All good mow thank
2019/07/22 01:27
Sorry I’m driving
2019/07/22 01:18
How much did you give them
2019/07/22 01:17
He won’t reply if he does he can say
2019/07/22 01:15
How much did they rob from you
2019/07/22 01:11
All three are the same and the phone number is his
2019/07/22 00:36
We FaceTimed and everything
2019/07/22 00:36
Mining farm guy I been talking to over the last couple months . He never pressured me at all so I gave in after I needed money for someothing on my car . Gave him btc which he said every Saturday would pay 14 percent . Won’t text me from his phone or anything now his phone is off
2019/07/22 00:36
Explain the scam
2019/07/22 00:34
Read the pinned message pls
2019/07/21 17:44
I would like to be unbanned from @ripple
2019/07/21 17:34
Hello need help please
2019/07/21 17:33
Admin help
2019/07/21 17:32
Please unban i just join there
2019/07/21 17:32
I didn’t know i must chat say something until 60 seconds
2019/07/21 17:32
XRP Ripple bot was ban me for no reason
2019/07/21 17:31
Thanks a lot!
2019/07/20 11:45
You should be able to join again now
2019/07/20 09:05
2019/07/20 09:05
;check it
2019/07/20 09:04
Hey, I would like to please have privileges restored to be able to reply or post “in-line” and also “media”
2019/07/20 09:01
Wait no, I just tried to reply to your frog with a laughing smile 😂 and said: admin restricted u from posting in-line, and also tried just a smile, and said also I am restricted from posting media.
2019/07/20 08:59
:nothing with you,
2019/07/20 08:58
:but no onde did nothing there now.
2019/07/20 08:58
:no idea what happen
2019/07/20 08:58
Ohh! Thanks Felipe, must have been in a glitch in my phone I guess. 🤷🏻‍♀️
2019/07/20 08:57
no one did nothing.
2019/07/20 08:56
I was unbanned other day and have barely been in that room since then- que pasa?
2019/07/20 08:56
:no one made anything now
2019/07/20 08:55